Chapter 157 Shameless

The two maids Fuling and Zisu went blank for just a moment when Shu Huan had already gone out.

Xu shi chased after her and scolded in a low voice, “Raised you, this failure who failed to live up to expectation for nothing. Your whole heart is on Gu household’s side. Even when the family is so poor that we couldn’t afford basic things, they are still unwilling to give money. Now, what is this? You are still being divorced! You, this cheap good that no one wants. If I had known that you would be divorced, I should’ve given this good matter to your little sister! Look at you now. You still have the face…”

  • Shi: clan

The more she scolded, the more energetic she became. Her fingers almost poked on Shu Huan’s face.

Shu Huan raised her hand, moved her (X) hand away and said, “At that time, did I cry bitterly that I wanted to marry?”

Xu shi was stumped for words by her question. Shu Fu came forward to be the peacemaker, “Don’t scold anymore…Huan er is not to blame for this matter…”

  • Er: term of endearment

“Your ass!” When Xu shi scolded her husband, she was more vocal, “If she is not to blame, who is to blame? Which one’s daughter had you seen that had been divorced after having married for less than a half year?! Naturally, it was because she was not good at all. I already saw that when she was at home. She is mud that couldn’t be put on the wall. You give her face, she could even shame herself!”

  • One couldn’t put mud on the wall: useless/ inept

Arguing with this kind a person was devaluing oneself!

Shu Huan turned a deaf ear to her scolding. She didn’t even stop, looked for the direction and planned to go to Ji Danqing’s. She intended to get rid of this annoying to the extreme stepmother before she make her other plans.

The three maids were also tactful. Seeing that she (SH) pretended that she didn’t hear anything, they also pretended like they didn’t hear anything. However, their faces couldn’t help but show some displeasure.

Xu shi scolded very energetically and didn’t feel that her voice got louder. When she recovered her senses, she saw that Shu Huan had already gone very far and that the other pedestrians were giving her strange looks. She quickly shut up and chased after Shu Huan. She happened to catch up when Meijing asked Shu Huan, “Where are we going? If it’s far, I will go hire a care, alright?”

“Hire a care?!” Shu Huan hasn’t answered yet when Xu shi interrupted first. It’s truly those who doesn’t manage the household doesn’t know that firewood and rice are expensive. Are you going to pay after you’ve hired the car? No wonder they that craftiness is the second nature of maids from rich families. It’s just a few steps, are you afraid that you would hurt your feet?”

Meijing was taken aback by her. She was so angry that she couldn’t speak.

This woman rushed to take the speech. Others couldn’t speak. She did as if she had never scolded Shu Huan before, turned and asked her, “Did these three maids came out with you?”

Under the heavens, there was truly someone so not tactful. They had really broadened their horizons!

Shu Huan raised an eyebrow, “Don’t worry, they wouldn’t cause you trouble! Right, you can go back. I won’t look for you in the future and you also don’t come to bother me.”

Xu shi didn’t expect that her confidence was so sufficient. That haughtiness that was as big as the sky immediately collapsed. She lowered her head and thought for a while. Suddenly, her eyes lit up. She leaned to her (SH) and asked, “Is it that you brought some money out of Gu residence?”

Looking at this change of face. It was truly instantaneous!

Shu Huan was to lazy to bother with her, “Does it have anything to do with you?”

“How does it not?!” Xu shi directly stopped her. “I’m your mother!”

She (X) hasn’t gotten tired of this sentence!

Shu Huan smiled at her and sweetly called, “Mother!”

Xu shi was shocked by her unusual attitude.

Shu Huan immediately retrieved her smile and said, “Alright. I know that you are my mother, can you give way now? Thank you!”

Xu shi didn’t regain her senses back when the three maids couldn’t hold it in anymore and laughed. This was truly those who handle the cinnabar are stained red; those who work with ink are stained black. After spending much time with this second young mistress and master, the thing they say would change taste and would let people become speechless often.

  • Those who handle the cinnabar are stained red; those who work with ink are stained black: you are product of your environment.

“You…,” If it was said that Shu Huan’s attitude towards her was like an iceberg before and let people want to burn a fire on top of it and beat the ice with an ice chisel, then, the her of now in front of her (X) let people have a feeling that she (SH) could overcome anything and that one was helpless against her (SH). Xu shi truly didn’t know what she should say. She was completely defeated. She could only pinch her husband fiercely to let him speak.

“Little Huan, come with us, alright?” Shu Fu was forced to help and went forward to persuade.

Shu Huan raised her eyebrow in surprise, “Ay? This time, you are not afraid that I will eat till you become poor after I go home?”

Shu Fu was more kind. Being asked that by her, he didn’t know what to say anymore.

Xu shi quickly took over, “It is just adding four more mouths and you are all little girls; how much can you eat? Moreover, little Huan, you will take some money out to provide for the family, right?”

Shu Huan looked at her. On her (X) whole face was written one word…


It was totally useless to talk to such person. Shu Huan was also too lazy to talk more. She took two steps to the side and said, “No need! I won’t go back. Have no more illusions about that!”

Xu shi shouted, “You won’t listen to your parents?! Are you going to be disobedient?!”

“Don’t take the word disobedient to suppress me!” Shu Huan also raised her voice. “After marrying, obey you parents-in-law; remarrying, obey yourself. From the moment I entered Gu residence in the sedan chair, I don’t have to listen to you anymore!”

After being caused trouble by Xu shi for two times, naturally, she became more astute and inquired about the customs of here. She knew that after a daughter was married, she didn’t have much to do with her maiden family anymore. Of course, it was natural that family would help each other. No one put the parents who raised them for more than a decade behind them after they had married. However, her situation was obviously different. It was not something impossible that she wanted to break all contact with her maiden family. It was just not nice to hear when it was spread out and her reputation would be bad. It would let people mistake that there was something wrong with her character and it would be a bit more difficult to remarry in the future.

It happened that Shu Huan didn’t intend to find another man aside from Gu Xiran to remarry and there were also no relatives and friends who would criticize or persuade her. So, whether her reputation was good or bad was irrelevant to her and it was also better than to compromise to people like Xu shi who was like a mosquito that keep sucking blood.

Seeing her being so resolute and was much harder to deal with than the previous time, Xu shi also got anxious. She reached out and grabbed her (SH) clothes and wanted to show her best move: make an unreasonable scene in the middle of the street!

Who would’ve thought that her hand just touched Shu Huan’s sleeve when Shang Xin shouted, “What do you want to do?!”

Immediately afterwards, a figure rushed over. He didn’t say anything, lifted his leg and gave Xu shi a kick, making her fell on the ground. Then, he turned and asked Shu Huan, “I came late. Are you alright?”

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