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Chapter 177 An old friend that one doesn’t want to see

Walking on the street, she found out that the size of this city was a lot smaller than Jingtian City. The pavement on the street were also not so neat. To see whether a city was good or not, one usually had to compare. The Jingtian City of the past was naturally great, but the Jingtian City of now that had been completely destroyed couldn’t be compared with this city no matter what. At least, the bluestones on the street here were only slightly cracked. The number of houses that had collapsed was small. Only a corner of most of them was ruined. It was still enough to shelter from the wind and rain. At this moment, every household was busy repairing and strengthening the house. It looked very lively.

It was fine as long as she knew that she could settle here temporarily. The four didn’t have much thoughts to go look at the street. They found a pharmacy and bough some essential medicine. Then, they went to a clothing store and each choose a set. They also inquired about where the nearest inn was.

Because Shu Huan still had some cash left after she paid for the accommodation and rewarded a servant, the other servants were busily fawning upon her. Soon, they had prepared the hot water that the four of them needed the most. Then, they rushed to make ginger tea for them.

It was great pleasure to bath in warm water after being covered by cold and wet clothes for two days. However, it was very disappointing that the moment Shu Huan relaxed her nerves, she sneezed twice. She quickly put on clean and thick clothes. Even after she drank the ginger tea, she couldn’t hold it and her nose was soon stuffed.

After sleeping for a whole night, when she woke up the next morning, not only did the symptoms of cold not ease, instead, they got more serious. Her nose was so blocked that she had to use her mouth to breath. Moreover, it wasn’t only her who got sick. The other three also had become sick. Meijing even started to have fever. She (M) lay groggily on the bed. Because Liangchen’s injury at her feet had soaked in mud water for too long, there was some infections and it had begun to swell.

Under such circumstances, the four naturally couldn’t go anywhere. A doctor had been summoned and they had taken medication. After being in hell for three to four days did Meijing woke up. The swell on Liangchen’s foot had also disappeared. She was able to walk freely, but the cash that Shu Huan had on hand had been spent.

The banknotes hidden in the silver hairpin was intact. The bank of Gu household was naturally the best and spread all over the country. When they had first entered the city, Shu Huan had also noticed that there was also a branch here. They could exchange the banknote, but she felt that it was easy to carry a banknote. It was not safe to carry the silver pieces on one’s body after the exchange. Hence, she didn’t touch this and only removed the pocket in the cotton coat. From those inconvenient to carry jewelries of Zhang Hanfang, she took out a dangling jade and gold-plated hairpin in the shape of a phoenix and let Liangchen go pawn it at a pawnshop.

Liangchen was gone for a long time. So long that Shu Huan thought that something had happened to her and was about to go look for her. When she was about to leave, she saw Liangchen come back carrying a small bag. She quickly went to her and asked, “Did something happen? Why were you gone for so long?”

“Nothing…,” Liangchen shook her head. “It was just that the price the pawnshop wanted to pay was very low. I went to a few more. Then…”

She didn’t finish yet when a person came up from behind her and greeted Shu Huan, “Such a coincidence. I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

This voice was familiar. Shu Huan raised her eyes with some surprise, “You…”

The person in front of her wasn’t dressed as bright and neat like in the past. The material of his clothing was still good, but the workmanship was obviously not very detailed and the color was brown. His appearance was still handsome, but there were short stubbles on his chin. He looked pale and haggard.

After she steadied her mind, she frowned and asked, “Why are you here?”

Liangchen explained, “I encountered young master Zhang at the pawnshop. After he heard that miss is here, he begged me to lead him here.”

This person was Zhang household’s heir Zhang Zirong. He also went to pawn things at a pawnshop. At first, he didn’t know Liangchen but recognized that hairpin. It was something his little sister had worn before. Hence, he asked and got to know that Shu Huan was here too.

After Liangchen finished explaining, he revealed some impatience and asked, “Has miss Shu seen my little sister these two days?”

Shu Huan’s impression of Zhang Zirong was better than Zhang Hanfang’s, but it wasn’t to the degree of wanting to see him. At this time, she only wanted to be far away from anyone of Zhang household. It was the best if they never meet each other. Therefore, she said coldly, “I didn’t see her. If young master wants to find someone, you should go look in Jingtian City.”

When Liangchen saw that she didn’t like to see Zhang Zirong, she hurriedly said, “I also said that but young master Zhang…”

Zhang Zirong interrupted her, “I’ve already looked in Jingtian City. There are ruins everywhere. I didn’t see my family. That was why I came here to search. If you have seen them, you must let me know…”

“Sorry, I truly didn’t see them,” As Shu Huan spoke, she dragged Liangchen away.

Originally, Zhang Zirong wanted to stop them and question some more, but seeing that she was indifferent, a thought emerged and he asked at her back, “Is miss Shu still angry at my little sister?”

Shu Huan paused, turned her head and smiled, “What is there to be angry about? If it wasn’t because of her, I’m afraid that I will not be free at this moment. When you find her, thank her for me.”

This gratitude wasn’t from her heart, but the rejoice did come from her heart.

Although, giving her the letter of announcing divorce and form a marriage alliance with Zhang household had been old madam’s idea, Zhang Hanfang had probably made a lot of effort secretly. At that time, she felt indignant and humiliated, but now she didn’t think like that anymore.

Fortunately, such a thing had happened that had set her free and Gu Xiran had been sent out of the city and didn’t had to experience this earthquake. Otherwise, if the two were together and got lost during the escape, she would worry day and night and wouldn’t get peace.

Zhang Zirong froze on spot and didn’t catch up with her.

After they had returned to the room, Liangchen untied the small bag. Inside of it were forty silver liang. She smiled bitterly with self-blame, “The pawnshop didn’t want to offer more money. Only when I promised them that I won’t come back to redeem it did they give forty silver liang.”

Shu Huan nodded and said, “Everyone put ten silver liang on you. If we get separated, you would have money. Also, if we get separated remember to come back to this Fulai Inn and wait here. Don’t go run everywhere.”

Shang Xin was feeding medicine to Meijing. When she heard this, she quickly asked, “Are we going out?”

“Yes,” Shu Huan split the money with lowered head. She said faintly, “Buy what needed to buy. Tomorrow, we will go back to Jingtian City.”

They need to go back.

Zhang Zirong remined her that at this moment, she couldn’t be too far away from Jingtian City. Otherwise, if Gu Xiran came back after he heard the news of the earthquake and couldn’t fine her, then what?

The two of them knew that there was only one place where they would go to; which was Jingtian City.

If they want to meet again, she could only go and wait there.

Shu Huan repressed her mood that was full of expectation and excitement, turned to look at Meijing and said, “Your illness is a bit difficult. Why don’t you and Liangchen stay here for a few more days to recuperate? When you are completely well, you can come find me, alright?”

“No, I don’t want to stay here,” Meijing sat up and smiled. “My fever is gone. I feel much better. I want to go back together with miss.”

As long as one doesn’t have fever during a cold, it isn’t a big deal.

Shu Huan nodded and smiled, “Then, fine. Let’s go together.”

As she talked, she let a servant bring brush and paper. She wanted to record everything she was going to buy and then buy them separately.

These things were time-consuming and laborious, but they had to be done. Otherwise, they had nothing at Jingtian City anymore. When they go back, what were they going to eat?

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