Chapter 118 Half-cooked rice

The night of the autumn was cool and it was good to sleep in.

At this time, not a sound could be heard. No one expected that suddenly a scream emerged. Then, a voice that was getting closer from afar could be heard…

“Fire! Fire!”

Shu Huan subconsciously frowned and bit her lips.

Gu Xiran stopped at what he was about to do.

The two exchanged a glance. Their eyes showed downheartedness and annoyance.

It shouldn’t be like this!

The uncooked rice almost became cooked rice. How could this fire (desire) be withdrawn at this critical moment? Not to mention that he couldn’t hold it anymore.

  • Uncooked rice become cooked rice refers to when one had intercourse with another.

Gu Xiran decided to pretend to be deaf and mute and not to pay attention to it. He wanted to finish the thing that he didn’t get to do easily and which he loved to do.

However, in the next the moment, the door was knocked. Meijing’s voice sounded a bit flustered, “Second young master and mistress, wake up. There is fire!”

Gu Xiran almost got internal injuries for restraining. He didn’t even think before he got furious, “Go away. Don’t bother me!”

His voice was hoarse. It sounded like he’s just woken up from a deep sleep. Meijing thought that he got angry because she disturbed his sleep. However, she couldn’t bother with that now and continued to knock on the door, “I apologize second young master. I had inquired. It’s Heavily Scented Building that had caught fire. Miss Zhang got scared and is crying now and shouting to prepare a carriage because she is going home immediately. However, in the middle of the night…”

It was naturally a happy thing that Zhang Hanfang wanted to leave. However, Meijing reported on an untimely time. It was simply destroying the mood and atmosphere. Gu Xiran said angrily, “Very good. Let her quickly get lost!”

On the outside, Meijing was very startled. She didn’t know why Gu Xiran got so angry. His tone sounded like he wanted to murder someone. She thought for a moment. When she looked down through the seam of the door and saw the light that came out, she suddenly came to a realization. She suddenly felt her face got red and had so much regret that she wanted to slap her own mouth. She said in panic, “I…I got it…I will go pass the message now…”

As she said that, she turned and ran out of the yard in such a hurry that she lost a shoe. Just as she leaned against the door frame to pick up the shoe, she heard the door behind her being opened. She turned and saw that Gu Xiran came out while draping in clothes. He closed the door and came out with a face as calm as water.

Even a fool knew that if Gu Xiran reveal such an expression, he was truly angry. Meijing didn’t know what to say. She hurriedly put on her shoe, bowed her head and stood there in panic.

She truly hated herself for destroying Shu Huan’s good deed and was almost in tears.

At this moment, Gu Xiran was too heartbroken for tears. He truly didn’t want to come out, but when a mood that brewed to a climax was disturbed, the interest immediately came to an end. He and Shu Huan also wanted to continue, but the sound of the gong was one higher than the other. It was extraordinary ear-piercing in the quiet night, making his full-fledged desire to immediately turn into a desire of wanting to murder someone. He immediately grabbed some clothes and came out.

“Bring me a basin of water. It has to be cold,” His voice still had the aftertaste of passion, but the tone had been relatively eased.

“Yes, I will go get it now,” Meijing turned and ran.

At this time, Shu Huan also put on the clothes that had been all over the place on the bed and on the ground. Her face still had the redness that hadn’t faded yet. She didn’t know whether she felt gloomy or relieved. Anyway, she didn’t dare to go think about what had just occurred because she felt very ashamed.

When Gu Xiran returned, he saw her sitting on the edge of the bed while looking at the ground. Unable to restrain his emotions, he reached out and brushed a strand of her hair. He rolled it on his fingertip and kissed it. Only now did he drive away the anger that he almost couldn’t control. He took her into his embrace, lowered his head and gently bit her earlobe. He whispered, “Should we continue…?”

Shu Huan leaned away to avoid his tease that would provoke her desire. The eyes that casted him a sidelong glance was full of haziness. She laughed lightly, “Next time before second young master wants to do this, it’s better for you to burn an incense first and look at the calendar whether it’s a lucky day. I don’t want to be tormented one more time…”

Although, she said those words to tease Gu Xiran, but at the end her tone got lower.

It wasn’t easy for her to make up her mind. She even took the initiative, but…

This fire came truly so untimely!

Thinking till here, she was shocked that she had forgotten about the fire. She quickly asked Gu Xiran, “How is the fire? Were they able to put it out?”

Naturally, Gu Xiran didn’t know that Meijing who came in with the water as ordered looked at Shu Huan with eyes full of apologies and remorse. However, she still said with some worry, “Everyone was asleep when the fire happened at night. When it was discovered, the fire was already somewhat unable to be restrained. It hasn’t been put out yet…”

Shu Huan was speechless. Last time, when she accidentally knocked over a candle in her sleep and lit the straw in the small room, the fire hasn’t begun to burn yet when she was fiercely taught a lesson by old madam. Now, that the fire burned more fiercely, she (OM) wouldn’t held her accountable for this, right?

Gu Xiran used the cold water to wash his face. The residual impulse had only now been completely suppressed. Hearing Meijing say that, he was also worried for Shu Huan. He frowned and asked, “How did the fire get started?”

Meijing shook her head, “I don’t know. However, it was ignited from the lanterns hanging outside. It started from inside of Heavily Scented Building. I’m afraid that that place had already become ashes.”

“Zhang Hanfang,” Gu Xiran suddenly sneered. “Let’s go. Let’s go have a look.”

The good deed was destroyed like this. He wouldn’t let her off so easily!

As they were talking, the resort had already become a mess. Everyone had been awakened. Huiyun and Shang Xin saw that Meijing went to call Gu Xiran, hence they didn’t follow. Now, they were waiting for them to come out. They didn’t have to ask to know where they were going. They quickly led the way with lanterns.

All the way, they could see the fire even without having to get close to Heavily Scented Building. The fire lit up half the sky.

In ancient times, wood was used in much of the construction. Plus the fact that there was no perfect fire-fighting equipment, looking at the situation, it seemed like the fire couldn’t be put out. Whole Heavily Scented Building would be burned into ground. What needed to be worried about at this moment was the spread of the fire. Fortunately, there weren’t pavilions and buildings nearby and there was also a stone paved road to block it. Hence, it shouldn’t cause a great disaster. It was just they didn’t know if anyone had suffered burns or was trapped inside. Gu Xiran still got angry.

Zhang Hanfang, could she do something good for once?!

After just having thought about this person, he heard some noise coming to the front. In less than a moment, Zhang Hanfang came out from the flower path with two maids who were carrying stuff. When she saw Gu Xiran and Shu Huan, she paused for a moment. Then, the grievances of the whole night burst out. She shouted at the two of them, “Get out of the way. I want to go home!”

Gu Xiran raised an eyebrow, “Leaving now?”

Zhang Hanfang raised her head full of pride, “Yes, straightaway, immediately. One couldn’t even sleep well in this stupid resort of yours. I don’t want to stay a moment longer!”

Those who liked to be unfriendly and provoke disagreement was difficult to serve.

Even though, Zhang Hanfang put on a show that she didn’t want to stay a moment longer, in fact, she still hoped that someone could retain her. After all, it was deep in the night. even if she brought the maids and nanny, it was very insecure and not safe to be on the road. Moreover, the feeling of sleeping in a carriage for the whole night was truly difficult to bear.

It was just, she wanted to leave herself; why would someone abuse themselves by begging her to stay?

Shu Huan slowly lifted her eyelids and said, “Alright. However, shouldn’t little cousin sister explain the cause of the fire before leaving? Later, when old madam asks about it, we can also have an answer.”

One sentence made Zhang Hanfang’s imposing manner disperse a bit. After she stalled for a moment, she rolled her eyes and said, “How would I know? I was sleeping!”

She was obviously lying, but no one exposed her.

Gu Xiran smiled faintly, “Doesn’t matter. Even if little cousin sister is asleep, there are still maids who kept watch at night. Let them say what had happened.”

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