Yu Ren Chapter 14 It was not easy to look like this

The man and the woman sitting in the hall were the parents of Bai Fu Ling, master Bai and madam Bai. The bright hall was somewhat scary under the ‘powerful aura’ of these two.

People who had seen this Bai couple would generally be frightened to a certain extent. It was really amazing that two of such ugly people existed in the world and were also a married couple.

The maiden name of madam Bai was Mu Pei Lan. She had a sharp mouth and monkey cheek. Her forehead and cheekbones were protruding. She had deep sunken eye socket and cheeks, and her body was tall and plump. At first glance, she looked like a big female monkey who had put on clothes.

The surname of master Bai was Bai and his name is Chou (means ugly). It was truly not just in name only but also in reality. He was the best example of this!

  • Not just in name only but also in reality: be worthy of the name; be something in reality as well as in name.

As the saying goes, however strong you are, there is always someone stronger. There’s no ugliest, only uglier! On the level of ugliness, he was like the mountain that is higher than the high mountain that Mu shi was. His facial features were like being washed by a washboard. It was crooked where none of the facial features were in normal shape and stayed where they were supposed to be.

  • Shi: clan

Those who had seen Bai Fu Ling couldn’t dare to imagine that these two super ugly people ‘joining force together’ would give birth to such a stunning daughter. This was simply a miracle that violated the laws of heredity. It was so hard to believe that two top-notch toads could actually give birth to a phoenix!

If it wasn’t because Bai couple loved their only daughter like their own life, others would think that Bai Fu Ling wasn’t their biological child but was stolen from somewhere.

When Bai Fu Ling was a child, she didn’t dare to look in the mirror and to her reflection for a long time for fear that she would be frightened to death by her resemblance to her parents. Until she found out that it was a false alarm. The first thing she woke up every day was to look in the mirror to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. She looked really different from her parents and was an absolute topnotch beauty.

Bai Fu Ling ran into the hall. She clung onto her father directly and sweetly called him ‘father’. Then she walked into her mother’s embrace and called her ‘mother’. After listening to that, the two’s taut faces immediately softened. They carefully looked at their daughter confirming that she was safe and in good condition. Only after having asked some questions about if she had enough food and warm clothes, health and other issues did they feel reassured to go back to their room to rest.

After Bai Fu Ling had calmed down her overstressed parents, she took a long breath and returned to her yard to wash and sleep.

The small courtyard where she lived was arranged very cozily. A hot spring pool was built behind the yard. This pool wasn’t big but the whole pool was dug from a huge piece of white jade stone. Not even in the imperial palace would they do such a thing.

The water of the hot spring was filled with medicinal things of nourishing and calming effect. After Bai Fu Ling soaked for a while in there, she became somewhat drowsy. It wasn’t good for her health to be soaked for too long in the hot spring. After she got up and dried her body, she pulled at a small rope on the side. A sharp and clear sound of the bells spread out. After a while, a woman of about forty or so came in.

The woman was dressed in a clean dress, holding a wooden basket in her hand. She had soft facial features but there were no expression in her eyes. This was a blind person who had been blind for many years. Bai Fu Ling was startled by her, “Aunt Fang, why is it you? Isn’t aunt Liu coming over today?”

Aunt Fang smiled and said, “The daughter of sister Liu is ill. She has to look after her, so I changed the day with her.” As she spoke, she made an accurate courtesy in the direction of Bai Fu Ling.

Bai Fu Ling nodded, got up and went behind the screen to lay on a soft couch. Aunt Fang familiarly walked to the side of the soft couch. She placed the basket on the small table next to the couch, opened the lid, skillfully took out the cloth towel and wiped her hands carefully. Afterwards, she opened a bottle and poured a little ointment in the hand. Then, she put her hands on the back of Bai Fu Ling and skillfully massaged all the way down from the neck and shoulders.

Bai Fu Ling exclaimed comfortably. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the professional services, while not forgetting to praise, “Aunt Fang, you will be the best masseuse in the capital for sure if you stays in the capital.”

“That’s also because of miss’s grace. I’m old. It’s best for me to stay at my son’s side,” Aunt Fang smiled. She was proficient in her movements and didn’t hesitate at all because of her blinded eyes.

Aunt Fang had come to this place countless times, and the furniture were fixed here. At the beginning, she had to be led by the maid. She remembered every step by heart. Afterwards, she no longer needed anyone for guidance. She was able to walk freely in this place.

Aunt Fang had already bought back her slave contract from Bai family for several years. Her son was Fang Hai. In the early days, Bai family had bought many blind people like her who had no food and clothing or were abandoned by their families. Even finding professionals to teach them massage skills and opened massage parlors in the capital to serve rich families.

The point that they couldn’t see anything with their eyes had in fact become an advantage in the eyes of the high official and noble persons. Because even if such a person was brought into the house, they weren’t afraid that they (blind people) did ridiculous things or saw things that shouldn’t be seen. In addition, Bai Fu Ling would let Fang Hai, the great disciple of the genius doctor Xin Yi, make new healthy massage ointments every season. Over the past few years, other copycat massage parlors in the capital had been unable to compete with them.

After trying their massage skills, many masters and ladies from official’s families were full of praise. They tried any means to buy them (blind people) home to serve them, but Bai Fu Ling wasn’t willing. She only sent them (blind people) to their (officials) houses to serve. Then, they (blind people) received a reward according to the number of times they went. After they earned enough money to buy back their slave contract, Bai Fu Ling would annul their slave’s contract and get rid of their slave status.

Bai Fu Ling never do business that loses money. The money to redeem themselves was extremely high, often dozens or even hundred times higher than the price they were sold. However, these people had absolutely no complaints and were in fact full of gratitude.

Bai family didn’t only give them skills to support themselves but also gave them the best opportunities. After they had bought back their slave contracts, they could still continue to work in the massage parlor and received a generous fee.

At that time, aunt Fang was sold for one silver liang. When she bought back her slave contract, she spent a full hundred liang. But she earned this one hundred liang back after she had worked two years in the capital’s massage parlor.

“Teach Fang Hai how to make some money when you have time. Not only does he not have the money to buy back his slave contract, he still owned me two hundred silver liang that he borrowed for the opening of the medical center.” Bai Fu Ling took the chance to complain to Fang Hai’s mother.

Aunt Fang didn’t really care about her son’s delay in buying back his slave contract and said, “This child is someone stubborn, but miss will look after him, so, I’m not worry. The medical center earned eight hundred liang today….”

“How’s it eight hundred liang?! It should be four thousand liang!” Bai Fu Ling got up abruptly and said agitated. She clearly said to charge each one of those eight barbarians five hundred liang!

Aunt Fang was startled by her sudden movement. She stopped the massage and explained, “Those eight people were seriously injured. Hai put their bones back in place and put on medicine for them. After that, he told them about the medical fees. But they all said that they had come from far away and had lost more than half of the goods on the way. They hadn’t found a buyer yet for the rest of the goods. They only had eight hundred liang with them and asked Hai to make an exception. When Hai saw them so pitiful, he did….”

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