Chapter 155 No one owed the other

People who felt too good about themselves were often able to say words that made others feel ridiculous but they aren’t aware of it themselves.

Shu Huan looked at old madam’s face that revealed some compassion and silently thought: “The head of the rich family is definitely a difficult person to deal with!”

These words were equivalent to scolding old madam. Of course, she couldn’t say it out loud. If she said it directly, old madam might fly into a rage out of humiliation and command servants to slap her (SH) mouth. No matter how stupid Shu Huan was, she knew that ‘a wise (wo)man doesn’t fight when the odds were against him/her’. Therefore, she only smiled and said, “Of course, I can’t be compared with these educated and gentle girls at home.”

  • To fly into a rage out of humiliation: become angry and red-faced.

Old madam’s face immediately darkened; she glared at her for a while and said, “Go get the banknotes!”

Fuling panicked. After a while, she brought back a box.

Old madam didn’t even look at it and said, “Put it in front of second young mistress and let her count it clearly!”

As soon as she (SH) saw the letter of divorce, she was already slapped in the face by old madam. At this moment, Shu Huan was rather unperturbed and simply ignored the disdain in her (OM) words. She calmly opened the box, counted the banknotes and said, “It’s the right amount.”

Old madam narrowed her eyes and said, “Now that you have the money, you should know what you can say and what you can’t say to the outside world.”

Shu Huan put the other banknote of thousand liang along with the others in the box, and then lifted her head and said, “It’s hush money. I know what to do.”

Even if there was no hush money, she wouldn’t have talked about it to outsiders. Otherwise, she wouldn’t know when she would lose her life. Moreover, she would be a deserted wife as soon as she crossed the threshold of this house. If she spoke ill of Gu family, the others would only think that she was full of resentments and deliberately vilified them. It wasn’t likely that people would believe her. She would definitely not do this kind of harmful thing that wouldn’t benefit herself.

Old madam looked indifferent and asked, “So, you can sign the letter of divorce now?”

Shu Huan shook her head and said, “I still have one request.”

Anger flashed across old madam’s face. “Speak!”

“Don’t be nervous, I don’t want money. I’m just asking for two persons.” Shu Huan murmured, “I have bought this maid, Shang Xin, so she naturally has to follow me. In addition, I also want Liangchen and Meijing.”

Two little maids were dispensable to Gu family, but old madam, who was used to be in control of everything, was still extremely averse to the actions of Shu Huan wanting people in this kind of situation. This made her have a feeling of being blackmailed. Therefore, she only weighted the pros and cons in her heart. She didn’t say yes nor no to it.

She was going to be divorced soon, so Shu Huan didn’t have to be too respectful to her (OM) and she wasn’t in a hurry. She sat down on the chair, drank tea, and slowly waited for her (OM) answer.

In the end, old madam didn’t have the energy to be entangled with her (SH) anymore and snorted, “If they want to leave with you, you can take them away.”

Shu Huan didn’t overlook, nor spare: “Along with the contract of slavery.”

  • Not to overlook, nor spare: unwilling to forgive/ to treat severely without listening to excuses.

Old madam restrained herself and said, “I’ll give it to you.”

Her purpose had been achieved. If she continued to annoy this old madam, then she was asking for a beating. Therefore, Shu Huan didn’t wait for her (OM) to say more, picked up the letter of divorce and read it carefully from beginning to end.

Indeed, it didn’t mention clearly why she was divorced in the letter. It only said considering once a married couple, he couldn’t bear to say it clearly. The writer of this letter naturally used the identity of Gu Xiran, and his (GXR) seal was stamped at the bottom of the letter.

She knew that this letter of divorce had nothing to do with Gu Xiran and was aware that the small stamp seal must have been used by the original owner before. She didn’t know how it got into the hands of old madam, but Shu Huan still felt very uncomfortable after reading it.

If this letter of announcing divorce had come two months earlier, she would have definitely imprinted her fingerprints without hesitation, and then couldn’t wait to hold the five thousand liang to celebrate her freedom, but now…

Fuling saw her (SH) being hesitant, she deliberately pushed the inkpad on the small table to her (SH) side.

Shu Huan laughed with self-ridicule. She lifted her thumb, put it on the ink ink and stamped on the letter of divorce. Then, she threw the letter of divorce into Fuling’s hand and said in a very light tone, “No one owed the other.”

Really, no one owed the other now!

From now on, she had nothing to do with Gu household!

She picked up that small wooden box, raised her head and went out the door.

Fuling opened the curtain for her (SH). In that moment, the sunlight shone through, lightening up the room. It was so bright that it hurt the eyes. It was very different in contrast to the gloominess of the room.

Shu Huan narrowed her eyes and paused. She originally wanted to throw another word to vent her frustration, but after thinking about it, why should she? In her life, these people of Gu household were just unrelated passersby. She still had a lot of work to do. Her time and emotion shouldn’t be wasted on these unworthy persons.

Shang Xin had followed her to Pine Crane Hall. When she (SH) came out, she looked different and Shang Xin knew something had happened. However, she (SX) didn’t ask anything, took over the box from her (SH) hand and then followed her (SH) back to Plum Flower Pavilion.

The news of her being divorced hadn’t yet spread.  It was fine like that. Shu Huan didn’t have to look at the maid’s faces with their sympathy or their gloating at her misfortunes. She only called over Liangchen, Meijing and Shang Xin to the room, and asked them, “I’m leaving Gu residence, which of you would like to come with me?”

The three maids were extremely surprised and each of their reactions was also different.

Shang Xin didn’t say a word and only went to stand at Shu Huan’s side.

Meijing was very worried and asked, “Second young mistress, what happened?”

Liangchen was the most silent. She frowned slightly and just stood still.

“Nothing happened. I was just divorced.” Shu Huan self-mockingly laughed. Although marrying and being divorced had happened against her will, but there was really somewhat an unbearable feeling when saying it aloud.

“This…,” Meijing hurriedly said. “Has old madam become a muddle-headed? You and second young master are so good together, how can she….”

Shu Huan raised her hand to stop her from saying more. “It isn’t helpful to say that anymore now. I’m just asking if you all like to come with me. This isn’t a joke. Think clearly about it. You can’t come back after leaving.”

Meijing said, “Then, second young master….”

Gu Xiran ah!

He would naturally take care of this matter. Shu Huan wasn’t worried about this at all and only said, “you don’t have to worry about second young master.”

“Then….” After thinking about it, Meijing bit her lips and said, “I’ll follow second young mistress.”

“Think about it clearly.” Shu Huan didn’t want them to follow her on impulse, and then regret and complain about it later. “If you follow me, living expenses wouldn’t be a problem, but it wouldn’t be like the extravagant life in Gu family.”

Liangchen asked calmly, “If second young mistress is short of money, will you resell us?”

Shu Huan slightly raised her eyebrows and looked at her (L). After a moment of silence, she shook her head. “As long as you haven’t done anything wrong to me, I won’t let you down….”

Before she had finished, Liangchen turned around and said, “It’s time to pack our things so that old madam won’t send someone to drive us away in a moment.”

Shang Xin and Meijing exchanged a glance and then went to help too.

Shu Huan looked at their back and she suddenly felt relieved.

In fact, after staying at Gu residence for a while, she yearned for the relatively free world outside. But she was also timid. After all, she wasn’t a person who grew up here. If there were unknown things, she alone didn’t know how to deal with it. At this moment, having these three maids accompanying her, even when they hit a bumpy road, there would always be someone to discuss with and support each other. This let her mind be at ease a lot. Because she still had to live well and wait for Gu Xiran to come back.

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