Chapter 141 Old madam, save her

That Ji Danqing stayed at Gu household was only to be relieved from the trouble of going back and forth. He still couldn’t rest well. One time, it was Yingluo who came to say that Fang shi was delirious and to let him go have a look. Another time, it was Gu Da’s servant who came to invite him over and asked him whether he needed to check the pulse again and prescribe a new prescription. He was busy for half of the night. When he returned with the help of the light from the stars and moon, he saw Gu Xiran standing in the courtyard with his hands behind his back and soaked in the rustle air of the autumn.

“Why?” Ji Danqing was a bit surprised. “Why haven’t you rested yet when it’s so late?”

Gu Xiran smiled slightly, “It was inconvenient to have a talk during the day. I have something I want to ask you about.”

As Ji Danqing led him into the room, he said, “Please, say.”

Gu Xiran didn’t have the intention of going inside, shook his head and said, “I will leave after I’ve asked it and will not disturb your rest.”

After he said that, he was silent for a while before he asked, “How is old madam and master?”

“That is hard to say,” Ji Danqing said with a tired smile. “If they don’t bother with the affairs of the family and rest well with a peaceful mind, they will gradually get better after a few months.”

He only spoke till here, but Gu Xiran understood that if they couldn’t recuperate peacefully and if tey experience a blow again, presumably, he would need to prepare a funeral for those two.

In fact, this was something he had expected. It was unnecessarily that he came to ask about it. He only wanted a confirmation.

“I got it.”

After being silent for a while, Gu Xiran cupped his hand at Ji Danqing and took his leave.

This night, the moonlight was particularly bright.

Shu Huan leaned against the window and ate an autumn pear. She looked at the moon in the sky in daze. When she saw Gu Xiran come in from the outside, she looked once at him and then ignored him. She continued to gnawn on her pear, waiting for him to come at her side and whispered, “I already asked Ranmo over and let him quietly go inquire about vacant shops in the city. If there is one on a suitable location and the price is right, I let him place an order.”

Gu Xiran leaned towards the window and asked, “Very well done. Then, what is troubling you?”

“I’m troubled about when we can make it clear that we want to move out.” Shu Huan sighed and threw the pit of the pear outside. “I’m also troubled about our livelihood. Even if we get a shop, I don’t know what kind of business to do.”

“You don’t need to worry about this. First, buy the shop. Even if we don’t use it ourselves, we can rent it out. However…,” When Gu Xiran talked till here, he also sighed. “I think we have to wait for more time before we can move out.”

Shu Huan swept him a glance, “You’ve asked?”

“Mm, the situation is not so good.”

Shu Huan didn’t say anything more and just smiled bitterly.

Sometimes, using the identity of another would truly make one unable to act independently according to one’s own volition. If there wasn’t a funeral at home and they fought skillfully, they may had been able to leave Gu household. However, there was a funeral at home now. The both of them have to show filial piety. It was not convenient to do anything. If something happens to old madam or Gu Da, then the filial period would be infinitely long and it was also not suitable to further mention the matter of moving out and become independent.

“Don’t trouble yourself anymore.” When Gu Xiran saw that she was frowning, he couldn’t help but reach out to gently touch her brows and said, “Let’s go with the flow.”

“Mm,” Shu Huan smiled slightly. No matter what, compared to the other people of Gu household, they were already very happy.

The whole night went by in silence.

Early in the next morning, because the obituary had just been sent out, there was no one to come pay their condolences yet. Like usual, Shu Huan went to old madam’s to pay her respect and ask about her illness while she was at it. Unlike in the past, this time, Gu Xiran went with her. For one, it was because the elders got sick and he couldn’t not ask about it. Secondly, what had happened yesterday was too grave, making the whole Gu household feel like a mountain that was caged by rain and wind. He was worried that some trouble would come from this and wasn’t at ease to let Shu Huan go alone.

When the two arrived at Pine Crane Hall, they discovered that only Gu Yun and Gu Xihe were there. They didn’t see Lin shi. She was presumably busy with the funeral and didn’t have the time. They also didn’t see Gu Da. He was probably still in bed and couldn’t get up. Although, old madam looked very gloomy and depressed, but her complexion was better than yesterday. She was sighing on the couch.

When she saw that they had come, she finally pulled the corners of her mouth and forced a smile. However, after they had paid their respect, she became more depressed and repeatedly sighed that it was desolate, cold and cheerless.

Thinking about it, it indeed seemed to be like that. Usually, this was the room with the most people and with a lot of laughter. Now, that something had happened, not to mention that there were fewer people, even the maids were very careful. They didn’t even dare to breath loudly and no one dared to talk or laugh.

Gu Xihe wanted to relieve old madam’s anxiety by talking about some light things, but no one went along or assisted him. Old madam also didn’t give him face and stared at him without words. He often talked half-way before he was infected by this low atmosphere. He felt that it was interesting and felt embarrassed. He lowered his head and covered his voice.

There was silence in the whole room. Not to mention old madam, after Shu Huan stayed for a while, she also felt very uncomfortable. She could only look up in daze at the furnishing in the hall or lower her head and knead the handkerchief in her hand and used some tiny movements to alleviate this irritating depressed feeling.

After a very long time, they faintly heard the monk’s chanting. Shu Huan wanted to use the excuse that she would go help Lin shi to ask for her leave, but she just opened her mouth when she suddenly heard some commotion in the yard. It seemed that people were arguing and one of them was obviously very stirred up. The sentences kept being cut as they argued with each, making it for people unable to hear clearly what they were arguing about.

Old madam uneasily moved her body and asked, “Who is outside?”

After Gu Xihe heard that, he said, “It’s eldest sister-in-law’s Yingluo.”

Old madam’s hand trembled slightly. She immediately asked, “Why stop her and not let her enter?”

Everyone present was well aware. Naturally, no one answered, afraid that this old madam would faint again. even Gu Xihe bit his lips and only looked with pleading eyes at Gu Xiran.

Old madam took a deep breath, steadied her body and said, “Let her come in!”

The voice wasn’t loud, but it was extremely majestic. The moment Gu Xiran heard that, he knew that this astute old madam was prepared in her heart. This matter couldn’t be concealed. In fact, he also felt that no good thing would come from hiding this matter. Hence, he took the opportunity of going outside to pass old madam’s words to call Meijing and whispered some words to her to let her quickly invite Ji Danqing over for just in case.

Fortunately, old madam was mentally stronger than everyone had imagined. When Yingluo burst inside with tears, she (OM) only moved her body slightly and asked Gu Xihe to help her sit up. And, when she heard Yingluo say that Fang shi had a miscarriage, she only put her hand on her chest and gasped for breath for a moment.

Yingluo sobbed and kept bumping her head on the ground. “Old madam, save my miss. She hasn’t closed her eyes for the whole night…In the morning, I asked whether she wanted to eat something, she…she actually smiled at me and happily said…said to let me be quieter and to not be noisy to not disturb eldest young master. She also let me bring the needles and ruler because she wanted to make small clothes for the unborn child inside of her…After doctor Ji had a look, he said that my miss is…is…”

She couldn’t continue and almost fell to the ground from crying. “Old madam, save her! Old madam, save her! You have to get justice for my miss!”

After listening to her in one go, old madam felt that her heart almost jumped out of her chest and she almost couldn’t breathe. Fortunately, Shu Huan had made hot tea to calm the nerves. After she took a few gulps, did she feel her heartbeat slow down a bit. She sat there at stared at Yingluo who trembled from crying for a long time. Then, she asked in a hoarse voice, “You said that she was poisoned with white arsenic. What had happened?!”

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