Chapter 186 Unreconciled

Shu Yue went blank for a moment and woke up from her memories. She still saw Gu Xiran standing upright in front of her.

She lowered her head and answered him in a low voice, “I remember.”

She naturally remembered everything that Gu Xiran said!

Therefore, she kept reminiscing about every word and deed of the maid from Gu household and learned to speak in a soft tone and worded as simple as possible. She learned to be graceful with every movements, to sway her hips beautifully as she walked and to have a graceful demeanor like a lotus with every step she took.

She knew that Gu Xiran didn’t have good feelings towards her mother, so, she had never mentioned her mother. However, the two words “little brother” often hung on her lips and she always used a melancholic expression when talking about him, worrying that he didn’t eat well and was warmly clothed. The deep feelings between siblings could be seen.

In fact, she wasn’t a bit worried about her twin little brother. Ever since he went away with their parents and abandoned her, she regarded him as a stranger. She even often cursed him in secret and imagined that when she married into a rich family and went to pray one day at a temple, she would see her parents and her little brother begging at the temple. By then, she would go over and look at them scornfully and condescendingly. She would sarcastically ask them if they regretted leaving her in the first place. Then she would generously throw a copper coin at them and let them get out of her sight.

Shu Yue had been carefully pleasing Gu Xiran. She did everything she could do, but she had never seen Gu Xiran look more at her. He always kept thinking about Shu Huan and looked at her without care for his life. Hence, she decided that only after she had gotten rid of Shu Huan, he would notice her existence because even if they didn’t look alike, the same blood flowed in their bodies!

At this point, she had made up her mind.

She had already gotten rid of Shu Huan. Even if she doesn’t die, Gu Xiran wouldn’t want such a filthy and sordid woman anymore. She (SY) still had the opportunity to be involved with Gu Xiran and marry into the Gu household of her dreams!

“Brother-in-law….,” As Shu Yue thought, she raised her eyes pitifully. “I didn’t stir up trouble. It’s that underling of yours….”

“Enough!” Gu Xiran interrupted her impatiently. “Was I not clear enough? No one is a fool. If that underling of mine truly wanted to do something, presumably, you wouldn’t even have the chance to cry for help! I think your injury is completely healed. Pack up your things and hurry up and leave!”

“Brother-in-law!” When Shu Yue saw that he was so determined, she immediately got anxious and pulled his sleeve. She said, “You can’t drive me away. I don’t have a place to go. It’s very dangerous to wander alone outside!”

“What does that have to do with me?” Gu Xiran swung his sleeve. Extremely fed up, he made his steps bigger and continued to walk to the gate of the city.

Two days earlier, he was so busy that he didn’t have time to eat or sleep. Naturally, he didn’t have the energy to talk with Shu Yue and didn’t have the mind to pay attention to her every move. Sometimes, he obviously knew that she followed him around, but she didn’t talk and wasn’t noisy or caused trouble, she would be completely ignored by him. Until today, after he talked more than normally with her did he found out that she resembled her mother very much. She was the same believing herself to be infallible and not aware of her own stupidity. Also, it happened that she liked to show off her cleverness and her ways were exaggerated and childish!

Shu Yue went blank, chased and said, “How can it have nothing to do with you? It was you who saved me. How can you abandon me now and not care about me anymore?!”

He had to be responsible for her future life because he saved her?

Gu Xiran was disgusted by her extremely shameless and self-contained logic. He didn’t have any hope more for her character and said, “Please, be clear of one thing. I went to your home to look for your big sister and accidentally dug you out! I had no intention to care about you from the beginning. You are healed. You can go anywhere you want as long as you don’t follow me anymore. Also, if you feel that it’s very unfair like this, I won’t mind calling people to burry you again. Saving once, killing once. We are even!”

He talked like this and didn’t leave any face or sentiment. Who would’ve thought that Shu Yue seemed as if she didn’t hear that, continue to chase after him and said, “But, you are my brother-in-law! You can’t not care about me. If something happened to me, how will you justify yourself to my big sister?”

Brother-in-law, brother-in-law!

She seemed to hang this word often on her lips and called more joyfully with a very proud expression in front of people.

Originally, Gu Xiran took it was a vanity of a little girl and didn’t bother with it. Now, it seemed that that was not the case! She was relying on this relationship of being a relative to do whatever she wanted!

Not to mention that he wouldn’t recognize such a sister-in-law, even Shu Huan would let her get away the further the better!

He couldn’t help but sneer and said without looking back, “That is right! Remember, I’m only your brother-in-law! Your biological parents are still alive. It isn’t I, this brother-in-law’s turn to be responsible for your safety!”

Shu Yue saw that nothing worked on him, she truly got anxious. She stopped and used her killer move; throw a tantrum and act pitifully. She covered her face and burst into tears, “They don’t want me anymore! I only have you, brother-in-law…”

Originally, she thought that if she cried like this, even if Gu Xiran didn’t come over to comfort her, he would stop in his tracks and wait for her to finish speaking. Who would’ve thought that he didn’t even have this compassion? She only talked half-way when he was already far away!

Unreconciled! Unreconciled! Unreconciled!

The temper that Shu Yue suppressed for a long time finally broke out. She kicked the soil under her feet hard. She stomped and kicked. After she vented for a while, she still felt unreconciled and chased in the direction of Gu Xiran.

From her enthusiasm and dedication to entangle with people, she was truly like Xu shi!

  • Shi: clan

When Shu Yue caught up with Gu Xiran outside the city gate, she saw him lead a dozen of soldiers expressionlessly to guard the gate and many victims of the disaster looked at this liveliness. They didn’t know what had happened and were discussing in lowered voices. The faint sound of the gong spread from inside the city.

She couldn’t help but feel a little panicked and she pondered whether something truly had happened. Anxious and frightened, she moved closer. She was just about to inquire what had happened when she saw Du Qiu come out of the city with a group of bailiffs. He reported to Gu Xiran, “I had already passed down the order to let everyone get out of the city.”

Gu Xiran nodded silently. The way he looked at the city gate became a bit nervous. He didn’t discover that Shu Yue had moved quietly to his side with her mouth open as if she wanted to say something but hesitated.

It was not that she didn’t want to ask, but it was because she had been discovered by Du Qiu and was glared at coldly by him. His glare was very fierce with a murderous aura, frightening her that she pulled back what she was about to say. Then, she saw two people come side by side. They didn’t arrive yet when she already recognized the one carrying a medicinal chest was Ji Danqing.

Shu Yue knew this doctor. It was this doctor who treated her injuries on the day she was rescued by Gu Xiran. She just didn’t understand what had happened for the people who had a good relationship with Gu Xiran to all be here.

When she tiptoed and tried to look hard, she discovered that she also knew the man walking beside Ji Danqing!

Wasn’t that person young master Zhang who happened to be looking for Gu Xiran coincidentally?

The story needed to be told from when Shu Yue let the bailiff drag Shu Huan to the dungeon. At that time, she had to lead Gu Xiran away from the city gate. She made up a small lie, saying that someone was looking for Gu Xiran and let him quickly go.

Naturally, Shu Yue wasn’t afraid that the lie would be exposed because such a thing happened often recently. Many people were looking for Gu Xiran. Sometimes, when those people couldn’t wait anymore, they would leave by themselves. At that time, she didn’t expect that they didn’t walk for far when they had encountered this young master Zhang who was looking for Gu Xiran!

She remembered that at that time, she felt fortunate and thought that the heavens was good to her to send such a person to her to patch up her lie and let her take advantage of the opportunity this person brought when he was talking to Gu Xiran to slip away and sneak into the dungeon to see how Shu Huan was doing. However, seeing this person again at such a time, she felt that something was not right. She speculated whether Gu Xiran’s unusual behavior had something to do with this person.

When she calculated the time, it seemed to be almost like this!

When she went to the dungeon, this person was talking with Gu Xiran. When she came out of the dungeon, Gu Xiran reported to the prefectural magistrate to order the people inside the city to come outside of the city.

This young master Zhang must be someone of influence. Perhaps, he may be looking for his relative who got lost in the city!

Shu Yue dropped her head silently and made up her mind: She will try to think up every possible method to act shamelessly in front of Gu Xiran to see whether he could have a change of mind. If he still let her get away, she would think of way to curry favor from this young master Zhang. Then, this was truly like the old saying…

When you walk to a place into the same mountain and water again and again, wondering there is no way to get out. Then suddenly you find another village under the shade of willow and glitter shinning of blossom!

  • This is a poem by Lu You in the Song Dynasty. It means that when you come across some hardship in your life and feel that there was no way out, you will find another way from a different perspective. No matter how hard the future is, if people insist, keep trying and work-hard, life will turn into a different future.

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