Chapter 147 Not believing at all

When the heavy family law fell on someone’s body, it made “pa pa” sounds. Gu Xuan’s forehead sweated because of pain. Her mouth had been blocked, making her unable to shout out from pain. She could only struggle as much as she can.

It happened that Gu Da was very angry. The more she struggled, the more joy he felt. At first, he let a servant beat her. In the end, he personally beat her. He slammed the family law on Gu Xuan.

This was wanting her life!

Shu Huan couldn’t look at it anymore and turned her head. Originally, she wanted to leave, but then she heard the servants scream. When she hurriedly turned her head, she saw that Gu Xuan had already fainted.

Gu Xiran went forward, seized the family law and didn’t let Gu Da continue to beat. He said, “Master, do you really want to kill her?”

“Let go!” Gu Da said with hatred. “Murdering her brother and attacking her sister-in-law, it was already going easy on this harmful wretch by just killing her!”

Since ancient times, it had been paying with one’s life for a murder.

If he truly wanted to kill Gu Xuan, Gu Xuan deserved it. Others had nothing to say about it.

It was just that beating her to death was too cruel. Shu Huan couldn’t help but interject, “Master, after all little Xuan is your biological daughter. If you truly want her death, it is better to give her a quick death and don’t torture her anymore.”

Gu Da glared once at her and gasped, “Since when do you have the right to speak in this family?”

Working hard for this terrible mess these past few days, Shu Huan was already very tired that she wanted to die. She immediately got angry being counter-attacked like this now. all cautiousness and carefulness had been thrown to the back of her head. She said, “There is no right for me to talk in this family. It has nothing to do with me that master wants to beat your own daughter to death. It isn’t right to kill a brother, is it right to kill a daughter? Moreover, so many people had heard it just now; hearing that master wants to kill her. If you kill her now, wouldn’t it confirm her words?”

When Gu Da heard the first three sentences, he didn’t agree with it. The last two sentences apprehended him. During this hesitation, he heard Shu Huan say, “If you truly beat her to death, does master want to throw her out and bury her in secret or lie that she is bedridden and can’t see anyone? Can you keep it a secret? In the end, siblings killing each other and past events that had been stored for many years will be connected and come out in the light. Everyone in the street would talk about it. Everyone would joke about it, making eldest young master unable to be at peace in the nine springs. Is this the result that master wants?”

  • Nine springs: the underworld of Chinese mythology

Ever since Shu Huan had time-traveled, she had lived low-key and behaved with integrity. She had suffered and endured enough. She plainly made everything clear in one breath. She didn’t care about whether the other party would take her words into consideration. She only wished to vent the oppressed feeling in her heart. Therefore, after she finished talking, she suddenly felt relieved, delighted and that the sky was beautiful and wide. Her fretful mood also gradually calmed down. When she thought about it, she felt that she was too impulsive, but she didn’t regret it at all. She met Gu Da’s eyes with frankness as the other party was glaring at her.

Gu Da was so angry that his beard trembled, but he had to admit that she was right. There were too many people and talking mouths in the household. It was already very hard to try to suppress this matter down. The family couldn’t endure more people dying, otherwise people would truly say that there was more to it that they (Gu household) couldn’t reveal in the open. Even if there wasn’t, when rumors pass among people, it would become that there was.

He was still entangling in contradictions. He didn’t know whether he should continue beating Gu Xuan to death, take revenge for Gu Xitian and let himself vent his hatred or to stop for the big picture.

When Gu Xiran saw this, he smiled faintly. He let go and ordered the servant, “Bring doctor Ji over to treat third young miss’s wounds.”

Hearing this, Gu Da’s body shook and shouted, “Not allowed to treat! Let her emerge or perish on her own!”

Gu Xiran frowned. He didn’t speak yet when he heard a weak voice say with a mocking tone, “What? Does master want to torture me for a few months before dying like my mother? Sure enough, it’s a good tactic! Very cruel!”

Everyone turned and looked. It was Gu Xuan who had fainted from pain before, but had woken up when Shu Huan was speaking. Taking advantage that no one was paying attention to her, she spit out the handkerchief in her mouth. Now, her face was pale and full of sweat. She sneered at Gu Da and didn’t care about pouring oil onto fire. She said, “Master, everything that I did, I learned from you!”

  • Pouring oil onto fire: enrage people and make matters worse

“Pa” a slap went to her face, making her head turn to a side and her hair loosened. That white flower also fell on the ground and rolled in the dust.

Gu Xuan didn’t cry. Instead, she laughed. With her hand on her face, she said, “That year, did you also beat my mother like this?”

Gu Da raised his arm and wanted to slap her again when Gu Xiran stopped him, “Enough!”

He truly couldn’t stand these ancient people anymore. Even if they were your biological children, you don’t have to abuse them like this, right? Of course, Gu Xuan was also looking for it herself. She had to irritate Gu Da. Presumably, she wanted to make him die from anger. It was truly, when the father was not compassionate, the child would be unfilial. Tweedledum and tweedledee, they were the same!

When Gu Da was being stopped by Gu Xiran, he looked somewhat in disbelief at him (GXR). He had long discovered that his second son wasn’t as weak and incompetent as before, but he didn’t expect that he (GXR) would dare to repeatedly go against him! He couldn’t help but say with trembling voice, “Even you…even you dare to disobey!”

So, what if he was a father? Could he use his identity to do whatever he wanted unreasonably?

Gu Xiran had also long become annoyed at his way of using his identity as an elder to suppress people. Originally, he didn’t want to get into trouble, so, he tried to be low-key and more low-key. However, these people had become more severe. If he watched them fought till both sides suffered, then the mess would still fall onto his head.

Therefore, he didn’t spare Gu Da a glance and ignored the word “disobey”. He said, “The person is here and can’t run away. Even if master wants to kill her, there is no need to hurry. First, lock here up for a few months or half year to let the matter calm down. After that, you can kill her however you like. As for whether you want to kill by poisoning, drowning, assassination or hanging, master can slowly think about that.”

As he was talking, he raised an eyebrow and emphasized, “Just one thing. If you want her death, let her die quickly. Don’t torture and maltreat her. Even if she was guilty and can’t be pardoned, after all, she is still your flesh and blood!”

“Pei!” Gu Xuan made a spitting sound. “In his eyes, only Gu Xitian is his flesh and blood! We are bastards that no one wants!”

Gu Da’s expression immediately darkened. He gestured with his hand to let all the servants present retreat. Only after that did he stare at Gu Xuan while he sneered.

Gu Xuan became uneasy because of his stare and felt that something was wrong. She stubbornly asked, “What? Did I say something wrong?!”

“No!” Gu Da said darkly. You are half-right. These many children, every one of them is my flesh and blood, but it happened that you are a bastard!”


A thunder from a clear sky!

If Gu Xuan wasn’t Gu Da’s flesh and blood, then her mother…

Shu Huan truly wished that she was not here and didn’t hear this secret that could absolutely not be revealed in front of people! What could she do now that she had heard it? She couldn’t pretend like she didn’t hear it, right?!

While her mind was in a mess, she felt Gu Xiran support her body.

Through the clothes, she could feel his slightly warm body temperature and that faint smell of agarwood that could make people feel calm. Shu Huan slightly calmed down. When she looked at Gu Xuan, sure enough, she (GX) was even more shocked than her. She (GX) stared blankly at Gu Da and she couldn’t utter out half a word.

After a long time did she recover from the extreme shock. She covered her ears and shouted herself hoarse, “Liar! Liar! I will never believe you! you were heartless and fickle towards my mother. Not only did you cause her death, you also tried to destroy innocence (of being with only one man)! You, you are worse than a monster! I will never believe you!”

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