Chapter 160 No choice but to suffer in silence

As soon as Xu shi jumped up, everyone’s attention was focused on her.

  • Shi: clan

Gu Xihe acted dumb while Ji Danqing showed a perplexed smile. Only Shu Huan stopped crying and let her (X) grab her (SH). She (SH) then lifted her tearful eyes and timidly said, “Mother, are you so angry that you’ve become muddle-headed? I’m your daughter!”

“Stepdaughter!” This time it was Xu shi’s turn to correct her. “Always turning your elbows to the outside. You’re a bad person! This moment, you still want to bully me with the others. I’m telling you, don’t even think about it!”

  • Turn elbows to the outside: this is said when you only help outsiders and not your own allies.

Shu Huan widened her eyes. She suddenly looked at Ji Danqing, and begged, “Doctor Ji, please examine my mother again to see whether she is still ill. I can’t even understand what she’s talking about.”

Before Ji Danqing answered, Xu shi shouted first, “Don’t understand?! Fine! I’ll make it clear!”

She pointed her finger around. “You, you, as well as you, are all in a team. You all have known each other for a long time. You’re all in this together to deceive me!”

Silence, there was only silence.

Xu shi pointed at Shu Huan and Gu Xihe and said, “She used to be his sister-in-law! He was her little brother-in-law!”

That was outrageous and ridiculous!

Some people couldn’t help but ask, “Why is ‘used to be’? Are they not now?”

Xu shi just spoke the truth, “She just got divorced and kicked out of the house!”

There continued to be silence around.

The onlookers was completely confused now. They truly couldn’t understand their relationship at all.

Although two or three of them had previously seen Gu Xihe being very familiar with Shu Huan, but afterwards Xu shi personally admitted she (SH) was her (X) daughter. They also heard it with their own ears and even saw them crying sadly close to each other. Could the affectionate appearance between a mother and daughter even be faked? At this moment, the daughter showed great filial piety and sold herself to save her mother. But why did the mother say things that they couldn’t understand?

“What I said is true! What, you don’t believe me?” Xu shi was a little flustered by this silence. She looked around and then dragged Shu Fu out of the crowd. She said, “Are you a dead man?! Don’t you know how to put in a few good words for me?”

Shu Fu lowered his head and stuttered, “I…I….”

Xu shi got anxious, opened her mouth and scolded habitually, “Eight bamboo poles can’t even hit a fart out! What sin did I commit in my past lives to marry such a loser in this life?!”

  • Eight bamboo poles can’t even hit a fart out: It is a swearing word and is said when a person is not good at words and won’t say anything.

As soon as these words came out, the onlookers suddenly remembered her previous phrase ‘orphan and widow’. Since it was orphan and widow, how come a man appear out of thin air now?!

Only then did Xu shi realize that she lied to much and carelessly, she became inconsistent in her words. She regretted it but didn’t know how to explain it. She was so upset that she pinched Shu Fu’s arm and scolded. “Old fart, you messed it all up!”

Shu Fu was dumbfounded. He did nothing, but from his wife’s mouth, he became dead and then came back to life. How did this all end up being his fault?

Ji Danqing, who had been silent for half a day, finally said to Shu Huan, “It seems that your mother is indeed very ill.”

He was a doctor after all. Moreover, he was a famous doctor with a good reputation. Others naturally believed in what he said. However, this time, it was Shu Huan who didn’t believe it. She continued to make an effort to act. “No! That’s wrong! My mother must have been reluctant to sell me, so she pretends to be insane! Doctor Ji, it must be like this, right?”

Ji Danqing clenched his fist, turned his face away to not look at her eyes that were full of expectations, and covered it with a slight cough, “Perhaps….”

Shu Huan turned around and picked up the brush and paper. She said, “Doctor Ji, I’ll grind the ink for you. Quickly write the slave contract. I’m afraid the longer I drag on, the more my mother can’t bear it. If she truly becomes ill, then it is me, the daughter’s fault.”

Ji Danqing had always carried a water bag with him in his medicine chest. As she spoke, she took it out and poured some in the inkstone. Then, she lowered her head to grind the ink and completely didn’t care about Xu shi who was at the side stomping her feet and scolding. Of course, Xu shi also tried to go and stop them, but the onlookers stopped her and all tried to persuade her…

“Don’t be sad anymore. Who let you to cause this yourself?”

“You have such a filial piety daughter. After paying back the money, don’t do such things to offend the Heaven and reason in the future anymore. If not, even Heaven won’t tolerate you!”

  • To offend the Heaven and reason: outrageous acts

“You have brought the disaster on yourself! Who do you want to blame it on? If I have such a filial child, I’ll die in peace!”

Xu shi really didn’t have a choice but to suffer in silence at this moment! For so many years, she had brought this feeling upon others. But, today, she didn’t expect that she would be able to have a taste of it. Only now did she knew how uncomfortable this feeling is.

After the ink was ground, Ji Danqing wrote it quickly. Soon, a slave contract without mistakes had been written. After waiting for the ink to dry a little, he slowly read it in front of Xu shi. “If there’s no objection, put your handprint on it!”

Xu shi grabbed the slave contract and wanted to tear it, but Shu Huan was prepared for this already and prevented her (X) from doing this. She (SH) quickly put the inkpad below her (X) hand, stained it with the red ink paste and forced her (X) to stamp on the paper. Then she (SH) took the slave contract back and said, “Don’t be sad, mother. Go home and take care of yourself. Don’t think about me all the time. Don’t miss me, I’ll be fine.”

These words made the onlookers praise her filial piety again. However, Xu shi understood the true meaning of her (SH) words and was so angry that her eyes widened and she couldn’t utter a word.

Afterwards, the matter was much simpler. The onlookers rushed to be the middlemen. Anyway, Shu Huan didn’t mind the big amount of middlemen. She played a trick by deliberately dragging on the process to the very end before passing the slave contract to Gu Xihe. He looked at it and stamped his seal on it, but in fact, he just feigned it and didn’t stamp on the paper. Afterwards, he rolled the slave contract, hid it in his sleeve and then said to Shu Huan, “The matter is over, so come with me!”

“Yes,” Shu Huan answered respectfully, then looked at Xu shi with tears. “Mother, I’m leaving now. You should also go back. Please take care….”

At the end of her speech, she sounded choked up with emotions. In fact, she could hardly hold back her laughter. She quickly cut off her speech, didn’t dare to say anymore and turned her head away. Decisively and straightforward, she quickly followed Gu Xihe.

Meijing and the other two maids naturally followed her (SH). As for Ji Danqing, he conveniently wrote a prescription and handed it to Xu shi. He said, “Please accept this prescription. Remember to take the medicine according to the prescription, otherwise, your condition will become more serious.”

After he finished speaking, he packed up his medicine chest and cupped his hand to the crowd. “This humble one will take his leave first.”

Many people hurriedly returned the salute, and then looked at the far away Shu Huan who seemed to be trembling slightly. They all sighed and were deeply moved that they could see this touching scene today, so they also stopped to criticize Xu shi. But Xu shi grabbed hard on the prescription and gasped. When she finally caught her breath back, she couldn’t chase after Shu Huan anymore. She instantly sat down on the ground and began wailing, pointing to the people and scolded, “You son of a bitch, f*** you all! You guys have really caused me big trouble….”

No one would be happy to be scolded at. Not to mention being scolded for no reason. The onloo9kers saw that this woman was really unreasonable and felt that they had watched enough. So they just take it as if they were accidentally bitten by a mad dog and didn’t pay attention to her. People who were hot-tempered, just scolded back. The situation became rowdy again.

However, this rowdy environment didn’t last long. After being there for half a day, the people were tired and soon the crowd of people dispersed, leaving Xu shi alone there wailing and scolding.

After Shu Fu stood silently by the side for half a day, he finally couldn’t take it anymore. He went forward and tried to persuade her, “Everyone has left. Let’s…let’s go back….”

Xu shi glared at him with teary eyes and runny nose. After thinking about it, she was still unwilling to accept it, but what could she do about it? Therefore, she just stood up but saw the prescription in her hand. Ruthlessly, she wanted to tear it apart but after thinking about it, she wondered how much the prescription prescribed by a famous doctor would be worth. So, she carefully folded it up and hid it into her clothes. Then, she wiped her tears away and swore as she left.

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