Chapter 128 Pregnant

The feeling that Ji Danqing always gave was that of indifference and that he wasn’t surprised at anything.

When he encountered something happening at Gu household and when he checked the pulse for Fang shi who saw dazedly next to the deceased’s bed, he also didn’t show any other expression that was not his usual expression. He was still gentle and patient. After he listened for a long time did he let go, stood up and said one word to Fang shi, “Congratulations.”

Shu Huan almost spout out the tea in her mouth. It was already such a time and he still said congratulations. What kind of bullshit was he congratulating about?! However, she just opened her mouth when she suddenly thought of something. Her eyes widened.

Yingluo also got angry, “Doctor Ji, what are you saying?!”

Ji Danqing smiled faintly. As he was about to explain, he heard Fang shi mutter, “Where is the rope? Did you bring it already?”

Shu Huan wanted to spout out the tea again. Although, she knew that she shouldn’t but she still felt that these sentences of Fang shi was truly had a comedic timing. It was Gu Xiran who answered, “Eldest sister-in-law, there is no rope, but there is probably a child.”

“This…,” Yingluo was shocked and could only widen her eyes. She stared at Ji Danqing and asked, “Doctor Ji, is this true? You didn’t diagnose wrongly?”

In face of such doubts, all doctors that had a bit of fame would get angry. After Ji Danqing heard that, he had no reaction and only said, “It couldn’t be wrong.”

Yingluo’s tears immediately fell. One didn’t know whether it was from happiness or sadness. She held Fang shi tightly and said, “Miss, did you hear? You are pregnant. You are pregnant with eldest young master’s child!”

Fang shi looked at her blankly as if she couldn’t understand what she (Y) was saying. For the first time, she didn’t ask for the rope anymore.

Ji Danqing shook his head slightly. He opened the medical chest and took out a set of silver needles. He didn’t inform first and walked to Fang shi, found the acupuncture point through the clothes and inserted the needle.

Fang shi groaned. She didn’t have any other reaction. After Ji Danqing quickly inserted four or five needles, she suddenly leaned forward, wanting to vomit. Yingluo panicked and quickly brought a basin for her to vomit in and looked very helplessly at her (F) being heartbroken.

Because Fang shi hadn’t eaten in such a long time, she didn’t vomit much. She only vomited a few mouthfuls of acidic regurgitation and spit out a big sputum. When her breathing became stable, she raised her eyes and saw the body of Gu Xitian laying on the bed. A heart-piercing pain suddenly emerged in her heart. She couldn’t hold it in anymore and burst into tears.

That she could cry indicated that her mind had recovered. The others felt relieved.

Ji Danqing had no meaning to persuade. He only silently retrieved his needles and sat on the table to drink tea.

The moment Fang shi began to cry, she cried for almost an hour. Until when her voice became so hoarse that no sound came out of it anymore and her eyes had become numb, Ji Danqing said faintly, “Eldest young mistress is pregnant. You need to take care of your body.”

The timing of this sentence was just right. It happened at the time that Fang shi was tired of crying and immediately let her stop crying. After she sobbed for a while, she raised her head and asked with a hoarse voice, “Doctor, you didn’t diagnose wrongly?”

There were anticipation and also uneasiness in her eyes. Her nails almost pierced in the palm of her hand.

This news came too sudden and also not at the right time, but it gave her hope and she once again regained the courage to live on. She had to confirm again and again for fear that she got happy for nothing in the end.

Ji Danqing knew her fear. He smiled slightly and said, “This humble one had been practicing with my father since childhood and had been doing this for more than ten years. I don’t dare to say that I can diagnose intractable diseases correctly, but I will never diagnose a pregnancy pulse wrongly. Eldest young mistress, please rest assured.”

Yingluo remembered something. She whispered something into Fang shi’s ear.

Suddenly, Fang shi’s pale face reddened, but she was still not at ease. She said hesitantly, “But I have no symptoms of being pregnant!”

Ji Danqing smiled, “The symptoms of a pregnancy vary from person to person. Moreover, it wasn’t long since eldest young mistress got pregnant. After a few more days, it will be more obvious.”

Fang shi only got a bit peace of mind. Then, she asked whether the pulse was stable an whether she had to eat miscarriage prevention medicine. Even Yingluo became nervous and asked about what kind of food pregnant women should avoid and the daily precautions.

Although, Shu Huan was happy for Fang shi, but hearing about these things made her sleepy. Plus the fact that she hasn’t eaten well since the early start of this morning, she got hungry after two cups of tea. She couldn’t help but took two pieces of candy from the candy jar on the table and peeled the candy paper before wanting to send them to her mouth.

“Second sister-in-law!” At this moment, a clear and soft voice suddenly emerged from behind her, frightening her. When she turned, she saw that it was third young miss Gu Xuan who she hasn’t seen in a long time. She was wearing a plain white dress. There was a white flower in the hair of her temples. Her eyes were red and swollen. It looked like she had also cried, but when standing quietly there, she had a sweet, piteous and lovely natural charm.

Shu Huan calmed herself down and smiled slightly, “It’s you!”

Gu Xuan nodded and said a little embarrassed, “I’m sorry. Did I scare second sister-in-law? When I came before, I saw that eldest sister-in-law’s situation is not very good. I was not at ease, so, I came again.”

The maid just came over at the right time with tea. When she heard this, she quickly said, “Miss came on the right time. Doctor Ji just diagnosed that eldest young mistress is pregnant.”

Gu Xuan was slightly surprised. She quickly looked at Fang shi. Seeing that her (F) expression was still not good, but she no longer had a dead aura around her (F) and her eyes were red, she (GX) burst into tears from happiness and said, “Then…then, I truly have to congratulate eldest sister-in-law…you will surely give birth to a little nephew. Eldest big brother could be considered to have a descendant…”

Fang shi felt emotional again and cried with lowered head.

Ji Danqing didn’t persuade and only coughed lightly.

Fang shi immediately remembered that she was pregnant and that she had to take care of herself. She didn’t dare to cry again and forced her tears back.

When Shu Huan saw that the atmosphere became too gloomy and sorrowful, she quickly handed a candy to Gu Xuan and said, “Eat something sweet to let that little nephew of yours also get a bit light of your sweet words.”

Gu Xuan smiled and said, “Second sister-in-law is right. Eldest sister-in-law is pregnant now, she should change into another room to rest a bit and eat something. Don’t stay here and be sad in front of the deceased.”

After these words, Yingluo quickly said, “Right. In the morning, jujube porridge had been stewed. I will go bring a bowl for miss. Also, someone should go pass the news to old madam and master.”

Fang shi was both mentally and physically exhausted. Now, she didn’t even dare to glance at the bed for fear that with one glance, she would be sad again. She turned her face and said, “Let’s follow your idea.”

As Yingluo heard that she felt happy. She quickly sent Shixiang to go pass the news at Pine Crane Hall. She went to pour porridge. Gu Xuan supported Fang shi and intended to bring her to rest in the east chamber.

Ji Danqing saw that there was nothing else for him to do here. He took the opportunity to write a list when they were talking and handed it to Fang shi. He said, “This humble one had written what you should avoid on the list. Eldest young mistress can read it later. If you don’t understand something or when you are feeling uncomfortable, send someone to call this humble one.”

Fang shi thanked him and took over the list. Ji Danqing seized the opportunity to take his leave. When he was at the door, he suddenly heard Gu Xiran say, “Eldest sister-in-law, rest well. We will also take our leave and send doctor Ji out while we are at it.”

As he spoke, he got up and took Shu Huan’s hand. Shu Huan only looked startled at his left hand without a word.

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