Chapter 133 Why torture me by hellish means?

At this time, Gu Da’s patience was limited. Gu Xihe also didn’t dare to go overboard. After, he acted willfully, he leaned on old madam and told them the strangeness about how Shadow got a fright.

Old madam shook her head first and said, “From this, nothing could be determined.”

Gu Da also disapproved and humphed coldly, “The insight of a child!”

Gu Xihe didn’t argue and only took a piece of candy from his purse. He put it on the table, raised his head, looked at Gu Da and said, “Master knows that eldest big brother liked to feed the horse candy, right?”

Gu Da nodded. He indeed knew about this. Sometimes, when they are outside and the candies Gu Xitian brought were finished, he will find a candy shop nearby, buy half a pack of candy and feed Shadow from time to time. Shadow also happened to like this. Every time it got a reward, it would neigh happily, approach Gu Xitian and cuddle with him.

His eyes got red again recalling the past and he sighed.

When old madam saw that he was sad, she also lowered her head and used a handkerchief to wipe the corners of her eyes.

The atmosphere was a bit sorrowful. Gu Xihe quickly asked, “Then, did master see eldest big brother feed candy to Shadow before the accident?”

Gu Da regained his senses and swept once over Gu Xihe and then looked at the candy on the table. He asked, “Could it be that there is a problem with this candy?”

Gu Xihe nodded.

Gu Da suddenly narrowed his eyes as if his thoughts jumped back to the moment before the accident.

At that time, he was sitting inside the carriage. The curtain was opened and he looked at how Gu Xitian flipped on the horse’s back. He (GXT) also leaned down and said something in the horse’s ear. Then, he intimately patted the horse’s neck. As for feeding it candy, he didn’t seem to have seen it…

He was just about to shake his head when his brow suddenly tightened.

No! He saw it!

As he put down the curtain, he remembered seeing a tiny red thing flew past the corners of his eyes. He only thought that it was garbage blown by the wind. It was very likely that it was the candy paper that had been thrown away!

He quickly reached for the candy on the table and looked carefully at it.

Red mulberry paper!

It should be this!

He immediately summoned the servant and the accountant who was present at that time for questioning. However, most people didn’t pay attention. Only that servant said that he was standing at a side and handed the whip to Gu Xitian, so, he clearly saw Gu Xitian feed the hose candy.

Gu Da’s gaze immediately turned ruthless. He shouted for everyone irrelevant to retreat and questioned Gu Xihe, “Where did you get this candy? How did you know that there was poison inside of the candy?”

“The candy had been thrown away by a maid of Red Cloud Yard and was picked up by me. I tried it on a horse. There is poison inside that could let a horse go mad suddenly. Afterwards, it would be exhausted, but it would not die,” Gu Xihe said. “If master doesn’t believe, master can find a horse to try!”

Last night, when Gu Xihe told Lin shi about these problems, he had thought thoroughly about them. Early in the morning, when he rushed out to find Gu Xiran, the two also exchanged information and speculations. Gu Xiran repeatedly reminded him that this matter was very important and not to let it get out. He originally didn’t want to speak about it, but he didn’t expect that when he came to pay his respect, he saw that Lin shi didn’t keep her promise and was questioning Shu Huan, hence he couldn’t help but reveal it.

He was still a child and didn’t think things to be too complicated. Moreover, he felt that it was very satisfying that everyone in this room including Gu Da was listening seriously to him. Therefore, when he was questioned, he answered without worries. He was only afraid that he would be scolded afterwards, hence, he didn’t mention Gu Xiran and Shu Huan on purpose. He put everything that the two of them did on himself.

Gu Da heard that he answered naturally and wasn’t stiff, he (GD) believed him. He didn’t continue questioning. As called for someone to bring a horse, he burned with anxiety while he let someone summon the maids of Red Cloud Yard for questioning.

Old madam was silent at a side for a long time. She suddenly said, “I think it’s better we put this matter down for the moment and talk about it after Xitian’s funeral.”

“Mother, don’t meddle in this,” Gu Da’s eyes already got red. His mood was furious and very frenzied. How would he have the mood to slowly scrutinize and carefully ponder about this? He only said with hate, “If there is really something behind this, I will find that black-hearted root of trouble to dismember his/her body in ten thousand pieces!”

Old madam looked at him for a short while and sighed as she shook her head.

Although, she didn’t know the truth about this matter, but she had pondered about it the moment Lin shi mentioned it. If there was something behind this matter, the involvement would be big. It was not something that ordinary maids and servants could afford to shoulder responsibility for. Harming the master’s house was a crime where one would be beheaded and have his flesh be cut. Even if her eldest grandson had enemies and they wanted to bribe a servant to poison, presumably no one would dare to be so greedy as to earn this kind of money where one could be beheaded. Then, only a handful of people were left who could’ve put the poison!

The ugliness of a family should stay inside the family. Moreover, the eldest grandson had already passed away. Even if they found the culprit, he (GXT) wouldn’t come back to life!

Old madam still decided to push the matter down. She stood up with the help of her crutches and said, “I already said, don’t investigate this matter for the moment being!”

“Mother!” Gu Da couldn’t comprehend at all, but he was persistent in not backing down.

Old madam got a little angry, “What? Do you not even listen to me?”

“This son will listen to mother on every other matter, but I can absolutely not on this matter!” Gu Da insisted, “I can’t watch Xitian feel wronged in the nine springs!”

  • Nine spring: the underworld of Chinese mythology

Old madam’s body trembled slightly and she couldn’t speak for a long time. Gu Xihe got anxious seeing this and quickly helped her sit down while he patted her back. Shu Huan handed her tea. When she looked up, she saw that an almost not discernable smile was on the corners of Lin shi’s lips. She (SH) couldn’t help but think of a poem: Both born of the same root, why torment each other so cruelly!

During this short moment of chaos, the maids of Red Cloud Yard had been brought over. Naturally, Gu Da didn’t get anything from them when asking them about something that they haven’t done. He let someone go bring Gu Xitian’s concubines. He still got nothing from them. Only Yingluo looked once silently at Shu Huan when she (Y) was being asked about the candy.

After such a big situation had happened did Yingluo recall Shu Huan’s words and actions of yesterday. She faintly guessed about what this was, but no matter how she guessed, she couldn’t become suspicious of Shu Huan. After all, she and Gu Xiran left the residence for two months and only returned after Gu Xitian’s accident. Then, another name suddenly jumped into her mind.

“Third young miss!” Yingluo blurted.

“What?” Gu Da went blank and then questioned, “What about third young miss?”

Yingluo was annoyed at her slip of tongue, but she couldn’t not answer Gu Da’s question. She could only speak the truth, “The day eldest young master had the accident, only third miss had come to Red Cloud Yard. Usually, she rarely came over…”

She didn’t finish when Gu Da’s face had already turned blue. He slammed his feet and shouted for someone to go summon Gu Xuan.

Old madam saw that her grandchildren truly got involved in this matter and verified her previous speculation, a breath also stuck on her chest. She wanted to stop it, but was unable to make a sound. She could only point with shaking hands at Gu Da.

At a side, when Lin shi saw this scene, she was struggling in her heart. She didn’t know whether she should add a kick to this matter. However, she couldn’t lose this opportunity because it may not come by again. She hardened her heart, went forward and supported to Gu Da. She pretended to persuade, “Master, quickly call the people back. Don’t make the matter big! Usually when third young miss came over to pay her respect, she didn’t dare to take any more steps or speak more than necessarily. How would she be able to do such a thing with that weak character of her?!”

If was fine if she didn’t mention it, but the moment she mentioned it, Gu Da remembered something. He felt an obstruction in his heart and spewed blood on spot.

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