Chapter 117 The strong love

When they returned to the resort from the Lantern Market, it was already between 1 to 3 am. Not only did Shu Huan not feel sleepy, when she was sitting in front of the dressing table, she excitedly chatted endlessly.

Gu Xiran looked laughingly at her, but he felt a bit sour in his heart. He knew that she had been trapped for too long inside the house. She was rejoicing so much just because she got to go outside. It seemed that the matter of establishing himself couldn’t be dragged on for much longer. Only when they leave Gu household would they get a relative freedom.

When Shu Huan climbed on the bed and wanted to climb over him to get to the other side of the bed, she was taken into his arms.

“You…,” Shu Huan was a bit startled and stared at his handsome face beneath her. She didn’t know whether her heart was feeling delighted or a nervous panic.

After the two had confessed their identities, they had a more natural and laid-back interaction. However, the shadow of what had happened a few days ago with concubine Yun hadn’t disappeared yet. Gu Xiran was very well-behaved and didn’t eat her tofu. She could also take a breath slowly and slowly adapt to the leap in the relationship between them.

  • Eat tofu: take advantage sexually

Gu Xiran didn’t let her finish. He only tightened his hold, turned and pressed her body under his. Then, his soft lips pressed against hers, sealing everything that she wanted to say.

This was a kiss full of honeyed love. From her lips, it went to her forehead, neck and gradually went lower.

Shu Huan’s body trembled because of his kisses. She had long known that there would be such a day and they were perfectly legitimate, but because of shyness, a conditioned reflexed and contradictory mood still arose. She pushed him a bit and whispered, “Don’t…”

Gu Xiran’s kiss paused slightly. His low voice contained a smile, “Wife, you are always saying no. This really is a headache. Do you want or don’t want…?”

The vague tail of the voice disappeared in Shu Huan’s low groan.

He explored the belt around her waist and opened her robe. A slow and persistent kiss fell on her naked shoulder.

Her cheeks immediately reddened and her body also fired up. Not only her, he was also on fire. He truly could burn tightly attached to one place like this.

Shu Huan hesitated for a moment. She didn’t push him. She naturally played with a strand of his hair as if she wanted to grab onto something in order to ease her shy desire that had gradually been awakened.

Anyway, there would be such a day. Her life and emotions had long been tied with him. There was nothing wrong with it if they did it now…

It was just, that she understood didn’t mean that she wasn’t afraid. She was still so nervous that her whole body trembled slightly and her mouth made strange whispering sounds. Inside her heart, she was calling his name repeatedly.

Gu Xiran, Gu Xiran, Gu Xiran…

He was the one with whom she would spend the rest of her life with. He was the one with whom she finally found out that she was deeply in love with.

The feelings rippled like water and also let waves appear in her eyes. Her eyes gradually become blurred. Her heartbeat was so fast that it seemed that her heart was about to jump out of her chest. Even her breathing became rushed by his uninterrupted kiss.

Gu Xiran’s breathing was also rushing and burning. He kissed until he couldn’t suppress his own impulses and almost completely lost his mind. When his hand was on her undergarment, he suddenly stopped all movements.

At this moment, Shu Huan was very dazzled. She instinctively and uneasily moved her body. As a result, she was stopped by him. Then, she heard his low-pitched and almost inaudible voice, “What to do…?”

What to do?

Of course, Gu Xiran wasn’t asking her how to continue. Instead, it was his inner world that was engaged in a war. On one hand was his desire to eat her wholly without leaving anything. On the other hand was the sense of guilt that emerged from the bottom of his heart. Who let her present body be in the fuzzy boundary where it could be eaten and not be eaten?

From the perspective of modern people, she was really too young. It was said to get the hairpin ceremony at fifteen, but in fact, the real age was only fourteen (you are one from the moment you are born in China traditionally). However, from the perspective of ancient people, she was in the prime of her youth. It was entirely appropriate to marry someone. And he, the husband who he didn’t know should be considered a modern or ancient person, had been stumped by this problem.

He struggled to remove his gaze from her chest. He raised his head and looked at her cheeks that seemed to have a thin layer of blush on at this moment. It was beautiful and touching. Also, her blurred eyes were different from her usual clear and intelligent gaze. They unconsciously brought some titillation and flattering charm.

The temptation was in front of him and he also got the medicine from Ji Danqing. In all honesty, if he didn’t do it, it seemed sorry to himself. However, if they continue, would she be in much pain? If by chance, Ji Danqing’s medication didn’t work; could it be that she should be put at much risk to bear children now?

His desire was like a tide. When one wave retreated, another wave would emerge. Just a moment ago, Gu Xiran wanted to stop with everything. In the next moment, he wanted to let her truly become his without care.

This was truly a difficult choice.

His pause made Shu Huan find some of her consciousness back. She looked at him with her mouth slightly open. She saw that his burning gaze was on her face, but his brows were furrowed. Even that handsome was stiff and revealed his inner contradiction.

“You…,” Shu Huan unconsciously reached out to flatten his brow and wanted to scatter away that entanglement caused by restraint. However, her fingertip just went over when he grasped it. She could feel that his hands were hot and that his desire could get out of control any time.

The light on the bedside was not extinguished. The light wasn’t very bright, but it was enough for the two to see each other clearly.

Shu Huan’s lips were radiant and pinkish. They were very tempting.

Gu Xiran couldn’t help but lower his face. A rapid breathing sprayed on her face. She heard a voice that was faint like air ask, “Do you want it or not?”

He couldn’t choose. He might as well be selfish this one time and threw this problem at Shu Huan to let her choose.

Shu Huan’s face burned. She didn’t dare to face his scorching gaze. She lowered her eyes. It was silent for a long time. She suddenly laughed, hooked his neck, pulled his head down and kissed him. Her other hand penetrated into his clothes and lingered on his chest, feeling his hot body temperature and violent heartbeat.

This was the first time she had taken the initiative. Although, her movements were small, but it was simply like pouring a large bucket of oil on the fire. Gu Xiran felt that the whole world had exploded. All the reason, self-control and hesitation had been blown away by the explosion. There was no more distraction in his head. He only answered her kiss without restraint. He reached out and pulled away all the remaining clothes on her body.

The breathing burned with strong passion. When their lips separated, their eyes were glued together.

Gu Xiran’s cheeks also got a layer of pink. Those elegant lips were in a tight line. His eyes were like falling stars. They were deep and bright. Shu Huan felt that the him of now was particularly handsome. She subconsciously raised her body a bit to be closer to his body. It was better if they were never separated again.

The emotions gradually turned thick. The two people’s body gradually became tightly intertwined. Skin was pasted to skin. Gu Xiran’s hot kiss continued all the way down. His fingers also walked continuously over her body, causing a spark that would make people tremble.

The desire was rushing. All thoughts scattered like clouds. They were not aware that they existed.

Shu Huan’s throat couldn’t help but make some sounds. In the silence, it sounded enticing.

A smile escaped Gu Xiran’s lips. He couldn’t hold it anymore and pulled himself up a bit. He separated her legs with his hand.

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