Chapter 146 Not to stop until death

After Gu Xuan finished speaking, she turned and ran to outside.

The people inside the hall including old madam were stunned. They didn’t know why she ran outside.

Gu Xihe guessed and asked, “She isn’t going to commit suicide, right?”

“Stop her!”

A hoarse voice interjected. Everyone turned around and saw that it was Gu Xiren who came out with the support of the wall.

Originally, old madam was afraid that he would get stirred up and waited after he had drunk the medicine and had fallen asleep before letting people bring Gu Xuan over. She didn’t expect that he would wake up at this moment and that he anxiously said, “She…she must be going to the mourning hall…”

The mourning hall!

The last sentences of Gu Xuan echoed in everyone’s ears: I wish you all to live in pain and remorse. And never forget my mother! Don’t ever think to cover up the facts!

“Oh, no!” Gu Xiran got up and ran out.

After Shu Huan was stunned for a moment, she left everyone and ran out to follow him.

At this moment a lot of people must’ve gathered to pay their condolences at the mourning hall. Gu Xuan wanted to go cry and make accusations in front of outsiders!”

No wonder Gu Xiren was so anxious. If this matter doesn’t get out, perhaps old madam would spare her life because she was pardonable. If this matter gets out, no matter from what perspective, there was no reason to let her live on.

Trying to catch up, sure enough, they saw that the direction Gu Xuan was running to was the mourning hall. Although, Gu Xuan encountered many servants along the way, but the servants didn’t know what was going on and didn’t stop her. Only after they saw that Gu Xiran was chasing after her did they feel that something was going on. In uproar, some went to report back to their masters. There was also some who also chased after them. It was very chaotic.

They didn’t expect that Gu Xuan seemed determined. She ran very fast all the way. Only when she was about to reach the mourning hall did Gu Xiran caught up with her. Shu Huan was still chasing after them while gasping for air and almost lost her pair of embroidered shoes. It couldn’t be helped, she lived too pampered during this period. After not having exercised for a long time, her physical condition was much worse.

“Out of the way!” Gu Xuan was very surprised to be caught up by Gu Xiran. However, she was determined to break the cauldrons and sink the boats and had no time to think about this. She tried to push him away.

  • Break the cauldrons and sink the boats: cut off one’s means of retreat

Her wrist had been grasped.

Gu Xiran calmly said, “You have gone overboard on this matter. It’s better to stop now!”

Gu Xuan tried hard to break free but couldn’t. She sneered with tears, “Even you want to stop me? I thought you were different from the rest of Gu household. Unexpectedly, you are the same!

She was emotional at the moment. Gu Xiran didn’t want to argue with her. He only wanted to take her away from here as soon as possible. Hence, he didn’t spoke and drag her back to the way where they came from.

“Let go!” Gu Xuan resisted with her every effort, but after all, she was young and weak. Seeing that Shu Huan and those servants also caught up, she got anxious. She opened her mouth and bit on Gu Xiran’s hand.

Gu Xiran frowned slightly and retracted his hand. She bit into air.

“People…,” Gu Xuan screamed. After all, here was not far away from the mourning hall. As long as people came out because of her shouts and she said everything that she wanted to say, then, it would be alright if she was dragged away! Even if she couldn’t finish what she wanted to say, she knew the morality of these relatives and friends. When they saw her being dragged away, rumors would certainly be spread to every corner. Like that, even if she couldn’t live well, the people of Gu household also don’t need to think about living well!

Her screams were effective. The people who were praying inside the mourning hall came out after hearing the commotion. Even if there were only a dozen people, it was already enough to give people a headache. Especially when that pair of siblings from Zhang family was also among them!

“What’s the matter?” After Zhang Hanfang saw Gu Xiran, she felt a mixture of love and hate and her eyes immediately lit up.

“I…,” Gu Xuan wanted to speak when she suddenly heard a berate, “Impudent!”

This voice!

She turned and saw that it was Gu Da who came over with the help of the cane and the support of two servants after he got the news.

He was the head of Gu household. It was inevitable that the people who came to pay their condolences had to come forward and greet him. They advised him to stay strong. Gu Da didn’t have the mind to socialize now. He answered curt and wanted to call people to send Gu Xuan back.

He didn’t expect that Gu Xuan looked gentle, quiet and delicate, but when she made a scene, she was ruthless and fierce. Seeing that the servants came forward to drag her away, she immediately screamed, “Killers! Save me! My dad wants to kill me…”

She hasn’t finished, when Gu Da gave her a slap in the face. He used so much strength that it made her body fell to one side and her teeth bruised her lips. The blood immediately rushed out. Her screamed words were naturally interrupted. Then, there were servants who came forward, blocked her mouth and dragged her away by force.

“I apologize for this!” At this time, Gu Da tried hard to maintain the calmness on his face and cupped his hands at the relatives and friends present. He said, “After my little daughter heard of her sudden brother’s passing, she felt extremely sad and lost her capacity for clear thinking. These days, she kept blurting that Xitian was murdered and that someone wanted to harm her. Just now, people didn’t look well after her. She came here to make a scene and let everyone see a joke.”

Everyone knew that he was biased towards his eldest son Gu Xitian. If Gu Xitian was murdered, presumably the first one to jump out, cause a scene to investigate would be him. What’s more, it was too absurd and bizarre for a father who had just lost his most beloved eldest son to want to kill his own daughter. Naturally, no one believed such an absurd matter. Plus, Gu Xuan was too hysterical just now. Therefore, a large number of people believed Gu Da. Even if some didn’t believe the excuse, since it was another’s family’s affairs, they couldn’t ask about it. They could only speculate in their hearts.

The only ones who knew the truth were Gu Xiran and Shu Huan who had just caught up. The two exchanged a glance and sighed. They didn’t know whether it was right or wrong that they tried to stop Gu Xuan and the resentment inside this terrible mess of Gu household was too complicated. It was truly impossible to define it with a simple right or wrong. To tell the truth, none of these people was completely innocent.

Since one after another trouble keep happening in Gu household, the relatives and friends didn’t stay for long. Anyway, the mourning had been completed and they said their goodbyes. When Zhang Zirong was about to leave, he slapped Gu Xiran’s shoulder as if they were very familiar with each other and said, “Condolence, if you need help, just say it.”

Compared to his friendliness, Zhang Hanfang revealed hostility, glared once fiercely at Gu Xiran and only talked with Gu Da.

Since this was not the official day of the funeral, Zhang family’s master and madam didn’t come. They let these pair of siblings come for the worship ceremony for the dead. This let Gu Da sighed from relief. Otherwise, the family would be in a great mess, he wouldn’t have the mood to socialize with these relatives. Hence, he only spoke a bit with them. He didn’t ask for this pair of siblings to stay and let them leave.

Only after everyone had left did he show tiredness. He tried to walk two steps, but felt that his body couldn’t take it and rested on the nearby pavilion. He closed his eyes and rested for a while. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and coldly said, “Bring out the family law and then bring Gu Xuan over!”

The so-called family law was a meter long and thick wooden board. After the people brought it and Shu Huan saw it, she knew that if this thing was beaten on the body, it would fracture the bones and muscles. Just the thought of it made her heart go cold. If this was used on Gu Xuan’s body, that little girl wouldn’t be able to take a few times.

She opened her mouth slightly and wanted to persuade. However, when she looked up, she saw that Gu Da’s face was deep like the water and in his eyes was hatred that was unable to be drained. She knew that no matter what she said, it would be courting a rebuff. Although, Gu Xuan was pardonable, but her means were too vicious and even implicated the innocent Fang shi. She (GX) was not someone kind. She (SH) closed her mouth and made no more sound.

At this home, everyone used resentment to entangle with each other and wouldn’t stop until death. It was really so bad that it couldn’t be cured!

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