Chapter 134 I hated him for a long time

Everyone panicked at the sight of Gu Da vomiting blood. Old madam was worried and immediately got up but fainted instantly. Even Lin shi, the perpetrator who started all this, was scared and stunned. She didn’t know whether to continue to hold Gu Da or to leave Gu Da to take care of the old madam.

In the end, Shu Huan, a bystander, who was fairly cool-headed, calmly said, “Don’t panic. First, someone go invite a doctor.”

“Yes!” A maid ran out in response.

Shu Huan turned her eyes back and saw a few maids preparing to lift old madam to the inner room’s bed, but hurriedly stopped them. She supported old madam’s head to let her slightly lie down on her side on the couch, and then untied her tight collar.

“Tea, second sister-in-law, tea!” Gu Xihe panicked and brought a cup of tea.

Shu Huan didn’t take it, shook her head and said, “Get the silver needles.”

Gu Xihe didn’t know where the needles were, so he kicked a maid beside him and said, “Didn’t you hear? Go get the needles!”

The maid endured the pain and went to get it. On the other side, Gu Da gasped for a while and slightly stabilized himself. After he saw that old madam had collapsed, he was so frightened that he pushed away Lin shi who was holding him, rushed over and asked, “How is old madam?!”

As long as it wasn’t a stroke or a heart attack, it should be alright. However, looking at the flushed face of old madam and the appearance of facial nerve paralysis, the possibility that she had suffered a stroke was greater.

Shu Huan looked at him, restrained her emotions, shook her head and said, “We have to wait until the doctor comes to know what happened. Master should let the people in the room disperse. It’s best to open the doors and windows and let the air of the outside come in.”

Gu Da suffered a heavy blow and his mind was already in a turmoil. After listening to her, he only knew to comply with her and had actually no idea what to do! He stepped aside and sat stunned there with his eyes sorrowful and blank.

No one could stand a series of mishaps happening in the family. Shu Huan thought that he (GD) was pitiful since he had to see his child die before him. However, he stubbornly wanted to investigate the matter which the old madam didn’t want him to and made a scene to this point. He had to somewhat blame himself for it too.

Fortunately, Gu Da had Lin shi and his concubines to serve him. There was no need for her to come forward to express concern. She sighed secretly and waited for the maid to come back with the needles. She picked up a needle, grabbed old madam’s hand, and took turns piercing a small hole in the ten fingertips to release the blood.

She wasn’t a doctor and didn’t have medical knowledge, but she had seen an adult did this when her grandmother had a stroke. No matter if it was useful or not, she had tried it. Anyway, it was just a puncture of the fingertips to release some blood. Even if it was useless, there wouldn’t be any harm.

During the chaos here, Gu Xuan had arrived.

Gu Da only stared at her gasping for breath and couldn’t say anything. On one hand, his own body couldn’t endure it. On the other hand, he was afraid that there was really something wrong after asking her. Furthermore, if old madam woke up and she couldn’t bear the shock, she could faint again. So, Gu Xuan was left standing as punishment at the side, no one dared to pay attention to her.

One didn’t know if the young miss (GX) was aware that the plot had been exposed or because she was naturally quiet and tranquil, she didn’t ask anything and just bend her head quietly standing there, as if she had blocked all the sounds around her. You couldn’t even sense her existence.

The nature of Gu Xitian’s death was unknown; Gu Xuan was a suspect; old madam had fainted due to anger; Gu Da was so furious that he vomited blood….

How could these matters that could turn the whole Gu household upside down be kept in the dark? The rumors spread quickly around and didn’t take a moment for them to spread all over the residence. All the people who should come, were here.

Gu Yun, who didn’t like trouble, came; Gu Xiran, who was ‘sick’, came; even Fang shi who was pregnant, came. Of course, Gu Xiren was indispensable. When he entered the door, he first glanced at Gu Xuan and then went forward to ask about the condition of old madam and Gu Da.

All of this fell into the eyes of Gu Da. He couldn’t wait any longer. When Gu Xiren came closer, he (GD) immediately slapped Gu Xiren’s face.


The sharp and loud slap pressed down the rest of the sound. There was a sudden silence inside and outside the house.

Gu Xiran frowned slightly and glanced at Shu Huan.

Shu Huan shook her head and sighed silently.

Subsequently, a late exclamation sounded. Gu Xiren’s birth mother Zhou shi rushed to the front and looked at her son’s red and swollen face with heartache. She panicked and asked, “Master, what is this? What did Xiren do wrong? Why did you hit him without a reason…?”

Before she could finish talking, Gu Da stopped her, “Shut up!”

Zhou shi didn’t dare to speak again. She nervously took two steps back, held a handkerchief before her mouth, looked at her son with tears and then turned to Lin shi requesting help.

Lin shi turned her face and pretended not to have seen it.

She (L) had been waiting for this moment for so long!

Gu household had four sons; the eldest son died, the second son was sick for many years, and the youngest son was young and ignorant. Then, at this moment, the only one who could take over the business was Gu Xiren, the third son of a concubine!

A son of a concubine had always belonged to the lowly existence in her (L) eyes. Not to mention Gu Xiren himself had a dark temper and didn’t talk much, but that pair of cold and indifferent eyes often made her shiver. She didn’t know how many times she had called him a thankless wretch’. If the family business was taken over by him, then it was meat steamed buns beat the dog. Everything would be gone forever!

  • Meat steamed buns beat the dog: what’s gone can never come back.

Therefore, when she heard that Gu Xuan was related to Gu Xitian’s death, she immediately thought of Gu Xiren, who was always in the same line with Gu Xuan. She had already made a wishful thinking in her heart. Whether he was innocent or not, she had to drag him into this muddy water and let Gu Da detest this concubine’s son completely.

As for Gu Xiran, because he had been ill for a long time, even if he was forced to take over the business, it would be all right. He might die from the illness in a few years. By then, Gu Xihe was already grown up and would be able to inherit the family business. Of course, just in case, she still had something up her sleeve. Previously, she wanted to lead Shu Huan to reveal the matter and let Gu Da develop a vigilant heart because of this. He (GD) would feel that their (SH and GXR) motives wouldn’t be simply after they had suddenly started to investigate this matter when they had always not concerned themselves with the affairs of the family. As a result, he would come to spurn them.

This was really a very perfect scheme. However, she didn’t expect that it was ruined by Shu Huan, a girl from a poor family who shouldn’t have this much insight and who was actually not that simple!

Thinking of this, Lin shi took a rather resentful glance at Shu Huan, who was busy fanning old madam. There was a feeling in her heart that she couldn’t tell whether she was remorseful or happy. She felt remorseful because she didn’t want to miss this opportunity. She just provoked with a few words but didn’t think that Gu Da would vomit blood and old madam would faint. Just thinking about it, she was very scared. She felt happy because Gu Xiren was beaten and Zhou shi, who was always competing with her for favor, was crying and terrified. She felt very joyful!

On Gu Da’s side. After he slapped Gu Xiren, he just stood there paralyzed and breathed heavily.

The atmosphere inside the house was so gloomy that only Zhou shi’s intermittent repressed cries could be heard. No one dared to utter a word.

“Was it you?!” Gu Da finally got his breath back. After he saw Gu Xiren, he was so angry that he even forgot that old madam couldn’t be distressed anymore. He directly asked, “Speak! Did you cause what had happened to your eldest big brother?!”

Half of Gu Xiren’s face was red and swollen, but he didn’t show any look that he was in a sorry state. He was still that quiet and cold person, but his reply made everyone surprised.

He said, “I did it!”

He didn’t evade, didn’t escape, didn’t defend himself nor did he delay the matter.

Not only Gu Da was surprised at his straightforward answer, but Lin shi was also stunned. Even if there was evidence at hand, she felt that she had to go through a lot of confrontations in order to get Gu Xiren to plead guilty. Unexpectedly, he just said it so bluntly.

“I’ve hated him for a very long time!”

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