Chapter 126 A very strange thing

After they had came out of Pine Crane Hall, Shu Huan and Gu Xiran exchanged a glance. Seeing each other’s slight red eyes and the tired face because of not having slept, they couldn’t help but reveal a helpless smile.

Gu Da’s words were irrelevant to them. After all, he was only someone they had seen for not more than two times. They wouldn’t put anything he says in their hearts. Moreover, they had always been insignificant existences in Gu household. After adapting these days, they had long become used to it. However, Gu household provided them with food and clothes. It had grace towards them. Fang shi had also been good to them. Hence, even if they didn’t have the heart to be bothered with anything, they didn’t have the intention to completely not lift a finger for Gu Xitian’s funeral.

It was just, they couldn’t help a lot. They could only help on small matters.

Shu Huan called Meijing to go invite Ji Danqing and let concubine Yun sent some suitable supplements that old madam had rewarded her (SH) in the past to Fang shi.

After she had instructed, the two planned to take a stroll to loosen up their minds, loosen their bones that had become stiff because of sitting in the carriage for a long time and then go back to make up for the lost sleep when they heard someone calling after them.

Shu Huan turned and saw that it was Gu Xihe as expected.

The moment Gu Xihe caught up, he gasped, “You finally came back. These days, I have been bored to death!”

“Bored?” Gu Xiran swept a glance over him. “Eldest big brother had passed away. Are you not sad at all?”

“Don’t joke around! I will be sad if it was you who had passed away. Eldest big brother isn’t close with us. At most, I will be a little bit sad…,” Halfway through, Gu Xihe saw that Gu Xiran was looking unkindly at him. He quickly changed what he was about to say, “I didn’t curse you on purpose. Just take it as if I was farting (talking bullshit)!”

Gu Xiran didn’t spoke.

“Could it be that you are very sad?” Gu Xiran scratched his head puzzled. Suddenly, he came to a realization and said, “That’s right. Both of you are born from the same mother! Then…you still take it as if I was farting! In fact, I’m also very sad. After all, he is my eldest big brother. We still had a meal together on the Mid-Autumn festival. He even gave me half of his mooncake and advised me to not always tease those teachers and to study well. Although, it was very annoying and I even made a funny face at him before running away, but thinking about it now…”

He suddenly paused and didn’t continue. He turned his face to sniff. After a short while, he said, “If I knew that it would be like this, I would’ve patiently listened at him that day.”

Truly still a child!

Gu Xiran listened to him in silence. The words that he (GXR) wanted to say didn’t come out of his mouth again. He only reached out and rubbed his (GXH) head.

Let him continue to live to his true nature like this, naturally revealing all sadness and joy. Don’t learn from him (GXR), don’t learn from most of Gu household. Obviously, they weren’t very sad, they had to wear a fake mask to avoid all kinds of troubles and gossips.

Shu Huan also felt the same, but she felt happy for Gu Xihe. At least, under the spoiling of the elders, he could still live innocently and straightforward for a few more years. He didn’t have to be like her who left her original world and left the family that loved her; who gradually became a hedgehog after having suffered a few times and would be alert and take precautions the moment she encountered things.

If this was a road one must walk on when growing up, she would rather never grow up and continue to enjoy the simple-minded and carefree happiness.

“Hey, why aren’t you talking?” Gu Xihe’s sadness came fast and went away fast. After all, he truly wasn’t very close with Gu Xitian. In his heart, he was very dissatisfied that Gu Da favored Gu Xitian and that he (GXT) always lectured him (GXH). Plus, Lin shi also complained often, making him have a vague jealousy and hostility towards this deceased eldest big brother.

“Thinking about things,” Gu Xiran looked at him and then suddenly asked, “What kind of horse did eldest big brother rode on when he went out yesterday?”

Gu Xihe scratched his head, “What kind of horse could he ride if it wasn’t that almost extinct horse Shadow that he raised? Now that you mentioned it, it’s truly a pity. I’ve wanted to ride that horse for a long time, but now I don’t have the opportunity anymore. I heard that after eldest big brother fell off the horse, that Shadow also fell on the ground and didn’t got up again. Originally, it could have perhaps been saved, but master immediately called people to have it killed. Presumably, he hated it for causing the death of eldest big brother!”

Presumably, he didn’t have anyone to talk to for a few days. He couldn’t stop talking now. Gu Xiran was still in deep thought when he continued, “There is something very strange.”

Shu Huan was wondering why Gu Xiran would ask about the horse. When she heard this, she casually asked, “What is strange?”

Gu Xihe said as he frowned, “Shadow’s temperament is quite gentle. When eldest big brother raised it, he even let people beat a gong and set off fireworks at a side. Even if someone suddenly screamed at its side, it wouldn’t get startled and throw off the reins. Hence, I felt that it was a bit strange when I heard that eldest big brother got thrown off the horse because Shadow got frightened. Afterwards, I asked the servant that was present. He had sworn that Shadow suddenly lost control and began to run wildly. There was no one that scared it and nothing unusual had happened. I felt that it was even more strange.

This sounded a somewhat interesting. Shu Huan quickly questioned, “Didn’t anyone else find that this was strange?”

“I don’t know,” Gu Xihe shook his head. “Anyway, master doesn’t like raising horses. When he went out, he also used a carriage. Moreover, eldest big brother’s death had been a big blow to him. How would he have the mind to care about these? The others were the accountant and servant who followed them out, but I didn’t hear them mention this strange matter.”

After listening to him, this incident that was originally like an accident suddenly revealed something mysterious to it.

Shu Huan and Gu Xiran exchanged a glance. Their expression turned serious.

Gu Xiran asked, “Have you told anyone else about this?”

“No,” Gu Xihe said dissatisfied. “Isn’t it because that you asked that I remembered this? Who else can I tell? The whole residence is busily preparing for eldest big brother’s funeral. Everyone was crying their eyes out and had a devasting ugly expression. Also, because I couldn’t cry I was reprimanded by old madam and got scolded a few times by master. If I mention this irrelevant matter, then wouldn’t it be like I was asking for a beating?”

Irrelevant matter!

If they couldn’t find the reason why this horse got frightened. Perhaps, there would be a human factor in this. Then, that Gu Xitian fell from the horse wasn’t an accident. This clue was very important. It couldn’t be considered an irrelevant matter.

However, was there someone who wanted to harm Gu Xitian?

This inference seemed a bit too outrageous.

Shu Huan asked, “Does eldest big brother have any enemies on the outside?”

Gu Xihe looked once disdainful at her and said, “You should ask master or eldest sister-in-law about this? How would I know?”

After he said that, he suddenly became startled. He looked at Shu Huan and then looked at the silent Gu Xiran. He said, “Hey, what are you two thinking about? Why do you ask whether eldest big brother has any enemies? Could it be…?”

He racked his brains while frowning.

Gu Xiran glanced once at him and said, “We didn’t think of anything. We just suddenly wanted to know more about eldest big brother and just casually asked.”

They shouldn’t drag a little brat into this kind of complicated and uncertain matter and let him worry about it! Moreover, even if Gu Xitian had enemies, to play some tricks on the horse without leaving any traces was also not an easy thing.

It was worth to investigate it carefully.

Sometimes, it wasn’t easy to deceive a child.

Seeing that he (GXR) didn’t speak, Gu Xihe gave him a very suspicious look. He (GXH) seemed to not believe the excuse he (GXR) gave.

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