Chapter 143 Innocence

After the hall had become quiet again, old madam’s expression was deep like water and she stared at Gu Xiren without a word.

Gu Xiren also didn’t spoke anymore. He only stood there with much effort as he shook.

“Third big brother,” Gu Xihe wasn’t close with him, but seeing him like this, he also felt sour in his heart. He suddenly said, “Things are already at this state. What else can you not talk about?”

Gu Xiren didn’t even spare him a glance. He only sneered with lowered head.

The anger in old madam rose up again. She said shouted, “Kneel!”

Gu Xiren didn’t say anything and knelt silently.

“Speak!” Old madam shouted again. “Didn’t you feel in the right and self-confident after having harmed your eldest big brother? Then, how did your eldest sister-in-law offend you? How did the child that hasn’t formed yet in her belly offend you? Do you have to kill till the last one without letting one off?”

Gu Xiren listened silently and still didn’t speak.

“Don’t forget that your surname is also Gu!” The more old madam spoke, the angrier she got. “Feel your conscience. Even if your father is too biased and isn’t close to you, but did Gu household not give you to eat and to wear all these years? Didn’t you also have servants to command and extend the hands when the clothes come and open the mouth when the food arrives? Aren’t you even a bit grateful and want to see this home collapse because of you?”

After these words, it would be alright if Gu Xiren showed some remorse, but it happened that he didn’t. There was no expression on his face!

Old madam was originally already very angry and sad. After seeing him like this, she completely gave up on him. She gasped and said, “Very well! Very well! Truly very well! Raised a thankless wretch for more than ten years! Servants, drag him away and beat him. This time, no one is allowed to show mercy. Beat him till death!”

The last four words were powerful and resonating. Old madam turned her head. She didn’t want to look at this rebelling grandson again!

Seeing that there were servants who came to drag Gu Xiren away, Gu Xihe got a bit anxious, “Third big brother, speak, ah!”

“Speak about what?” Gu Xiren finally opened his mouth. His voice was somewhat hoarse and had a mocking tone, “I’m already guilty of killing someone and deserved to be punished. Could it be that I have to cry and beg for old madam to leave this small life of mine?”

After having said that, he sneered even more. He didn’t resist at all and let the servants drag him out.

“Stop!” Gu Xiran got up and stopped them.

“No one is allowed to plead for him!” Old madam said immediately. “If I don’t get rid of this evildoer, this family wouldn’t be at peace!”

She was already hell bent on it! However, when Gu Xiran looked at her indifferent expression and looked at her non-stop trembling hand that had grabbed her robe, he knew that she couldn’t bear to kill him.

“I’m not pleading for him,” Gu Xiran smiled faintly. “I only want to uncover the real culprit to avoid thag the family would continue to have misfortunes.”

After he said that, not only was old madam dumbfounded, even Gu Xiren raised his eyes and glared at him (GXR) with eyes full of hate, “Second big brother, you have become muddleheaded from being sick. What nonsense are you sprouting?”

“Nonsense?” Gu Xiran took two steps forward and said, “Before, I was still thinking whether you have or haven’t participated in this matter. Now, I know that you are completely innocent. Naturally, I can’t watch you take the blame for someone else to avoid that the real culprit would harbor guilt for you and want to avenge you. Then, this family would truly collapse because of her!” (In Chinese he and her sounds the same. Hence, they didn’t know yet who h was referring to)

This was one of the reasons why he unveiled this. When he saw Fang shi getting poisoned, he knew that Gu Xuan’s methods were vicious. It was uncertain who would be her next victim. He couldn’t stand and watch anymore. Secondly, it was because he didn’t want to take over this mess of Gu household. Therefore, he must try his best to protect Gu Xiren , lest he himself would be caught in the future to take over the business of Gu household. He would then entail in strenuous effort and had to also guard against from being schemed at.

Gu Xiren turned his head and said, “I don’t understand what you are talking about!”

Gu Xiran smiled, “It doesn’t matter that you don’t understand. I will only ask you; how did you use the white arsenic as poison?”

“Do I have to answer just because you asked?” Gu Xiren sneered. “Why should I?”

“Because you can’t say it!”

Gu Xiren’s emotions got stirred and he said angrily, “I don’t want to tell you!”

Before, he used silence to show his unwillingness. No one suspected him. However, after being interrogated by Gu Xiran now, he used words to emphasize his unwillingness. It was like 300 silver taels not hidden here. Even old madam had become suspicious as to why he was so desperate to put the crime on himself. It gave the feeling that he was trying to cover up something.

  • 300 silver taels not hidden here: to reveal what one intends to hide

“Alright, since you don’t want to say it, I naturally can’t force you,” Gu Xiran looked at him with certainty. “Another question. Where did you get the white arsenic that you used to poison eldest big brother and eldest sister-in-law?”

When he asked this question, Shu Huan immediately understood and watched smilingly at a side.

Gu Xiren casted him a sidelong glance but didn’t say anything.

“What? You also don’t want to answer this question?” Gu Xiran said like he was in a difficult position, “Why don’t I bring Gu Xuan here to ask her to see whether she knows?!”

“I will bear the consequences of my own actions!” Gu Xiren immediately said. “I bought that white arsenic from the outside!”

“You are sure?”

“No kidding!” Gu Xiren was afraid that he would ask more and said first, “But I don’t want to tell you where I had bought it!”

Gu Xiran nodded and said, “I still have a question that I don’t have an answer to. Did you personally put the white arsenic in the candy?”

Hearing this, Gu Xiren sneered, “Second big brother, I already said that I put the poison. Don’t use more tactics to try to mislead me! I don’t know how to cook, how could I personally have done this kind of thing? Naturally, I also didn’t dare to ask little Xuan. I let someone from the outside do it. As for who it was, I still don’t want to tell you!”

After he had said that, he discovered that the way that everyone looked at him was a bit strange. There was sympathy, incomprehension and puzzlement. Even old madam couldn’t control her emotions and wanted to stand up with Gu Xihe’s support.

He was very bewildered!

When he thought about what he had said, he still didn’t discover any loopholes. He had thought carefully about each word before saying them! Since there were no loopholes, why did their gazes turn so weird?

“Why…,” Gu Xiren couldn’t help himself from asking. “Do you look at me like this?!”

Gu Xiran looked at him with a complicated expression and said, “Little fourth, you tell him!”

“Third big brother!” At this moment, Gu Xihe felt much sympathy towards Gu Xiren. He sighed, “Why would you…? Why…?”

“Talk quickly!” Gu Xiren almost went crazy and angrily interrupted his nonsense.

Gu Xihe swallowed and said, “The poison wrapped inside the candy was not white arsenic.”

Not white arsenic!

It actually misled him!

Gu Xiren immediately understood! As if being struck by lightning, he went pale and blankly stood there.

Gu Xiran sighed softly and said, “You weren’t the one who put the poison and the person was also not murdered by you. You don’t have to conceal it anymore.”

After Gu Xiren heard this, it was as if he lost all strength in his body and couldn’t stand firm anymore. His legs went limp and he fell on the ground.

The already established incident had been completely topped over. Old madam couldn’t tell what she was feeling in her heart. There were some shock and then bitterness. She tried to calm down for a while and then coldly ordered, “Bring Gu Xuan here!”

“No need to hurry!” Gu Xiran stopped it again. He looked at Gu Xiren who went limp on the ground, shook his head and said, “Old madam should let doctor Ji look at his injuries first!”

That Gu Xiren could still talk and move was because the servant who acted out the punishment had mercy on him. They didn’t dare to be ruthless and beat him very hard. Otherwise, how would he still be alive after a hundred beatings? However, even like that, he was still very hurt and had knelt for a whole night. If he was not treated in time, his life might be in danger after being seriously injured and dehydrated.

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