Chapter 161 Freeing herself

At this side, Shu Huan went back in the direction of Gu residence with Gu Xihe. Halfway, they went through an alley to go back in the direction of Ji Danqing’s place. Because she was in a good mood, she couldn’t help but keep wanting to laugh. She couldn’t control the corners of her lips from going up.

Gu Xihe casted her a glance and said, “Hey, you are very weird!”

Shu Huan was a bit dumbfounded, “What?”

“You’ve been divorced! Do you know that you’ve been divorced?!” Gu Xihe raised his voice and said, “And you are still so happy!”

Naturally, Shu Huan wouldn’t be happy at the mention of the divorce. However, there was only the feeling that she had been thrown away like garbage. It wasn’t like she cared much about it. After all, she felt some joy of finally being able to separate from Gu household.

She pursed her lips and said, “Why do you have to mention the pot that doesn’t boil? I’m happy because I got the slave contract. It doesn’t have anything to do with being divorced or not!”

  • Mention the pot that doesn’t boil: touch a sore spot

Gu Xihe spoke the truth, “That is also very strange! Who did you see set up a trap because she wanted to cut all ties with her maiden family? Not to mention that you’ve been divorced now and could only return to your maiden family. Now, it’s great (sarcastic). You fell out with them. Where are you going to go?”

“Hey!” Shu Huan was a bit unhappy. “Just now, it was you who began with causing the trouble. It wasn’t set up by me. I just took the opportunity!”

Gu Xihe glared at her, “I came to your aid because you were suffering injustice!”

“See, see!” Shu Huan laughed. “You also know that it’s injustice. Then, why should I go back? With my stepmother’s character, do you think that I can live peacefully if I follow her?”

“This is true…,” Gu Xihe looked at her with sympathy. “Being divorced first and then had a fall out with your maiden family. It’s truly rare to see people as unlucky as you.”


Was he pitying her?

No need!

Shu Huan reached out her hand, “Give me the slave contract!”

“No!” Gu Xihe deliberately backed. He took out the slave contract, waved it and laughed evilly, “If I truly put a stamp on it and then drag you back to be my personal maid; what expression would old madam have when she sees you?”

Really childish!

Shu Huan said, “She will die from anger caused by you!”

Gu Xihe touched his head, “That is a possibility…Then, I better give it to you. Keep it well. Don’t let others steal it. Otherwise, you will be finished in this life and can only be a lowly servant with a slave contract.”

“I know,” Shu Huan took over the slave contract. She had long planned to keep it well. With this on hand, the effect to intimidate was greater. She was guarding against Xu shi coming to cause trouble at her (SH) door. However, Gu Xihe’s reminder was also on point. She needed to hide it more carefully. If this also couldn’t be done, she can get put her own name as the buyer. Anyway, Xu shi was illiterate and wouldn’t be able to understand it. She (X) would think that it still had the legal binding effect!

When Gu Xihe mentioned the word “lowly”, she was reminded of a very important matter, “Little fourth, do you have a way to help me get an independent household registration?”

“With a household registration, you have to pay taxes.”

“I know. I will just take it as spending money to buy a sense of security.”

“I…,” Gu Xihe rubbed on the ground with the tip of his shoe. “I had a big fight with old madam before I came out…”

Shu Huan was surprised. Was it because she got divorced?

Gu Xihe didn’t pay attention to her expression and continued, “Ranmo is not here. The servant at my side is as stupid as one can be…”

The implication was that he had no people to ask advice from and also didn’t have anyone to order around to help. He couldn’t help her on this matter.

“Mm,” Shu Huan said. She was not very good at expressing her gratitude. She could only hide it in her heart.

Gu Xihe seemed to have remembered something, “Why don’t you try to see whether doctor Ji can help you out? He is a doctor and would come in contact with many important people on a daily basis. Perhaps, he has a way. Otherwise, you can just leave this matter alone. I don’t think second big brother will abandon you. When he returns, things will turn for the better.”

Hearing him say that so forcefully, she knew that he didn’t believe that things would truly  turn for the better. This was understandable. After all, he had been living under the protection of old madam ever since he was born and was used to seeing how powerful she was against other people. Instead of saying that he didn’t have much confidence in Gu Xiran, it was better to say that he thought that there was no turning point in the decision of old madam. Therefore, it could clearly be seen that when he went to quarrel with old madam, the result was that he was utterly defeated!

Shu Huan laughed, “You don’t have to comfort me. Let some things go with the flow.”

She said that because she still had confidence in Gu Xiran. She didn’t want to interfere with anything and wait for Gu Xiran to go solve this problem. However, when Gu Xihe heard that, her attitude seemed like a stagnation to him. Hence, he got more anxious and said, “I’m being serious. Even if you can’t let old madam take back the letter of announcing divorce, you can also…”

Shu Huan interupted him, “Also what? Be a mistress living on the outside or be a concubine?”

Gu Xiran was stumped for words by her questions.

“Don’t worry. It won’t come this,” Shu Huan smiled slightly. Gu Xiran wouldn’t give up on her. Therefore, naturally it wouldn’t come to that. Even if Gu Xiran gave up on her, did she had to insist on only taking one road to Rome?

As a woman who time-traveled, there was no other advantage. Only the ken and thoughts were more open than the women of this era and she knew that there were more important things in life other than marriage and bear children.

The sun was on the top of their head, but there was wind in the alley. Suddenly, there was a gust of wind, making them feel cold and numb. They couldn’t help but shudder. Only now did Shu Huan realize that they had been talking for a long time. She hurriedly reminded Gu Xihe, “Go back quickly. You had a quarrel with old madam. If they can’t find you now, presumably the whole residence had been turned upside down.”

She wasn’t worried about old madam or Gu household. She just didn’t want Gu Xihe to get too involved in this matter. After all, Gu household was important to him. Old madam was also important.

Gu Xihe made an “mm” sound. Then, he looked at her again and said, “Then, then, I’m leaving. If you encounter trouble, remember to let someone sent me a letter. If the doorkeeper doesn’t report it, let doctor Ji come to tell me. Also, if you have found a place, let someone send the information. I will then have an explanation when second big brother returns.”

Suddenly, she felt that he had matured a lot in a short time. Probably, the many things that happened these days were also a big blow to him, forcing him to bid farewell to his carefree childhood and grow up quickly.

Shu Huan sighed in her heart, nodded and watched him leave.

Meijing let out a big sigh, “Second young mistress, are we still going to doctor Ji’s after this trouble?”

“Naturally, we are going.”

She hasn’t thanked Ji Danqing yet. These few days, he had helped them a lot. Shu Huan laughed, “I already left Gu household. Don’t address me like that anymore. It would make people puzzled when they heard that. Second young mistress, which second young mistress? Just call me little Huan like my maiden family.”

“Little Huan…,” Shang Xin said vexed at the side. “Calling you this seems like calling maid. How can I call you that…?”

Shu Huan didn’t care that it was like maid’s name, but seeing that the three people showed that they were in a difficult position, she could only say, “If you want, you can call me miss. I will also be cheeky and pretend that I’ve never been married before!”

This sentence made the three maids laugh. Suddenly, they felt that Shu Huan had truly changed a bit. Ever since she came out of Gu residence, she seemed to be more easygoing and her words often had a joyful tone. She was no longer as calm and silent as she used to be.

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