Chapter 162 New home

Ji Danqing returned to his place earlier than them. Because he had heard Meijing mention that Shu Huan had been divorced, he knew that she would drop by his place again. Hence, when Shu Huan arrived, the servants didn’t even have to notify and directly led her inside.

Danqing’s place was still the same as before as if it didn’t change at all. However, when Shu Huan once again stepped inside of it, her state of mind had changed. She became more envious of this quiet and small courtyard that the moment it closed its door, it could block all the profane noises.

“Thanks doctor Ji for your help just now.”

After Shu Huan entered, she paid her respect first and then sincerely thanked him.

Ji Danqing was still as warm as usual and said, “It is part of this humble one’s job to go for a consultation. You don’t have to be thankful.”

Because he was half a teacher to Shu Huan, naturally, she didn’t have to be too polite. Hearing him say that, she laughed, “Is doctor Ji pointing out that I have to pay for the consultation?!”

As she talked, she hurriedly looked for money. It was not that she thought that Ji Danqing was greedy for this money, but it was that she understood that his character was like that. Even if he had helped people, he didn’t want people to remember it and liked to say that it was his job to cover up the matter.

Ji Danqing stopped her and said, “You don’t have to hurry. I will put this in Gu household’s account. Every season, someone would come to settle the account. I was too embarrassed to earn more.”

Shu Huan had gotten away from those fights and schemes now. She had also become more easy-going and carefree. She no longer entangled on this matter. She inquired from Ji Danqing to see whether there was a house nearby for rent. This scene was very familiar. It seemed that she had asked this two months ago for Du Qiu. She didn’t think that it was her turn now. When she recalled that, she couldn’t help but sigh.

Ji Danqing said that he would let his old servant go inquire. Then, he promised her that he would find a way to let her have a separate household registration. While the two were chatting and drinking tea, Du Qiu and mother Du who were staying at Danqing’s place heard that she had come, they also came over to greet her.

The moment mother Du opened her mouth, she asked about concubine Yun and also asked Shu Huan to look after her (Y).

Shu Huan smiled faintly, “She is fine. However, I’m not at Gu residence anymore and can’t look after her.”

Mother Du was shocked and asked for the reason. For a moment, she felt rueful and didn’t know what to say. Her mental state was also very complicated. At one side, she felt that after Shu Huan was divorced, her daughter may have the hope of being favored. At the other side, she felt that thinking like this was too shameless and despicable. She felt very embarrassed. When she thought that Gu Xiran would have to marry a wife one days, she was extremely worried about the new wife’s character.

Du Qiu’s expression changed a bit and he said, “Then, you…”

In fact, Shu Huan didn’t take it to her heart that she had been divorced, but others took it seriously and felt that this matter was grave. This made her in a very awkward position. She could only lower her head and laughed, “Am I not asking for doctor Ji to help me find a place to stay?”

As she said this, the old servant that had been ordered to go inquire had returned. He said that there was no house for rent nearby, but there was a suitable small courtyard a bit far away from here for rent. It was enough for Shu Huan and the three maids. The rent was also appropriate. It was only two silver liang a month.

Two silver liang a month was actually a bit expensive. However, the old servant said that the place is quiet and not far away from the main street. Shu Huan wanted to go take a look. After all, it was not early anymore. If she couldn’t rent a house as soon as possible, she could only go stay in an inn with the three maids. There were many people mixed there and it was not comfortable and convenient. Hence, she quickly took her leave and asked the old servant to lead the way.

Ji Danqing also didn’t stop her and only said, “If there is something, don’t be polite and just come here.”

Du Qiu was determined to follow and said that he couldn’t help on other things, but he could help at running errands.

The group went to the south. Under the guidance of the old servant, they felt that it was indeed a bit far. They walked for a bit less than an hour before they arrived at Fallen Flowers street. When they saw it with their own eyes, they saw that this small street was the same as its name. In fact, there was cherry blossoms planted on the whole street. Every year in the spring of March, there would be fallen flowers everywhere. That was why it got this name.

As the old servant walked, he said, “Around the street lived ordinary families who could be regarded as financially well-off. There are no idlers (troublemakers) around.”

Meijing was a bit excited, “Cherry blossoms! Don’t know if there would be delicious cherries.”

She made everyone laugh. Shang Xin deliberately teased her, “Big sister Meijing, did you see dragon eye fruit grew on Osmanthus tree?”

  • Dragon eye fruit is called guiyun and Osmanthus guihua. In Chinese usually, the fruit has a part of the name of the tree.

Liangchen also laughed, “Fancy that you also came from a poor family. If you continue like this, you wouldn’t even be able to recognize a grain anymore.”

“You…,” Meijing got embarrassed. She muttered all the way, “I haven’t planted it before, how would I know…?”

This also naturally made the others laugh.

Originally, Shu Huan thought that these maids would suffer after they came out with her. After all, the living conditions at Gu household was very good. Not to mention the clothes of the four seasons, even their salaries was one liang a month. Now that they followed her, they wouldn’t live so comfortably anymore. Now, seeing that they had the vigor that young girls should have, she thought that perhaps bringing them out was not too selfish.

The courtyard for rent was at the end of the street. It was quieter than at the entrance of the street. After they knocked, a servant who looked after the courtyard came out. Shu Han glimpsed inside. A cherry blossom was also planted in the small front yard. It was just that it wasn’t the flower season, so, the tree didn’t look that eye-catching. Aside from this, there was simply three rooms at the north and four rooms at the south. There was also a clean kitchen. It wasn’t a small amount of rooms, but the layout was much smaller than Plum Flower Pavilion. However, the utensils and furniture were complete. The only inconvenience was that there was no well inside the yard. If they wanted to use water, they had to go to the entrance of the street to get it.

“It’s very good. Let’s rent here.”

Seeing that the sky would darken in about four hours, Shu Huan didn’t have the mind to nitpick. After she asked some things from the servant who looked after the house, she decided to rent it. In the meantime, she would naturally have to go through a complicated procedure and she had to go notify the warden of this neighborhood. After this servant handed over the house, he could directly return to his own house. Shu Huan could move in immediately. It was also cheap.

After Shu Huan had rented the yard and they heard that they can pick any room for them alone, Shang Xin was the first one to cheer. She didn’t like it when she had to share a room with others at Gu residence and felt uncomfortable. Liangchen and Meijing didn’t feel that joy. Meijing said timidly, “I’m afraid to sleep alone. Can I sleep with Liangchen?”

Can! Since she (SH) lived alone now, there was no rules and they could discuss about everything!

After sending off the old servant of Ji Danqing, Du Qiu helped wash the water tank and filled it. He also said that he would go buy rice and firewood for them. Shu Huan thanked him and busied herself with other things. She left the stable Liangchen to look after the home. Taking advantage that the sky hasn’t darkened yet, she rushed to the silver shopkeeper and orderef two silver hairpins and a pair of silver bracelets.

Because she talked with the shopkeeper in private, Shang Xin and Meijing didn’t know what she had said. They only wondered why she didn’t use those exquisite gold and jade jewelries and liked silver.

Shu Huan naturally wouldn’t explain that she was going to hide things in relatively not eye-catching silver ornaments. After she finished, she took them to a bank. She planned to store some jewelries, money and the deeds of the two shops there.

This was not because she was small-minded and that she was reassured when the worthy things are at her side. It was because there was no interest in storing money at the bank in this era. Instead, you had to pay a fee. It wasn’t cost-effective to store it for many days. Although, the amount of money on hand wasn’t small, but she had to provide for three maids and only God knows what will happen in the future. She had to meticulous plan and account carefully.

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