Chapter 139 Get poisoned

While she followed Gu Xiran on the way, Shu Huan felt that they might be overthinking about the situation. After all, Gu Xiren was still getting punished in the ancestral hall and Gu Xuan had been locked in the woodshed. These two didn’t even have any personal freedom. It would be very difficult if they wanted to do something. However, before they had arrived at Red Cloud Yard, they saw Shixiang running alarmingly towards them. Her heart sank and she immediately had a hunch that something wasn’t good. Maybe something really had happened.

Gu Xiran tried to stop Shixiang and asked, “What are you panicking about?”

“Please make way, second young master,” Shixiang said that while running and didn’t say more. She didn’t stop, ran past Gu Xiran and said, “Sorry.”

The maids in the residence were all trained and shouldn’t behave this undisciplined.

Shu Huan and Gu Xiran exchanged a glance and immediately quickened their pace.

They had just arrived at the entrance of Red Cloud Yard, when they could already hear the chaotic noise inside. After they went in, they found several maids rushing back and forth between the inner room and the outer room. Inside the inner room, Yingluo was holding a basin at the bedside, while Fang shi was lying on the bedside and vomiting heavily.

Gu Xiran frowned and asked, “What happened?”

As soon as Yingluo saw them, she finally breathed a sigh of relief and said anxiously, “I don’t know either. Not long after coming back, miss said she has abdominal pain, stomach cramps and feel nauseated. This is already the third time she had vomited….”

Shu Huan looked at Fang shi and asked hesitantly, “Isn’t that morning sickness?”

Yingluo was on the verge of crying, “How can morning sickness be this bad? Moreover, miss’s abdominal pain is abnormal….”

Before she (Y) could finish talking, Fang shi gasped and then said, “My head hurts too! My child…am I going to lose it….”

Yingluo rapidly consoled her, “Miss, don’t let your imagination run wild. I have already sent people to report to old madam and master, and also let Shixiang go invite a doctor. Hold on for a while. The child will be fine.”

Fang shi wanted to say something but a strong feeling of nausea forced her to lie down again and vomited uncontrollably until she was sweaty all over her body.

Facing such a situation, Shu Huan and Gu Xiran could really only look at each other in dismay.

  • Look at each other in dismay: look at each other and don’t know what to do.

First, they didn’t have medical knowledge; secondly, they didn’t have any general knowledge about pregnancy. It was impossible to determine the cause of Fang shi’s discomfort. They only knew that her being like this was very abnormal, but there was nothing they could do. They couldn’t even mention their purpose for coming here and could only wait at the side until the doctor came to see what to do next.

“Tea….” After Fang shi had vomited for a while, she weakly reached out for tea.

Yingluo poured some warm tea in a small cup and handed it over. Fang shi rinsed her mouth with the tea and drank two gulps. But not long after lying down, she got up and vomited again.

Shu Huan looked at it coldly. She suddenly pulled Gu Xiran and whispered, “It’s really wrong to vomit like this. When I looked at her lying down, her limbs were somewhat spasmodic and convulsive. Could it be food poisoning?”

Gu Xiran narrowed his eyes and said, “I think the chance of being poisoned is greater!”

Shu Huan was stunned.

That was right. There were no pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables these days, and the weather was getting cooler again. Moreover, there was never any leftover on Gu household’s dinner table. Besides, Fang shi didn’t eat anything at all these two days. The possibility of food poisoning was too small. Unless it was malicious poisoning. This was exactly the purpose of their coming over, afraid that Fang shi would be harmed!

The doctor hadn’t arrived yet. Gu Xiran looked at Fang shi carefully again. When he saw that her lips turned vaguely purple, he hurriedly said, “Go get cow’s milk!”

Whether it was food poisoning or not, let just gave medicine to a dead horse first. In any case, drinking milk wouldn’t damage the body.

  • To give medicine to a dead horse: to keep trying everything in a desperate situation.

Yingluo was surprised, “Cow’s milk?”

Gu Xiran slapped his forehead. Silly me!

During the agriculture era, cattle were valuable assets. It was mostly popular in raising cattle for farming and there weren’t many people raising cows. Cow’s milk was very rare, but there should be goat’s milk. He hurriedly said, “Goat milk is also good!”

Yingluo was puzzled but she was at a loss about what to do at the moment, so she could only do as ordered. She hurriedly went out to get a maid and then brought back the goat’s milk. Gu Xiran let Fang shi drink it. She repeatedly drank and then vomit again! If she was really poisoned, it was better to wash the stomach to dilute the poisoning this way than to do nothing and only watch.

While that was happening, old madam and Gu Da sent someone to inquire about Fang shi’s situation. Afterwards, Ji Danqing was pulled and dragged in by Shixiang. He really got good medical ethics. He just got home to drink a cup of tea. His sweat wasn’t dry yet, when he was already urged into Gu household again. His face actually didn’t show any trace of displeasure.

When Ji Danqing entered the room, he saw Fang shi’s face was greenish-black. He immediately became nervous and took her hand. It was ice-cold. Even without diagnosing her pulse, he said one word, “Poisoned!”

Fang shi’s vision became black and almost fainted.

Shu Huan’s heart shivered with from coldness. They had really guessed it correctly! Was it Gu Xuan or was it Gu Xiren? How could they do this to the extent without anybody knowing that they didn’t even have to do it personally?

She clenched her lips. Was there an undiscovered traitor?

Yingluo panicked and asked, “What…what kind of poisoning?”

“White arsenic!” Ji Danqing urged, “Quickly! Go get one tael of Fangfeng, mash it into fine powder and mix it with water to drink!”

  • Tael: weight unit used in Asia.
  • Fangfeng (Saposhnikovia divaricate (radix sileris)): herb where its root is used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Yingluo was full of questions but didn’t dare to ask. She turned and ran out.

When Ji Danqing looked at the goat’s milk on the table, he let Fang shi continue to drink and vomit to try to expel the toxins. Fortunately, Fang shi was very cooperative because of the fetus in her belly. Looking at her, the white arsenic taken should be a small amount. Otherwise, she would have passed out long ago and couldn’t hang on till now.

However, the child….

Ji Danqing sighed in his heart. The child couldn’t be saved!

He was afraid to scare Fang shi more. So, he only called Shixiang aside and quietly told her to go invite a midwife.

Shixiang wasn’t stupid. After hearing it, she immediately panicked, “Eldest young mistress, she….”

Ji Danqing shook his head and said, “Don’t ask. Quickly go!”

He was a doctor. It was all right for him to do medical diagnosis but if Fang shi would have a miscarriage, he couldn’t handle this kind of matter. Moreover, it wasn’t appropriate for men and women to be too intimate. It was better to ask an experienced midwife to take care of it.

Shu Huan heard him talking with Shixiang. Her heart was crying bitterness without ceasing. Why did everything break out together? Let’s not mention what would happen to old madam and Gu Da if this child was gone. Fang shi’s alone, she feared that….

  • Crying bitterness without ceasing: to complain of one’s suffering endlessly.

That thought just emerged in Shu Huan’s head, when she heard Fang shi ask in a hoarse voice, “Doctor Ji! Don’t keep it from me! Am I going to lose my child?!”

Ji Danqing’s face looked bad. Even if he wanted to deliberately keep it from her, it wouldn’t be for long.

When Fang shi saw that he hesitated, she got extremely terrified!

She was psychologically devastated and her emotions were already on the verge of collapsing. After the poisoning, she became more and more agitated. She also didn’t know where she got the strength from but she got up from the bed, rushed to Ji Danqing and grabbed his clothes. She was so fast that Shu Huan and Gu Xiran, who were beside her, couldn’t even stop her.

“Doctor Ji!” Fang shi couldn’t stand. Half of her body was on the ground. She desperately kowtowed, “Save my child, I beg you, save my child, I beg you….”

That mournful and sorrowful plea, as well as the muffled sound of the forehead tapping on the ground; not to mention that Shu Huan’s heart was sour and couldn’t look any longer at it, even Gu Xiran turned his head. His gaze showed some ruthlessness and he said through gritted teeth, “Too vicious!”

Too vicious!

Shu Huan knew clearly who he (GXR) was talking about. Ji Danqing knew it too. However, at the moment, the child really couldn’t be saved. The top priority was to save Fang shi’s life! He (JDQ) just reached out to drag Fang shi from the ground. Shu Huan couldn’t help but think that the woman in front her had in three days lost her husband, lost the unformed child in her belly; lost the most important things in her life. Was there really hope that she would live on?

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