Chapter 137 One word sentenced for life

When Ji Danqing heard that old madam had passed out, he already rushed to Gu residence with the fastest speed. When he entered Pine Crane Hall, he saw that the yard was full of people; no need to mention inside the room. The whole family was there. Aside from the few people next to the couch where Shu Huan was watching over old madam, at Gu Da’s side was floating with pearls and green jades (concubines).

He immediately frowned and said, “Everyone, scatter!”

The people inside the room were used to seeing the elegant and gentle demeanor of Ji Danqing. They were a bit surprised hearing him being curt in an unquestionable manner. They only scattered after a while. However, they didn’t dare to go far without Gu Da’s command. Everyone gathered in the yard and paid attention to the movements inside the room. Only Gu Yun who looked weakly and didn’t like to get involved in affairss, returned directly to the Calm Cloud Yard where she lived in. It was as if anything that happened to Gu household had nothing to do with her.

Shu Huan grabbed Gu Xihe, looked once at Gu Xiran and also walked out. She had long felt distressed and wanted to go out for fresh air. However, she just came to the door when she heard Ji Danqing say, “Asking second young master and mistress to not leave.”

Gu Xihe quickly said, “I also want to stay!”

Ji Danqing looked once at him but didn’t say anything. He first checked old madam’s pulse and then lifted her eyelids to take a look. In the end, he looked at her ten pricked fingers and nodded silently.

Gu Da was anxious to ask, “Doctor Ji, how’s mother’s condition?”

Ji Danqing looked once at him and said, “Ginseng soup.”

Gu Da quickly pushed Lin shi and said, “Did you hear? Quickly let someone go make ginseng soup!”

Lin shi rushed out. Ji Danqing let Shu Huan and Gu Xiran become helpers. They turned old madam’s body sideways and hold it in that position. He took a silver needle out of his medicinal chest, found the right acupuncture point and inserted the needle through the clothes.

The acupuncture was to let the stasis of the body disperse. Ji Danqing applied acupuncture for quite some time. Until his forehead was full of sweat and his clothes were a bit soaked did he sigh from relief. He retrieved the needles, took a bag of pills from his medicinal chest and said, “Old madam has a closed disease. Fortunately, she got treated early. There are no big problems. Later, use the ginseng soup to dissolve these cinnabar pills. Three to five pills every serving. When old madam wakes up, I will write another prescription.”

  • I also have no idea what a closed disease means. Maybe, it means that the flow of the body isn’t well.

As he was speaking, the other invited doctor had arrived. This one often treated Gu Da. Hence, Ji Danqing was invited to the inner room to check Fang shi’s pulse.

With Gu Xiran guarding on the outside, Shu Huan followed inside the room. She saw Fang shi looking blankly at the rooftop. It seemed that she had returned to her previous dazed state. Shu Huan couldn’t help but sigh secretly. Fortunately, the situation was not as serious as she thought. Hearing that people had entered, Fang shi had some consciousness and turned her head. Only when she saw Ji Danqing, her eyes got some vitality in them and she wanted to sit up.

“Eldest young mistress doesn’t have to get up.” As Ji Danqing spoke, he rushed forward to stop her from getting up. When he was doing that, he put his hand on her wrist, lowered his eyes and carefully diagnosed her pulse.

“Doctor Ji…did I disturb the peacefulness of the fetus…,” Fang shi felt that her belly was uncomfortable. She also got anxious. This child was all the hope she had to continue to live on.

Ji Danqing’s expression didn’t change. Nothing could be seen from it. After being silent for a while, he smiled slightly and said, “It doesn’t matter. It will be alright if eldest young mistress continues to take care of your health.”

“Thank God…,” Fang shi’s heart loosened and closed her eyes from tiredness. However, tears came out from the corners of her eyes.

Ji Danqing had been invited to the outer room by Yingluo. Only when he was writing a prescription did he say, “Not good!”

Yingluo immediately panicked and said, “Doctor Ji, don’t scare me. Eldest young mistress, she…”

Ji Danqing didn’t raise his head. He only looked at the flamboyant and cursive calligraphy on the paper and said, “She has to stay in bed to rest and can’t tired herself out. She can’t receive any more blows.”

As he talked, he handed the prescription to Yingluo and said, “Let her take this for a month. Afterwards, I will come back to check her pulse. Remember to let her stay in bed and rest. Otherwise, she probably wouldn’t be able to keep the child.”

He treated the matter with due consideration and frightened Yingluo. The hand was trembling when she took over the prescription.

Shu Huan frowned and asked, “Is it so dangerous?”

Ji Danqing nodded and said, “It’s the best if she avoids eldest young master’s funeral. Although, it’s not reasonable, but if she wants to keep the child, she could only do that.”

As they were talking here, suddenly someone shouted, “Old madam had woken up!”

The room immediately was in chaos. The voices inquiring about her well-being rose and fell in succession. However, when old madam had woken up, she discovered that she couldn’t move half of her body. She got anxious and almost fainted again. Fortunately, Ji Danqing rushed forward, diagnosed her pulse and said, “It’s no big deal. As long as you nourish well, you will return to normal in two months.”

These words were ambiguous. Old madam was silent for a while after having heard that. She suddenly asked, “There is also a probability that I will stay like this forever, right?”

Ji Danqing frowned slightly, but didn’t say anything.

After having lived till such an age, she had seen beyond the facade of worldly affairs, life and death. The initial panic of old madam was only due to the suddenness of the incident and the inability to control herself. After a while, she calmed down, sighed and said, “I got it.”

Ji Danqing took two steps back and said, “This humble one would come every day to check your pulse. Old madam doesn’t have to worry too much.”

Old madam nodded and thanked him. remembering that Gu Da had just vomited blood, she asked how Gu Da was doing. The other doctor also said that Gu Da was too worried, needed to rest and that it was no big deal.

Everyone could see that something had happened to Gu household. It wasn’t appropriate for the two doctors to stay any longer. After they had written a prescription and reminded them to take care of themselves, they left. When there were only family members left, old madam sighed again and said, “Speak up!”

She was naturally asking about what had happened after she had fainted. Because everyone saw that she had just woken up, they didn’t dare to tell her. However, they saw that she insisted and she said, “I’m already at such an age. What have I not experienced before? Just now, I was too angry. Now, I’m prepared. You can tell me about it.”

After Gu Xihe hesitated repeatedly and after he saw that Gu Da finally nodded helplessly, he told in a stammering voice everything that had happened.

Old madam reaction was beyond everyone’s expectations. She didn’t get stirred up again. Her expression was so calm without any waves. No emotions could be detected. After being silent for a while, she said, “It’s all fated!”

It was as if she submitted to the fate/will designed by the heavens. Then, she let Shu Huan help her get up. Although, half of her body couldn’t move, she still leaned on Gu Xihe and sat up on the couch. She turned, looked at Gu Da and asked, “Do you know what you did wrong?”

Gu Da had taken the medication. Seeing that old madam was fine, he just took a breath of relief. When he was being asked this, his mind went blank.

Old madam also didn’t expect him to answer and let him stay in his blank state. She turned and looked at Gu Xihe. She barely lifted the hand that could move, stroked his head and muttered, “Actually, I was also wrong….”

Everyone was still pondering about her words, when her sharp gaze swept over. The heartbeat of those who met her eyes skipped a beat. Then, they heard her say in a clear voice, “Listen well. In the future, no one is allowed to mention this matter again. If half a word gets out and I find out who it was, then don’t blame me for the heavy punishment!”

When Gu Da saw that old madam wanted to suppress this matter, he hurriedly said, “Then, little third…”

Finally, old madam’s tone brought some emotions and yelled angrily at him, “Are you muddle-headed? What happened inside the household, should die inside the household. You actually wanted to tie him up and send him to the official! Do you want everyone in the city to know about this matter? Then, where should we put Gu household’s face in the future? Can you still wear that old face of yours and walk out of the house?”

Gu Da was stumped for words.

“Brothers killing each other!” Old madam was a bit saddened. “We have faults in this matter, but little third is too sinister and vicious. He even dared to do this kind of thing that would be punished by the heavens!”

As she talked, the more she straightened her old body and said in a strict voice, “Spread my words. Punish him with the family law. After beating him a hundred times, no one is allowed to send him medicine or food. Let him kneel outside the ancestral hall for three days and three nights. If he can’t handle the punishment, then take it as if he had a very good relationship with his brother, that he was very saddened and aggrieved by his eldest brother’s death and had passed away from being ill. He will have a funeral together with Xitian. If he was lucky that he didn’t die, lock him up. He can’t set half a step outside this door for his whole life!

When Shu Huan heard that, she was slightly shocked. Originally, she thought that old madam was merciful because of her old age, deliberately wanted to suppress this matter and perhaps would punish Gu Xiren lightly. However, it was truly the older ginger gets, the spicier it will become. If it was necessarily, old madam could be more heartless than anyone.

  • Ginger gets spicier as it gets older: the older, the wiser. In this sentence it means that old madam’s methods are more vicious than anyone.

In one sentence, Gu Xiren’s whole life had been determined!

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