Chapter 172 The break off of the relation

Gu Xiran’s decline was so decisive that old madam couldn’t help but panic.

She quickly yelled, “Block him! Don’t let him get out!”

The maids looked stunned at this on a side. Only after this shout did their senses return. Everyone rushed to block Gu Xiran. However, male servants weren’t allowed to just come inside the inner yard. Therefore, those who blocked him were all maids. They were petite and without much power; how could they block him? He pushed one aside and was about to break out.

Just then, a rage rang, “Unworthy creature!”

With this rage, Gu Da who was seriously ill came in with the support of Lin shi. Behind him was Gu Xihe who had a miserable expression on.

Gu Da also heard a maid report that his second son had returned to the residence. He was afraid that trouble would arise because of Shu Huan being divorced, hence, he supported his sick body and rushed to Pine Crane Hall. He didn’t expect that the moment he crossed the door, he saw Gu Xiran rudely push one maid aside. Anger couldn’t help but fill his heart.

Being rude to old madam’s maid in front of her face was the same as being rude to old madam!

Gu Da was extremely filial. After that yell, he wanted to go forward and slap Gu Xiran in the face. “You rebel now! And dared to be presumptuous at old madam’s!”

He didn’t expect that his hand already flew over when it was grabbed by Gu Xiran.

He (GXR) touch him (GD)!

Gu Da went blank. Then, he clutched his chest and was too angry to speak.

“Where is she?”

Gu Xiran was certainly not so stupid to ask Gu Da. He was asking Gu Xihe. However, he (GXH) was glared at by Gu Da and only put on a miserable face to afraid to speak.

Lin shi saw that the atmosphere was nervous, she immediately went forward, patted Gu Da’s chest and hurriedly said, “Master, lessen your anger. Your body is no longer the same as in the past.”

  • Shi: clan

As she talked, she turned her face to go blame Gu Xiran, “Xiran, how long had it been that the household was peaceful? When you returned, you didn’t show respect and filial piety to your elders. Instead, you caused arguments and trouble. If old madam or master became ill because of anger, who can take it upon themselves to be responsible?”

Although, she scolded, when no one was paying attention, she kicked Gu Xihe lightly.

Her kick could not be clearer. It was to let Gu Xihe say the whereabouts of Shu Huan. She was eager for Gu Xiran to leave the household, so, she could benefit from their dispute.

Gu Xihe was stunned and immediately understood her meaning. Originally, he wanted to find a chance to tell him (GXR), but now he didn’t know why his heart was at loggerheads. He felt that if he truly said the whereabouts of Shu Huan, it would look like that he collaborated with his mother to play dirty tricks on Gu Xiran. This feeling made him very uncomfortable.

“If you know, quickly tell me!” Gu Xiran didn’t care about anything else at this moment. He only insisted on knowing Shu Huan’s whereabouts.

Gu Da finally yelled angrily, “Not allowed to tell him!”

Gu Xihe looked left and right. He was in very difficult position.

“Servants!” Gu Xiran’s resistance of just now truly angered Gu Da. He gasped as he said, “Let someone bring the home punishment. Today, I am going to beat this disobedient and unworthy son to death!”

The moment this came out, Lin shi felt happy secretly. Gu Xihe got anxious and didn’t care about anything anymore. He went forward, pushed Gu Xiran to outside and said, “Second big brother, leave quickly. If there is some problem, go find doctor Ji!”

He said the two words “doctor Ji” in a low voice. Gu Da didn’t hear it, but he was already furious. The cane in his hand flew at Gu Xihe.

That cane was inlaid with a very heavy ironwood. The direction that it was going to was unfortunately Gu Xihe’s head. If it truly hit his head, presumably the head would be broken and blood would be flowing.

“Master, you can’t!” Lin shi let go of her hand supporting Gu Da and quickly went to grab the cane.

Old madam had just come out from the inner room with the support of the maids. Seeing this scene, she was so scared that her legs give way. She fell on the ground and almost fainted.

In the end, that cane still missed the target, but it knocked on Gu Xiran’s hand.

“Amitabha…,” Old madam let out a sigh. The heart that almost jumped out of her chest went back to its place.

Lin shi also sighed from relief. She quickly pulled Gu Xihe and guarded him in her arms.

Very painful. It felt like his bones had been broken. Gu Xiran frowned, gritted his teeth and endured it. He looked with disdain at Gu Da, “People say that a tiger, though cruel, will not devour its cubs. You are only teaching your child a lesson, do you have to use such a heavy hand?”

Gu Da didn’t expect that he still dared to talk back. The cane wanted to fly out again.

“Enough!” This time, Gu Xiran didn’t have the heart to tolerate anymore. He reached out with his uninjured hand, took the cane from him and threw it far away. Then, he scorned, “People like you are unworthy to live in this world. You brought it upon yourself that you’ve fallen to this state!”

Gu Da’s cane had been taken away and he didn’t have the support of Lin shi. He didn’t stand steady and fell on the ground. He raised his head and looked in disbelief at Gu Xiran as if he (GD) had never seen him (GXR) before.

“Second big brother!” Gu Xihe had recovered from the shock. He broke away from Lin shi’s arms and rushed to Gu Xiran. He wanted to pull up his (GXR) sleeve to check the injury.

“I’m fine,” Gu Xiran avoided it by moving his body. He stroked Gu Xihe’s head gently, lowered his body and whispered in his (GXH) ear, “Take care.”

Take care?!

Gu Xihe went blank.

Gu Xiran had already walked away in the direction of the entrance. He wouldn’t be able to leave if those servants arrive.

“Stop!” Gu Da shouted.

However, it was an arrow at the end of its flight. There was not much intimidation. Gu Xiran ignored him and continued to walk to the outside.

  • An arrow at the end of its flight: spent force

Gu Da yelled again, “If you dare to step out of the residence, you are no longer a member of my Gu household. Don’t ever think about coming back!”

Gu Xiran responded this time. He paused for a moment, turned his head and swept over everyone’s face. Then, the corner of his lips raised slightly and revealed a faint smile, “Who cares?!”

Two light words that was full of contempt and disdain and slammed into Gu Da’s heart like a hammer.

When old madam saw that he didn’t reveal the slightest hesitation, she knew that his heart was determined. She couldn’t help but feel sorrow. Her voice softened as she called him, “Xiran! You…you really don’t care about the grace for bringing you up and your parents’ kindness?”

The smile on Gu Xiran’s face became more unpredictable, “That is not my business!”

After having said that, he turned and left.

What did the grace of Gu household bringing him up and the parents’ kindness had to do with him?

Originally, he thought that since he had occupied the body of the original owner, he could help Gu household a bit and leave with Shu Huan after that. However, that thought had been destroyed completely by old madam and Gu Da.

They hurt people first and then talk about grace and kindness. Wasn’t that the most funny and ridiculous thing in this world?

Whether Gu household was well or not had nothing to do with him anymore! There had only been one person who he cared about from the beginning to the end. Shu Huan, whether she was well or not had a great deal to do with him!

Originally, concubine Yun had caught up with him, but when she saw that he was angry, she didn’t dare to go forward and persuade him. She also didn’t dare to go inside the hall for fear that old madam would vent on her. Therefore, she had been standing outside and looked inside with a hanging heart.

She had seen Gu Xiran being hit just now. Her heart also felt that it had been beaten. She had to use much mental power to restrain herself from rushing inside and beg for mercy for him. Because she was just a concubine, there was no place for her to talk in Gu household. Now, Gu Xiran truly had a fall out with old madam and Gu Da and was really going to leave. She couldn’t restrain the sadness in her heart. She went forward, wanting to stop him.

Gu Xiran swept faintly over her. He didn’t say anything, but that pair of clear eyes was full of indifference.

In the end, she didn’t have the courage to say the words to retain him for fear that her true heart would be abandoned and trampled on once again.

She couldn’t bear it…

Just on this short moment of hesitation, Gu Xiran had bypassed her. From beginning to end, she didn’t see any reluctance to part with her.

Concubine Yun rustically retrieved her half-reached out hand. She could only watch with tears how he went farther and farther away.

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