Chapter 183 Visit the prisoner

The bailiff became more uncomfortable by her stare. The number of prisoners he had seen was innumerable. Naturally, he knew very well what kind of things they were capable of doing. Therefore, he also felt that it was too inappropriate to lock them up in such a place. The so-called prefer death to humiliation was probably this. However, that young master Shu had said that he can absolutely not let young master Gu see these two maids…

This matter was truly difficult!

After he hesitated repeatedly, he felt that he couldn’t bear Shu Huan’s gaze anymore. He finally compromised, “Alright, alright. I will think of a way for you.”

As he said that, he walked around once in the cell. She didn’t know in which corner he found a bundle of ropes. Then, he kicked the door of one of the cells and let the prisoners inside of it extend their right hand through the iron fence. He tied them tightly several times and one by one against the iron fence. He tied the beginning of the rope to a very heavy iron torture device placed outside of the cell and ensured that the prisoners couldn’t reach it nor untie the rope. Then, he opened the door and pushed Shu Huan and Shang Xin inside.

After the door of the cell was opened and locked again, the roars of the prisoners got louder.

Shu Huan still stared at the bailiff through the door of the cell. Then, she turned her body slightly and lifted the hand that was tied behind the rope. The meaning was very clear. It was to let him untie the rope. Staying in such a place, she couldn’t afford to be unable to move for even a bit!

That bailiff finally lost his patience and perhaps it was also because he was afraid that she would run away and he had to take responsibility, therefore he didn’t bother with her this time. He only complained vaguely. She didn’t know what he said, but he turned and left. Not long after, the sound of the door was locked outside.

In this way, Shu Huan was at her wit’s end. The only fortunate thing was that there was not enough manpower at the moment. It was finished the moment the cell was locked. There was no extra head to watch over the prisoners. Hence, to some extent, she was free. Of course, the danger had also been doubled.

She turned and looked at the seven to eight prisoners in the same cell. Her stomach turned because of the strong stench coming from their bodies. This was still alright. The most important thing was that the expressions of these people were very lewd. With just one glance, she knew what kind of thoughts they were having. Two people even tried to move to her and Shang Xin. If it wasn’t because they (prisoners) were tied by the rope, she truly would have no way to dodge.

Shu Huan suppressed the disgust, tried to calm herself down and tried to move to a corner with Shang Xin. She also didn’t let herself look at the various dirt left on the wall and didn’t listen to the vulgar words of those prisoners. What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over; what the ears doesn’t hear remains unknown.

Since she couldn’t talk, she could only communicate with movements and eyes. Fortunately, the two were always together. They could understand each other with just a simple expression.

Shu Huan walked to behind Shang Xin, leaned over to let Shang Xin’s hand that was behind her back to be able to touch the cloth in her (SH) mouth. After much effort did they pulled out the cloth. She was so tired that she gasped for a while. Then, she used to same way to pull out the cloth from Shang Xin’s mouth.

“Miss…,” Shang Xin took a deep. It was such a good feeling to be able to talk! However, this feeling only lasted for less than a few second before she discovered that something was not right!

After the prisoners heard the word “miss”, their expressions immediately changed. The look in their eyes became hungrier and thirstier under the dim light like hungry wolves that were waiting for their prey at night.

It turned out that they hadn’t noticed that they were women before. They only got lewd thoughts after they saw that they were handsome and had a good figure. After they learned that the two of them were women, the evil desires in their hearts got intenser.

This kind of gazes let Shang Xin remember that monster uncle of hers. Her eyes also became a bit strange. They were full of hatred, making people feel that the moment they did something wrong, she would be completely angered and wound people violently.

“Ignore them!” Shu Huan lightly hit her (SX) with her (SH) elbow. “Come here and help me untie the rope!”

Anyway, these prisoners wouldn’t be able to get rid of the restriction for a while. It was the best to treat it as if they weren’t here.

That was the truth. No matter how the prisoners struggled, they who had suffered hunger for a while, were still unable to break the rope that tied their wrists. Of course, it was even more impossible to break the iron fence.

Shang Xin went blank by her shout. Then, she regained her senses and leaned back to back against each other. They tried hard to untie the rope on each other. However, it was much harder to untie the rope than to pull out the cloth from the mouth. The two of them struggled for half a day and sweated a lot, they still couldn’t untie the rope.

“Rest for a moment,” Shu Huan closed her eyes and gasped for a moment. Suddenly, she leaned closer to Shang Xin’s ear and whispered, “I have a dagger in my trouser. See if you can take it out and cut the rope.”

Shang Xin was happy after hearing that. She knelt, faced her back to Shu Huan and fumbled on her (SH) leg. Sure enough, she touched a hard thing. However, it was as difficult to take it out. Also, to cut the rope after having taken it out was not only using effort, but she also needed to be careful. Otherwise, if she wasn’t careful, with her eyes that couldn’t see behind her and her hands tied behind her weren’t flexible, she may cut her fingers off instead of the rope.

They didn’t know how much time it took, but they felt like they were about to faint with blurred vision. They sweated so much that it looked like they had just been salvaged from water before they finally cut the rope tying Shu Huan’s hands.

Just when Shu Huan wanted to cut the rope tying Shang Xin’s hands with the dagger, suddenly, the sound of the door of the dungeon being opened could be heard. Her heart tightened and she exchanged a glance with Shang Xin. The two went to a corner and hid in the faint darkness of the light.

Then, the sounds of light footsteps could be heard. Shu Huan saw a face that was smiling like a blooming flower. The one who came was Shu Yue. Moreover, she came alone!

Shu Yue obviously didn’t know where she (SH) was locked up. She looked through every cell. Only when she heard the prisoners’ noises did she found Shu Huan standing in a corner. The smile on her face became more and more sweet and her voice was like honey as she shouted, “Big sister, you are here. I searched hard for you.”

Shu Huan put both hands behind her back, looked calmly at her (SY) with narrowed eyes and ignored the roars of those prisoners.

Shu Yue heard what those prisoners were shouting. Her gaze went back to Shu Huan and saw that she wasn’t bound anymore. She couldn’t help but frown, “Big sister is truly capable to be able to break free after being bound like that.”

Since Shu Huan had been discovered, she was too lazy to pretend anymore and waved the dagger in front of her (SY). She cut the rope that bound Shang Xin and said, “What? You want to enter this cell and bound me again?”

Shu Yue laughed, “Big sister, I’m not stupid. How would I be deceived by you and enter?! I only wanted to come, have a chat with big sister and see whether you are comfortable here. Now, I see that this place isn’t bad. It truly suits you! Right, if big sister needs anything, don’t be polite. Just tell little sister and little sister will go get it for you.”

She truly felt proud and began to play the game of cat and mouse. She wanted to play a bit more with Shu Huan and think of a way to torture her. It happened that Shu Huan wasn’t happy to play this vicious game with her. She (SH) raised an eyebrow and said, “I don’t have anything to talk with you. You can get out.”

When the prisoners saw that there was a play to watch, they roared again.

A fleeting anger flashed through Shu Yue’s face. Then, she looked strangely at Shu Huan from head to toe and said, “I originally didn’t believe it when mother said that you have changed. Now, I see that that is truly the case! Since it is like that, I’m also too lazy to talk bullshit with you. You can enjoy this dirty place. As for going out, don’t dream about it in this life!”

As she talked, she walked with provocative eyes to the iron torture device that bound the rope, making those prisoners shout excitedly, “Untie! Quickly untie!”

“Untie, untie! We will take good care of your big sister for you!

“Untie! You, f******, untie quickly!”

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