Chapter 184 Provoking intentionally

Shang Xin’s face suddenly changed. Her whole face showed a defeated look. She moved her lips and originally wanted to say something but when she glanced at Shu Huan and saw her (SH) being indifferent, somehow, her (SX) heart felt calm. She (SX) got closer to her (SH), hoping to obtain more comfort.

Shu Yue really came with the mentality of playing a cat and mouse game and just wanted to provoke Shu Huan. The best was to force her (SH) to cry bitterly and beg for mercy, and then, she (SY) would give her a hard blow to let her completely fall into despair. She walked to the iron torture device and only played around with the bound rope with her fingers but wasn’t in a hurry to untie it.

After waiting for a while and she didn’t hear Shu Huan beg for mercy, she (SY) then looked back with a smile and whispered gently, “Big sister, this little sister is really perplexed. I’m really not sure if I should untie this rope or not, maybe, you can tell me what to do?”

Her cheap trick was vicious and also bad enough. Shu Huan saw through her from the beginning and said softly, “You can do whatever you want!”

As she spoke, her (SH) left hand had quietly held Shang Xin’s hand.

Shang Xin’s heart felt warm, but then she felt a small round thing stuffed into her palm by Shu Huan. She couldn’t help but be stunned, lowered her head and clasped her hand tightly into a fist.

After provoking twice and it didn’t work, Shu Yue was very annoyed. Although she still had a smile on her face, as soon as she turned her back, her eyes revealed an angry look.

She really didn’t understand how this big sister who only knew how to resign herself to adversity ever since she was a child and who wasn’t doted on by their parents, was so confident and could be so calm in the face of such a threat! After all, wasn’t it just a little bit of luck? She (SH) originally married into Gu household in hope that the great event of joy would drive away his bad luck and was destined to have the fate of living as a widow, but who had thought that she had really drove away Gu household’s second young master’s illness? From then on, she lived with brocade garments, jade meals and servants and maids at her service….

  • To resign oneself to adversity: to grin and bear it/ to submit meekly to insults, maltreatment, humiliation etc.
  • Brocade garments, jade meals: a life of luxury.

How was she worthy?! How was this big sister who she (SY) had beaten and scolded countless times, and who only knew how to cry and apologize worthy of enjoying such an extravagant life?!

After thinking till here, Shu Yue’s chest quickly moved up and down. She couldn’t hold back that deep hatred and jealousy.

After mother went to Gu household, she brought back those exquisite cakes that she (SY) had never eaten in her life before. It was very delicious. Furthermore, the different clothing materials that the maid had delivered to their home, the touch of these materials were so soft that she was intoxicated by them, but these things didn’t bring joy to her at that time but a deep shame!

Because the maid who delivered the clothing materials at their home was dressed gracefully and actually had gold ornaments on her, which was several times better than the jewelry and clothes she wore when she went out. Moreover, the way she (maid) spoke was also gentle and pleasant to listen to. It made her realize that she normally raised her voice and spoke vulgarly like her mother. In addition, the maid’s every act and movement were very sophisticated, exactly like someone from an influential family. For the first time in her life, it made her feel inferior compared to others!

Deception, it was all deception!

Mother said all day long that she was pretty and that she would be able to find a good in-law in the future. However, when there was a good in-law, she married Shu Huan off to there. It had even reached the point where she (SY) couldn’t even compare with her (SH) maid. It made her suffer a great humiliation! Why? Wasn’t it just because Shu Huan was older than her and she (SH) had just reached the marriageable age? In fact, there was nothing wrong with marrying her (SY) off there. After another year, she (SY) would also reach the marriageable age!

When Shu Huan was divorced by Gu household, she was glad and happy about it. She felt that from now on she could step on her good-for-nothing big sister again. However, the most hateful thing was who would’ve thought that Gu household’s second young master couldn’t forget her (SH) and was crazily looking for her?! And what about her (SY)? Instead, she was abandoned by her parents during the earthquake. They escaped with her little brother. The only reason was that her little brother could continue the line of Shu family and must therefore survive. She was just a dispensable existence!

The more Shu Yue thought about it, the more she couldn’t control herself to hate!

Drop dead! Drop dead! Drop dead! All these people deserved to die!

Especially people like Shu Huan. She (SH) being alive was just a waste of food, a hindrance to her (SY) eyes and was just blocking her (SY) path. She (SH) deserved to die in the earthquake and never appear again!

However, Heaven was blind, deaf and stupid. It actually failed her (SY) expectations and let Shu Huan appear…

Shu Yue pulled the rope and showed an eerie smile.

Fortunately, it wasn’t too late to make up this mistake for Heaven. Shu Huan would disappear without a trace and would never appear again. Most importantly, no one would find out, even her brother-in-law wouldn’t know!

She pulled the rope with all her might and untied it!

The cheers of the prisoners came one after another, in between, it was mixed with Shang Xin’s unstoppable cry of alarm and curses…

“You’re too vicious. You aren’t human being at all!”

What did it matter if she wasn’t a human being? A superior of human would just do!

Shu Yue stopped for a moment, turned around, and smirked at the prisoners who were madly fumbling with the rope, trying to get out of it. She turned her eyes and looked at Shu Huan again.

Under the dim and flickering light, Shu Huan looked frightened. Her right hand tightly covering her mouth. Her face was particularly pale, so white as if she had lost all the blood just like the dead!

It wasn’t an illusion, wasn’t it? No matter which woman, whoever had run into this kind of thing would be terrified to death.

Shu Yue immediately felt physically and mentally comfortable. Her smile also became sweeter and sweeter.

No matter how lucky and stubborn this big sister of hers was, in the end, she (SH) still inevitably had to fall into such a fiasco! It could be seen that the ancestors were right, the one who could have the last laugh was the true winner!

Seeing that the prisoners were about to break free, Shu Yue smiled sweetly at Shu Huan and said, “This little sister is leaving. Big sister, don’t let me down on the gift that I have prepared for you. Enjoy it.”

Shang Xin exclaimed, “Despicable! Shameless!”

Shu Yue glanced at her (SX) once and ignored her. When she (SY) was about to exit the prison, she suddenly remembered something, looked back and smiled charmingly. “By the way, I almost forgot to tell big sister. Don’t worry about brother-in-law. I’ll take good care of him for you!”

She lifted her head and laughed heartily, walked briskly out of this filthy and disgusting place which made her feel nauseous. Of course, in less than half an hour, her big sister who was delicate as a flower, refined as a precious jade, would become as dirty and disgusting as this place that would let people feel nauseous!

  • Delicate as a flower, refined as a precious jade: exquisite.

The Heaven was cooperating. The sky that was cloudy for a few days, cleared up at this moment. Although the sun wasn’t fierce, it still made Shu Yue who had just come out of the dungeon squint her eyes.

It was truly nice! The biggest obstacle in front of her had been removed. All she had to do next was to find a way to get rid once and for all of the bailiff who had escorted Shu Huan to the prison .

She couldn’t help but wonder what kind of disgusting look Gu Xiran would show when he saw Shu Huan’s tragic death. At that time, as long as she comforted him with the gentleness that she had been quietly practicing for a long time, it would certainly sweep him off his feet and make him promise to marry her. Moreover, she could already imagine that she had stepped half a foot inside that wealthy and distinguished Gu household! Compared to her stupid and ignorant big sister, she would let the elders of Gu household like her. At that time, she could get anything she desired for. Her life would be more joyful than the gods!

“Brother-in-law, brother-in-law…,” Shu Yue was like a butterfly on a flower. Her cheeks had a red glow of excitement. She went straight to the temporary accommodation where Gu Xiran stayed.

Unfortunately, when she got to the door, she was stopped by a cold-faced man in black. He said, “Second young master isn’t here. Miss Shu, please leave.”

“Get out of the way!” Shu Yue raised her chin. “I want to enter my brother-in-law’s place. A small entourage like you, what authority do you have to stop me?”

The cold-faced man was Du Qiu. He didn’t bother with Shu Yue’s childish arrogance at all. He didn’t even raise his eyes and said, “Second young master has already instructed that aside from your big sister, no one is allowed to enter his place!”

“My big sister…,” Shu Yue almost blurted out the whereabouts of Shu Huan. Fortunately, she reacted in time and stopped talking.

At the thought of the inhuman torture that Shu Huan was suffering at the moment, she revealed another eerie smile on her face and humphed, “It’s still a question whether my big sister can be found or not!”

Du Qiu coldly said, “Even if she can’t be found, Miss Shu, you can’t go in there either!”

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