Chapter 158 Extort

“Little fourth?”

When Shu Huan looked up and saw that the person who came was Gu Xihe, she was a bit surprised and also somewhat moved.

“Everything is alright,” she shook her head while laughing. “Didn’t have time for something to happen.”

This was the case. After her sleeve had been grabbed, she didn’t even have the time yet to react when another already solved the trouble for her.

Gu Xihe was small and his strength was limited. It was because he rushed over and used the force of a momentum that he was able to kick Xu shi to the ground. In fact, she wasn’t hurt at all. She was shocked at most. Now, that her senses returned, she guessed Gu Xihe’s identity. She thought that since they weren’t relatives of Gu household anymore and she didn’t expect to get anything from them in the future, she decided to ignore Shu Huan for the moment and extort him first. Hence, she didn’t stand up, sat on the ground, patted her thighs and burst into tears, “Hitting people! The bad guy hit people on the street!”

  • Shi: clan

Since she cried like that, naturally some passers-by surrounded them.

Gu Xihe looked very disdainful at her and said, “What about it that I hit you? Who let you not look at the situation and used your hands?!”

Most of the world hated the rich. Looking at this young master’s luxurious clothing, they knew that he obviously came from a rich family and the woman sitting on the ground looked poor. When they heard him speak rudely, they naturally thought that a hedonistic son of rich parents was bullying a woman from a poor family. They couldn’t help but criticize him. An old pedant even came forward and said with meaningful and heartfelt words, “This little brother, what you are doing is wrong. The saint had said…”

Gu Xihe hated the most when someone waved around one’s bookbag and he also couldn’t take to hear the word “saint”. He didn’t give the old pedant the opportunity to continue. He waved with his hand and interrupted, “Go, go, go! Mind your own business!”

  • To wave around a bookbag: to show off one’s erudition

This overbearing attitude made people dislike him more and when they saw that Xu shi cried that she had been injured and asked Gu Xihe to compensate her medical fees, she looked very pitiful, making the onlookers felt indignant at injustice.

When had Gu Xihe encountered grievances that he couldn’t clear up even if he had a mouth? He got irritated and ignored them. He humphed once, grabbed Shu Huan and wanted to go somewhere else.

Who would know that he just took one step, when his leg had been grabbed by Xu shi? She cried, “Everyone should get justice for this poor woman! My family has to take care of aging parents and children. They are waiting for me to come back with money from washing, sewing and mending clothes. Now, I have been injured by this bad guy for no reason. How can I continue to live…?”

“Crazy woman!” Gu Xihe felt disgust and got goosebumps because of her tears. He wanted to kick her away with his leg, but she had grabbed it too tightly. For the time being, he couldn’t free himself. He also began to scold, “All lies! You’re just a liar!”

As the two argued, the onlookers’ tongues were wagging. At this time, Shu Fu frowned with his classic bitter face and was at loss about what to do.

Shu Huan saw that the situation was not right. If this continues, even if they didn’t suffer any losses, their head and face would be filthy with grime because of Xu shi. Hence, she gave Liangchen a meaningful glance.

  • Head and face filthy with grime: dejected and depressed

Liangchen got the meaning, went forward and said in a loud voice, “Everyone, don’t listen to this crazy woman’s blather. It was she who first entangled with my young master for no reason and also said a bunch of mad things. She pulled and didn’t let him go. This was why a dispute had happened. How come the one in the wrong became us?”

Anyway, these passers-by were strangers. Even if someone recognized Gu Xihe, they wouldn’t be able to recognize Xu shi whose face was twisted like a fried dough because of crying. That was why, Xu shi blathered half-lies and half-truths. She (L) also blathered half-lies and half-truths. The two of them could be considered even.

Shang Xin also went forward and said, “That’s right! Why would our young master go provoke and hit her? She said that she had been injured because he hit her. That’s simply and whole-heartedly trying to extort us!”

The passers-by saw that the two little maids looked clean and refreshed and their speech was direct, they couldn’t help but have a good impression of them. Some people heard Xu shi self-proclaiming that she was injured, but they saw that her energy and spirit was very good when she cried and spoke. She didn’t look like someone who was in pain. They became dubious. However, in such a matter, you said you are in the right, she said she was in the right; it was a lively discussion with everybody talking at once. It wasn’t easy to tell who was telling the truth. Therefore, one could heard a group of people arguing messily and making people get a headache.

Shu Huan took two steps to avoid this and retreated to the corner of Xu shi’s line of sight. She was afraid that as Xu shi caused trouble, she would suddenly remember her (SH). Then, this matter wouldn’t end. While she was at it, she gestured and called Meijing to her side. She whispered, “Do you still remember where doctor Ji lives?”

When Meijing returned from the resort, she had been to Danqing’s place. After she thought for a moment, she nodded, “I remember.”

“Quickly go invite doctor Ji here.”

“Yes.” Meijing turned and ran away.

Shu Huan choose a place in the shade and watched leisurely how that group of people argued endlessly.

Danqing’s place wasn’t far from Gu residence. The argument happened in the middle. Not long after, Meijing came back with Ji Danqing. She first said in a loud voice, “Everyone, make way! I’ve invited a doctor over! Let the doctor have a look. If this madam is really injured, our young master will certainly pay a compensation. If she isn’t injured, then, she deliberately tried to extort us. Everyone would then know who is in the wrong and who is in the right.

It was also a hard job to watch a scandal under the hot son. After arguing for half a day, the onlookers were also a bit tired. The moment they heard this, they naturally made way, so, the doctor can go and have a look.

Others didn’t know whether she was injured or not, but Xu shi knew very well. When she saw that Ji Danqing was almost in front of her, she panicked a bit. The hands grabbing Gu Xihe’s trouser tightened their grip. She said panicked, “Men and women have differences. In front of so many people, how can I let doctor take a look…?”

Ji Danqing walked over and smiled gently, “It’s no big deal. I will know by only checking the pulse.”

His character was outstanding and his voice was gentle. The moment he smiled like that, he blinded many people. That was an untainted shock for something beautiful. When Shu Huan saw that the people stared blankly at him, she couldn’t help but think smilingly: Ji Danqing only missed a pair of wings. Otherwise, with his image, he would be able to act like an angel who isn’t tainted a bit with the affairs of the human world.

Xu shi also lost her senses because of his smile. Her hands tightened even more and only a sound of something being ripped could be heard!

How could that trouser of Gu Xihe made with exquisite materials withstand such a ravaging? A big hole had appeared because of the ripping. Even if his calf was only showed and even though he was still only a child, his face immediately reddened. One didn’t know if it was from anger or from embarrassment. In the end, he said a vulgar word and shouted at Ji Danqing, “Quickly examine this crazy woman. This young master can’t take it anymore!”

Although, her identity was that of Shu Huan’s mother, but ancient people married young. Xu shi wasn’t very old. She wasn’t old enough to pull down her face and ignore the protection between men and women. Therefore, she also felt awkward for a moment and forgot to make an excuse to prevent Ji Danqing from looking at her injury.

Ji Danqing reached out and put his hand on her wrist. He lowered his eyes and after a while, he smiled, “It’s a bit serious.”

“What?!” When Xu shi heard that she was shocked and happy.

Ji Danqing let go of her wrist, took out a handkerchief and wiped his fingers. He said, “I say that the inflammation of your liver is roaring a bit too serious. In the future, you should stay calm, be less hot-tempered and eat less spicy food. It’s the best if you can sleep the moment it become night. Sleep more and drink more water.”

  • Inflammation of your liver is a homophone for irascibility

As he talked, he looked up and asked, “Would you like for me to write a prescription for you to nourish your body?”

Xu shi was still in a blank state because of his speech and subconsciously nodded, “Yes…”

“Mm.” Ji Danqing rummaged through his medicinal chest for paper and brush. He said, “Five silver liang.”

“What?!” The moment she heard such a large sum of money, she even forgot to pretend to be injured. She immediately got up from the ground, pointed at Ji Danqing and scolded, “Are you trying to extort people?!”

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