Chapter 181 Meeting but doesn’t know about each other yet

“I’m innocent…”

Shu Huan didn’t shout this. When she heard it, she went blank for a moment. She turned and saw that Shang Xin had also been caught. They were tying her (SX) up, but she was very uncooperative and struggled. In the end, she was kicked fiercely by that bailiff.

“Stop. Don’t beat her!” As Shu Huan shouted, she gave Shang Xin a meaningful glance to let her keep calm.

At this moment, the victims of the disaster also began to be chaotic. The number of bailiffs wasn’t in the advantage. There was a tension like they were facing a great enemy. Under such circumstances, any resistance would be regarded as a kind of behavior with a threatening nature. For their own safety, the bailiffs wouldn’t be lenient when beating up people. Instead of suffering this unfavorable situation in front of them (SH & others), they might as well wait for the situation to calm down and then defend themselves.

After Shang Xin had been kicked, she knew that she was wrong. When she saw the meaningful glance that Shu Huan gave her, she calmed down instantly. However, her waist felt very painful after the kick. She couldn’t control her anger completely and still glared angrily at that bailiff.

However, this anger didn’t last for long.

She soon saw that the victims who had been scattered around, they all suddenly surrounded the carriage with grain. Countless hands were tearing the sacks of rice. The sacks had been ripped. The rice that had been infiltrated by the rain had expanded but not yet moldy and poured out of the hole. It hadn’t reached the ground yet when it was caught by those muddy hands and went into their mouths.

That was raw rice!

If one ate too much, one’s stomach would burst!

Shang Xin looked stunned at this scene. A sense of sourness spread in her heart.

She had a deep understanding of hunger. She knew that when one was extremely hungry, no matter what it was, one could stuff it in one’s mouth. As for whether he/she can or cannot withstand it after eating, that was simply not within the scope of consideration. Presumably, when she first met Shu Huan, she also looked like this when eating things. Then, if she hasn’t encountered Shu Huan and didn’t have the careful care of doctor Ji….

Could she still be living well now?

She just thought till here when she saw many bailiffs rush forward and beat the group of people with the iron rods. Blood were mixed with the white rice. Those who had been beaten were reluctant to let go of the rice. Some fought back while they continued to eat. Finally, it was a mess and wailing could be heard everywhere.

At this moment, the safest ones were her and Shu Huan. The two had been tied up. Therefore, the bailiffs didn’t bother with them. The victims of the disaster naturally also ignored them. However, having witnessed such atrocities, they also didn’t feel good.

To speak the truth, no one was in the wrong in this matter.

The victims of the disaster were only extremely hungry. That was why they did such a thing. And those bailiffs wanted to maintain order, ensure that the grains were not robbed and that the grains could be distributed to more hungry victims. Even if no one would be full like this, it was better than to let some be full to bursting point and others die from hunger.

Very miserable!

Shu Huan turned her head and didn’t want to look at this mess anymore, but when her eyes were projected into the distance, her whole body fell into shock.

The figure rushing to here with people in the distance looked very much like Gu Xiran who she yearned for day and night!

Shu Huan couldn’t believe that she would meet him at this moment. And, those people who followed him, although they were far, but she could recognize them at a glance. They all wore the uniforms of the bailiffs.

Her mind was chaotic. She was so excited that even her hands trembled a bit. She truly hoped that the person was really Gu Xiran and she was afraid that if he was not, she would be double disappointed!

Shu Huan closed her eyes to stabilize her mind before she looked again.

That figure was a little closer. The tall and straight figure, the way of walking, all were like Gu Xiran!

“Miss!” Shang Xin, who was beside her, lowered her voice, but she (SX) couldn’t contain her excitement. “Look, isn’t that second young master?”

It’s him!

Even Shang Xin had recognized him!

Shu Huan opened her mouth to call him, but her eyes suddenly fell on the person next to him (GXR).

That person was dressed in a long robe, but her body was thin and short and couldn’t support the clothes. The clothes piled on him and made him look like a child who had stolen adult clothes.

A very subtle feeling spread in Shu Huan’s heart.

She obviously didn’t know the person, but he seemed familiar. Moreover, when that person saw her, he was stunned for a moment and there was a complex emotion in his eyes. Then, he frowned deeply. Looking at him being like this, it seemed that he had recognized her!

She Huan was in daze for a moment. Then, she realized that now it was not the time to identify another person. The most important thing was to call Gu Xiran first. However, when she opened her mouth to call him, her voice was hoarse because she had been thirsty for the whole morning. When mixed in the noise, it didn’t travel far away.

Gu Xiran obviously didn’t hear it. He didn’t look over at this side. He was still rushing towards the carriage of grains.

“Second young master! Second young master!” Shang Xin also helped, but the one that rushed to them wasn’t Gu Xiran but a bailiff.

Shang Xin quickly said, “Please help us. We know that person. Please…”

She hasn’t finished speaking when her mouth had been forcibly blocked.

At this moment, Shu Huan’s mouth had also been blocked by the bailiff.

When she was eager to call someone and happened to not be able to make a sound; there was nothing that would drive someone crazier than this!

Shu Huan almost lost her mind when being forced like this by the bailiff. While she tried to get the cloth out of her mouth, she kicked with her legs. However, soon, someone grabbed her hand and her gaze caught a pair of smiling eyes.

That pair of eyes was very beautiful. It was clear and moist like the dew on the petals in the morning, but the look of the eyes was very vicious.

“I didn’t expect to see you here!” The owner of those eyes lowered her body and spoke two words in such a low voice that it almost couldn’t be heard, “Big sister.”

Shu Huan went cold. The stirred up and worried emotions disappeared without a trace. She calmed down and looked at those eyes without fear.

It turned out to be her!

Her little half-sister who she had never met; who had the same father and different mother, Xu shi’s daughter Shu Yue.

  • Shi: clan

No wonder when she saw her (SY) from far away, she had a feeling that she was so familiar.

Looking at her carefully, the contour of Shu Yue’s face was similar to Shu Huan’s. Her facial features resembled Xu shi’s for seventy percent. However, it was much more delicate than Xu shi’s and because she was still young, her whole face looked pretty and young. Her skin was very clean and made her look like a delicate porcelain doll.

Porcelain dolls were naturally sweet and lovely, but if you had seen a horror film and had seen the mature and vicious look in the eyes of a porcelain doll, it would feel sinister and eerie!

When that bailiff heard the first half of Shu Yue’s sentence, he looked at Shu Huan and Shang Xin and asked a bit hesitantly, “Young master Shu, are these two people truly as dangerous as you had said?”

“Yes!” Shu Yue forcibly pushed Shu Huan’s head forward and then let go. The smile on her face became fainter and she said, “These two people were originally my brother-in-law’s maids. They did wrong and had been punished by my big sister. Hence, they felt hatred and often caused trouble for my big sister behind her back and caused her deadly harms. It happened that they were careful and didn’t leave any evidence. My big sister couldn’t do anything against them and only told me. I now suspect that they had harmed my big sister during the earthquake, otherwise, why had we searched for so long and still didn’t find her or her corpse?!”

“But…,” That bailiff obviously had some doubts.

“There is no but!” Shu Yue interrupted him and pulled Shu Huan’s ear. She moved away the mud paste to reveal the ear hole and said, “See, they are girls! If it wasn’t because they harbor evil intentions, why would they dress up as a man?”

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