Chapter 151 I will stay with you forever

They didn’t want to get involved in these matters of Gu household, but it happened that their identities made them unable to ignore them. Even if they went over and didn’t spoke a word, they had to be present to show their concern and participation in the family affairs.

Shu Huan dillydallied for half a day before she unwillingly and reluctantly got up from the chair. She prepared herself for the punishment of standing. They didn’t step over the threshold yet when they heard Qiaoyun who came back to report, “Second young master and mistress, they had begun a fight!”

Qiaoyun already restrained herself very much, but her face still flushed with excitement. “The people of Fang household came looking for an explanation from old madam. No one knew who had leaked the news, saying that eldest young mistress became like this because of third young miss. They want old madam to surrender third young miss to them. Old madam had no choice and could only call people to bring third young miss over. They hadn’t spoken two sentences yet when eldest young mistress rushed in, raised her hand and scratched third young miss’s face!”

She told it vividly and realistic as if she had seen it with her own eyes.

When would this circle of grievances end?!

Shu Huan was baffled after hearing this and asked tactfully, “Wasn’t it said that eldest young mistress was somewhat mentally confused? How…?”

Qiaoyun shook her head and said, “I don’t know about this. Perhaps, it was because eldest young mistress was sometimes sober and sometimes confused. After hearing that all of these misfortunes were caused by third young miss, she would naturally fret. I’m just wondering why did third young miss do such a thing without any reason? If it wasn’t treated, she would pay with her exquisite face in vain. If a girl’s face is hurt, in the future…”

She talked endlessly without getting to the point. Shu Huan and Gu Xiran didn’t have the patience to let her finish and hurriedly rushed out.

If they (F&G family) were only arguing with each other, it wouldn’t matter if they (SH&GXR) move a bit slowly. At this moment, they had already began to use their hands. If they don’t go over now to guard, something big may happen.

When they rushed over, the scene they saw was messier than how Qiaoyun described it!

The people of Fang family surrounded Gu Da and old madam demanding for justice. Fang shi entangled with Gu Xuan without letting go no matter what. She kept on hitting Gu Xuan with her fists and cried, “Return the child to me! Give me my child back!”

Gu Xuan sat on the ground as she frowned. It was uncertain whether she couldn’t move because she was hurt badly or that she didn’t want to move. She let Fang shi hit and scold her. She endured it without a word. Her face was like how Qiaoyun had mentioned. There were some traces of being dug by nails. Bright red blood dripped down from the scratches to the chin and clothes. Matched with her pale face, she looked frigidly garish.

The one who was also silent was Gu Xiren. He was beside Gu Xuan and looked silently at this without a word or movement. However, in his eyes were pity and pain. It could be seen from his fists behind his back. He had been trying to suppress the urge to intervene.

Shu Huan was the most afraid of this kind of scenes. The moment she crossed the door, she became muddle-headed because of the noisy voices. She barely calmed her nerves and tried to listen what they were arguing about. It was Fang household demanding for the murderer to pay with her life, to let old madam hand Gu Xuan over and tie her up to send to the feudal office.

Old madam’s attitude was also extremely unyielding. She could hand Gu Xuan over to them, but they weren’t allowed to report it to the feudal office and they were not allowed to publicize this matter.

Fang household wasn’t satisfied with this kind of accountability. What was the use of tying Gu Xuan up and bringing her to their home? Carry out a private punishment and kill her? In any case, Fang household was an influential family of literary reputation. How could they be willing for their family to be tainted with such a bloody matter?! Hence, the two sides argued awfully. No one wanted to concede.

Fang household’s master was so angry that his beard trembled. He said, “Old madam can’t bully people intolerably!”

Old madam’s tone was soft, but her attitude was firm, “I already give the person for you to punish however you like, how is it that I bullied you?”

Fang household’s master jumped up and pointed at Fang shi, “When my daughter married, she was fine. Now, she had become like this!”

Old madam began to wipe her tears with a handkerchief and said, “My heart also doesn’t feel good that such a thing had happened. Your daughter is also my eldest grandson’s wife. Everyone knows how I usually treated her. Do you think that I don’t love her dearly? I also had no way! Who let my family have an unfilial granddaughter…?”

She hasn’t finished crying yet when she heard, “Enough!”

Gu Xiren couldn’t stand it anymore and stood up for Gu Xuan, “You can’t hand little Xuan over!”

The chaos had been finally suppressed. In a moment of silence, everyone looked at him.

“The elders are talking, what right do you have to interrupt?” Gu Da slammed on the table. “Drag him out!”

Gu Xiren still guarded in front of Gu Xuan and said, “She is my little sister!”

Fang household’s master said angrily, “Does your little sister don’t have to pay with her life for killing someone? There is no such principle in this world!”

Gu Xiren was forced to the extreme and began to be unreasonable, “The situation was already like this. What use does it have to force her to die? Even if you force her to death, eldest sister-in-law’s child won’t come back!”

Hearing such words that her child won’t come back, Fang shi’s heart felt pain. She couldn’t handle such a blow. Her head became a bit muddled again. Her eyes also became a bit blank, but at this time, everyone’s attention was on Gu Xiren. No one noticed her.

Fang household’s master was stumped for words by Gu Xiren’s twisted logic. With a gesture of his hand, Fang shi’s two big brothers came forward and began to dispute with Gu Xiren. As they quarreled, they even began to fight and pushed each other as if they wanted to use force to solve the problem.

Shu Huan frowned. She didn’t know what Gu Xiren was doing. Wasn’t he making the matters worse by doing this? Besides, he still had injuries. If they truly fought, the one who would suffer would definitely be him! Gu Da’s reprimanding at a side was useless. She was also helpless. She could only turn her gaze to Gu Xuan to see what her attitude was. She didn’t expect that she just turned her gaze when she had been shocked…

Gu Xuan!

Gu Xuan had pulled a hairpin from her hair and put it in the now muddle-headed Fang shi’s hand and put her (F) hand on her (GX) throat!”


Shu Huan immediately noticed her intentions. Without thinking, she rushed over to stop it. Who would’ve have thought that Gu Xuan’s heart was so ruthless? She didn’t hesitate at all, clenched Fang shi’s hand and pulled herself forward!

The hairpin had been uniquely made. The tip was extremely sharp. Plus, the great strength of Gu Xuan, the skin of her throat was instantly pierced and blood spilled out. Shu Huan came forward and was only able to push the tip of the hairpin away a bit. She didn’t know whether the artery was still hurt.

Gu Xiren and the two Fang brothers had been alarmed by this shout of horror from Shu Huan. They stopped the dispute involuntarily. When they turned around and saw what had happened, one immediately rushed to Gu Xuan. The two others rushed to Fang shi.

“Little Xuan!”

“Little sister!”

In an emergency, their concerns were showed uncontrollable.

The cheeks of such a cold person like Gu Xiren was immediately streamed with tears. He disregarded the injuries on his own body and carried Gu Xuan as he ran to outside. He hurriedly shouted, “Doctor! Doctor Ji! Quickly come to save her!”

The two brothers of Fang household had discovered now that aside from their little sister’s hand being tainted with blood and that she had suffered a shock, there was no other damage. They unanimously sighed from relief.

Others were worried or panicked and circled around them.

At this time, Shu Huan was the one who was stunned. She lowered her head and looked at her hands covered with Gu Xuan’s blood. She frowned as if she didn’t know what she had done just now.

Of course, she didn’t regret stopping Gu Xuan’s almost stern suicidal behavior and let all the troubles be solved with her death. It was also not because she felt dizzy at the sight of blood. She only suddenly felt very perplexed and felt that everything was like a nightmare. Not only the chaotic scene in front of her, but also everything that she had experienced after she had time-traveled…

Until when Gu Xiran took her into his arms, brought her to outside and brought a bucket of water to let her wash her hands in; did her senses return after feeling the coldness of the water from the well.

She murmured, “Gu Xiran, this place is so scary!”

“I know,” Gu Xiran said with lowered eyes. He carefully cleaned the blood stains on her hands. He used a tone that sounded like a vow to emphasize, “With me here, I will always stay at your side!”

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