Chapter 152 Rumor

Everyone saw Shu Huan’s panicked and baffled look just now. She took advantage and pretended that she had been frightened to let Gu Xiran bring her back to Plum Flower Pavilion. Not to mention participate, she didn’t even want to watch this sort of hideous mess of Gu household anymore. If you look too much at such things, you would feel that everyone was mentally dark and that life was completely hopeless. What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.

This was probably the ostrich mentality or the mentality to escape reality. Aside from wanting to live a stable life, she didn’t have any other wishes. She didn’t have the desire to grab the power and become the one in charge of the household. Since it was like that, then what do these things have to do with her?

After returning to Plum Flower Pavilion, she drank two cups of tea and slowly calmed down. Only when she looked at Gu Xiran who was next to her did she feel some warmth in her heart.

Fortunately, she wasn’t alone here. There was still another person who would support her and she would support him.

The two played five-in-a-row and read for a while. They spent the afternoon quietly. In the evening, Ji Danqing walked into Plum Flower Pavilion with a look of exhaustion. After he put down the medicinal chest, he shook his head as he said, “These matters of your family…”

He didn’t finish talking and only gave a long sigh.

No one took the speech over from him. Everyone was clear in their hearts that it was a terrible mess. Moreover, one after another fell down. No wonder, even he was unable to take it anymore. He hasn’t stopped rushing over here and there for medical treatment for two whole days. Even someone made from iron would feel tired.

Ji Danqing turned and looked at Shu Huan’s complexion. He said, “Old madam let this humble one come over to take a look at second young mistress. How are you feeling now?”

Shu Huan smiled faintly, “I feel very bad. I have to quietly recuperate for a month or so.”

Ji Danqing was slightly stunned. Then, he laughed, “Right, worrying too much had hurt the body. This humble one knows how to write the prescription.”

On that prescription was written full of herbs to pacify the nerves. Not to mention other people, even when Shu Huan, “the patient”, saw it, she had to wonder if she was already ill beyond cure. However, this prescription was truly a talisman. If she put it out, she could hide away openly. Only now did Shu Huan got the mood to ask, “How’s is little Xuan?”

“Not good,” Ji Danqing’s expression was faint. “She’s still in a coma. Even if she wakes up, she had to recuperate for a few days before I can know whether her life could be saved. Fortunately, the weather is getting cooler. There is some more certainty that she could be saved. However, the scratches on her face are too deep. They would probably leave scars.”

Shu Huan was silent after hearing that. Even if Gu Xuan was cured, she had gone too overboard this time. From the start, she didn’t leave a way out for herself. Presumably, she was also very clear about this. Therefore, she was also so determined when she tried to commit suicide just now.

Three peaceful days went by. Shu Huan closed herself in the room and practiced calligraphy and painting. Occasionally, she would do some embroidery. She didn’t show any interest about what was happening outside. However, these maids who had stayed inside the residence for a long time and who were bored to death were very excited about this matter. Especially, Qiaoyun who liked to explore gossips. She always rushed out to find someone to inquire. Hence, it was inevitably that some gossips would go into her (SH) ears.

For example, after Fang household caused a scene and saw that it was uncertain whether Gu Xuan would stay alive or die, they also ceased from causing a scene. After all, in this era, it was not usual to take a married daughter back to her maiden family. Moreover, Fang household had some reputation in the local area. They couldn’t pull down their face to let Fang shi remarry. Besides, Fang shi was now a bit crazy. Sometimes, she was sober and sometimes she was muddle-headed. Who could she marry to? She could only continue to stay in Gu household. With this premise as foundation, Fang household was apprehended. They didn’t dare to cause too much trouble because they were afraid that Fang shi would be abused in the future.

  • Shi: clan

As for Gu Xiren, he had been keeping watch in front of Gu Xuan’s bed these past days. Although, they were siblings, but after all, male and female should be distinguished. Old madam refused to let him stay in Gu Xuan’s room any longer. She let people go call him for a few times. He ignored them. Since he wasn’t allowed to keep watch inside the room, he sat outside the door. Aside from closing his eyes from tiredness and rest for a moment, most of the time, he stared blankly at the room. His whole person had became thin and haggard rapidly.

Him being like that, it was already beyond the love of siblings. It made the people of the household gossip about it. In the end, these ugly words reached old madam’s ears and made her completely angered. She let people tie him up by force, drag him back to his room and put him under house arrest.

Aside from these things, the entire Gu household was relatively quiet. Because the people who were in charge of the household had all become ill, the most mischievous Gu Xihe also curbed his ways. The only one who seemed to be still healthy was Lin shi, but she had to prepare the funeral. She was so busy that she also lost weight. Even her eye sockets seemed to have sunken.

When her mother-in-law was busy, Shu Huan, this daughter-in-law was hiding in her room and didn’t help out a bit. This truly couldn’t be justified. After she thought for a whole day, she sent concubine Yun over to help. She (SH) made such a compromise to avoid people bad-mouthing her.

However, the complexity of a big household was unpredictable. As long as one wasn’t the one in charge of the household and in control of everyone inside the household, no matter what you do, there would be gossips. This day, Meijing was very annoyed. She rushed in and said, “Second young mistress, quickly go teach those gossipers a lesson! They always badmouth you behind your back. It would be bad if this reached old madam!”

Shu Huan was confused. She put down the stone she was painting, frowned and asked, “What had happened?”

Meijing stomped as she said, “They say that you are a jinx. You’ve only married in for a few months when a series of misfortunes had happened at home! They even say that if this continues, Gu household would collapse!”

Shu Huan went blank for a moment. Then, she felt like she didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. What did the sprouting of the fruit of bitterness that Gu household buried for more than a decade had to do with her?!

Of course, she wasn’t as innocent as when she first came here anymore. When she thought about it, she knew that these rumors didn’t start for no reason. If it wasn’t because someone wanted to cover up the truth and make her the scapegoat, then it was someone who was worried that Gu Xiran would have the chance to take charge of the household, caused these rumors to disrupt the matter.

Either way, it was disadvantageous for her.

Shu Huan was still thinking about the most appropriate way to deal with these rumors when she saw Gu Xiran came in with a frown. From that look, she could see that something had happened. Her heart skipped a beat and quickly casted an inquiring glance at him.

Gu Xiran laughed bitterly, “Old madam wants me to go on trip.”

Shu Huan was shocked, “At this time?!”

“At this time,” Gu Xiran shook his head. “She said that that a small setback occurred in the business and let me take the accountant with me to see what was going on. The place is not far. It was about a hundred li from here. But at this time…”

  • Li: ancient measure of length. One li is about 500m.

He was still silent when Meijing couldn’t help but interject, “Eldest young master hasn’t had his funeral yet; how can second young master leave the house now?”

This point made everyone very confused!

Pretend to be sick again? However, Gu Xiran’s complexion looked somewhat better than everyone else. Hence, he also hadn’t been idle these few days. He had been busying with the funeral. As long as the relatives and friends came to pay their condolences, Lin shi would take care of the females and he was the only one who could receive the male visitors. Not to mention that it was the mourning period now, he was so busy with the family affairs that he was unable to get away. Why would old madam want to send him on a trip?

Unless the matter of the business was too difficult to deal with….

Shu Huan bit her lips, raised her head and asked, “Can you not go?”

Gu Xiran frowned and said, “I had asked, but old madam didn’t allow it.”

Shu Huan was impulsive and almost said, “Let’s elope. From then on, let’s not bother with these headaches of Gu household anymore.” However, she still had her reasoning. When the words were on her lips, she swallowed them back.

The timing was not right. Even if they wanted to leave, they couldn’t leave at such a time!

The two shops had just been bought. Ranmo was busy letting people cleaning them up. The idiom the monk can run away, but the temple won’t run with him was referring to this. If these matters of Gu household weren’t settled, even if they left, old madam would send people to call them back. They had previously considered to leave Jingtian city and go to another place, but it wasn’t feasible. The road was still alright, but it wasn’t easy to move the household registration. If they did that, it was guaranteed that old madam would make them unable to move a single step.

  • The monk can run away, but the temple won’t run with him: you can run, but you’ll have to come back.

“You should go,” Shu Huan sighed and forced a smile. “Leave sooner and come back sooner. You don’t have to worry about me. Now, there is no one who had the time to come bother me.”

She didn’t tell him about those gossips because she didn’t want him to leave with worry.

She thought that there were some things that she should try to deal with it herself. She couldn’t always rely on Gu Xiran. Sometimes, he was also too busy and had no time for that. Therefore, when Meijing was about to tell him, she (M) was stopped by a glance that Shu Huan casted her. Right at that time, Gu Xiran was facing them with his back as he washed his face. He didn’t see it.

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