Yu Ren Chapter 15 The arrival of madam

Bai Fu Ling was so furious like there was a fire in her eyes and said angrily, “Bullshit with their pitifulness! I didn’t completely crippled them because I wanted to let Ah Hai earn some money. Five hundred liang isn’t even enough to pay for the ‘replenish of the tendons and the bones ointment’ that was used to treat the injury of these eight barbarians! During this period of time, we even have to provide food and shelter for them. Charging them only eight hundred liang is truly a big loss! Fang Hai, this guy! This really infuriates me!”

Aunt Fang also knew the temper of Bai Fu Ling and didn’t dare to defend her son. She could only laugh bitterly.

After scolding a few words, Bai Fu Ling realized that the one that ought to be scolded the most wasn’t here. She immediately deflated like a balloon and laid back on the couch. She angrily said, “Fang Hai, don’t even think about getting back your slave contract in this life! Humph!”

Aunt Fang knew that her (BFL) temper came quickly and went away quickly. She continued to massage her (BFL), while saying, “It doesn’t matter. Just let him handle the matters for miss. He won’t suffer any losses having mis looking after him.”

The problem was she (BFL) didn’t have many years left to live. Why couldn’t these people let her have a peace of mind?!

Bai Fu Ling rolled her eyes and said, “Don’t let Fang Hai go out and says that he knows me! It’s too humiliating! After having studied so much, he’s actually fooled by a few barbarians! If he was heartless enough and insisted to accept the medical fees, not to mention five hundred liang each person, they can even take out thousand liang per person! Didn’t he see that those guys were all covered in gold and silver?”

Aunt Fang also understood her son’s temperament, but what could she do?

Bai Fu Ling was plotting how to incite the staff of the medical center to squeeze money out from those barbarians. The only sound left in the quiet bathroom was the running water of the hot spring.

While she was enjoying the massage service comfortably, it was chaos at the residence of the northern army’s general.

Madam Lu, Cui shi, and her little cousin sister had lost big face at Tong Yun Lou. In the rain, with several disabled soldiers, they rushed to the general’s residence that was at the north side of Bei Guan City. There was no spectacle welcoming scene of maids and servants as they had imagined, but only the housekeeper Shi Wei with two servants and two elder maids waiting on the bench.

  • Shi: clan

Cui shi had already sent a family servant, Cui Wu Fu, to come and arrange beforehand. At this moment, Cui Wu Fu was sitting restlessly on the side, lest the madam blamed him for slacking in his work. He also felt wronged. This morning, he ran to the residence of the northern army’s general. The gatekeeper Shi Zhu first looked up and down at him, and then went to call out the housekeeper Shi Wei.

After Shi Wei met him and heard him say that the madam would arrive tonight, he (SW) was startled. He (SW) said that they had returned the letter saying that it was not peaceful at the border frontier and asked the madam not to come. Why did she suddenly come now? The general had gone on patrol, and it would take a few days at the earliest to return etc., etc.

Cui Wu Fu was also a quick-witted person, so he kept bowing and asked Shi Wei to arrange the things for the arrival of madam as soon as possible.

Shi Wei was specially invited by Lu Ying from his (LY) hometown. He also knew a few things about Lu Ying’s past. He didn’t like this madam Lu from the bottom of his heart. But she was the official wife of Lu Ying after all, so they couldn’t neglect her too much. After asking what kind of people Cui shi had brought with her, he ordered people to clean up two good rooms in the house, and arranged the accommodations of the servants. In addition, he ordered a banquet from a nearby restaurant and let them delivered it later. After all that, he waited with a peace of mind for the arrival of Cui shi.

Lu Ying spent more than half of the year on patrolling and training the troops. Whenever he returned to Bei Guan City, he would often stay at Bai mansion at the Bai Li Mountain. He had spent very little time at the general’s residence. So, he didn’t consider renovating of the house at all. Hence, the famous northern army general’s residence wasn’t as majestic as its name. The whole residence covered an area of less than one mu, which already included both the front courtyard and back courtyard. The front courtyard was to handle work matters and the back courtyard was for living. The size of both courtyards was similar. There were never family staying at the general’s residence, so the inner courtyard where female members were put to live was even left out.

  • Mu: unit of area equal to one-fifteenth of a hectare.

In the back courtyard, there was the main building with two side rooms. In addition, there were three wings each in the east and west. In order to accommodate the sudden arrival of the madam, the housekeeper Shi Wei and four other servants had no choice but to move to the front courtyard where the gatekeeper Shi Zhu lived. He (SW) then asked people to go to Tong Cai yahang to borrow two old maids. After they were busy for half a day, the house was barely clean enough.

  • Yahang: ancient pawnshop

Cui shi didn’t know that she hadn’t arrived yet but was already resented by the general’s servants who were accustomed to the comfortable living.

The heavy rain didn’t stop when the carriage of Cui shi and her companions arrived at the general’s residence, but the rain was weaker. All the people of the residence just thought secretly that it was bad luck. They had no choice but to carry the luggage for Cui shi in the rain and made tea, and so on.

Shi Wei saw that half of the servants that Cui shi had brought with her were injured. He couldn’t help but wonder if they had encountered bandits on the way. However Cui shi didn’t mention anything about it, and he didn’t feel like to ask about it too. He ordered the remaining five strong men to help carry the luggage.

The front courtyard of the general’s residence was where Lu Ying handled his work matters. It was mainly a big hall to discuss military affairs with his military subordinates, and a room to store weapons and other documents etc. It was already crammed after Shi Wei and the other servants moved to the free rooms at the front courtyard. So there were no rooms left for the servants that were brought by Cui shi. Hence they were taken to a small house next to the general’s residence that they rented at the last moment. At the other side, Cui shi and her little cousin sister occupied each a room of the east wing building. The two old maids and two young maids were temporarily placed in the side room of the main building close to the east wing building.

The two old maids borrowed from Tong Cai yahang were very quick-witted, and worked quickly and neatly. Although they arrived only half a day earlier than Cui shi, they quickly got the hang of the situation. One of them helped the maids of Cui shi with the placement of goods, while the other prepared snacks and tea, and also prepared hot bath water for Cui shi and her little cousin sister.

The maiden name of Cui shi was Zhen Yi. She was the daughter of Cui Zhang Yun, a high third-ranked right-hand assistant minister of the Ministry of War. At home, she was already accustomed to order people by pointing the chin. She was originally angry and thought that the housekeeper Shi Wei was deliberately neglecting her. But after having entered the back courtyard, she found that the general’s residence really consisted of only this many people. The anger in her heart lessened. She was even surprised especially after seeing that there wasn’t even a young maid in the house.

  • To order people by pointing the chin: order people by facial gesture/ arrogant/ be bossy to others.

Look at the room where she was staying…sigh. In the general’s residence at the capital that was bestowed by the emperor, the rooms of the servants were even more elegant than here. If it weren’t for the prosperous future of the Cui family, she wouldn’t have come to such a wild land to suffer!

However, her heart couldn’t help but skipped a beat at the thought of Lu Ying. At the time, the emperor granted the marriage to them. After the two just performed the wedding bows, Lu Ying left in a hurry because of an urgent military situation. He didn’t even have time to enter the room to see her at their wedding night. However, she had peeked at him more than once behind the folding screen in their room. He was really a handsome and great man. Moreover, he was personally appointed as the general by the emperor. He was a good match to her family background.

She hoped that this time she could grab a hold of his heart….

Just as she was letting her imagination roam freely, her little cousin sister barged angrily in. Her little cousin sister didn’t wait for her to speak and said furiously, “I’m really angry! Big cousin sister, those lowly slaves are really bullying people too much!”

Cui Zhen Yi frowned slightly. She regretted a bit why she agreed with her mother to bring such a little cousin sister who didn’t know when to advance and retreat as helper. She bashed sideways and colliding straight without care that she would become a joke.

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