Chapter 188 Clues

It wasn’t an easy task to clear out everyone in the city. Originally, the people came to look at the excitement, but now they felt very bored. Shu Yue who had stood there the whole time felt that her back was sore and painful and she also gradually became impatient. However, when she saw that Gu Xiran’s brows tightened more and more and his expression was like the dark clouds in the sky and faintly had the appearance that wind and thunder was about to emerge, she didn’t dare to complain. She could only pout and pondered about what she heard just now. She felt very unhappy about the marriage alliance between Gu Xiran and Zhang household!

Gu Xiran was also very unhappy. He endured and endured and finally couldn’t endure anymore and said, “Not here!”

Zhang Zirong’s expression darkened. He had obviously seen Shu Huan enter the city, but after causing such a big fuse to find her, they found nothing in the end. It really made him unable to explain himself to Gu Xiran.

He thought for a moment and found a very far-fetched reason, “Is it because there were too many people, we had missed her?”

“Missed?!” The anger that Gu Xiran had repressed for a long time finally erupted. “With so many eyes looking, can we miss her?”

Zhang Zirong panicked and babbled nonsense, “Otherwise, she had to be hiding.”

Not to mention Gu Xiran, even Ji Danqing couldn’t listen to this anymore and coughed twice.

Zhang Zirong was embarrassed by his two coughs. He couldn’t help but groan, “If we can’t find her, then, search for her slowly. She is such a big person and wouldn’t disappear inexplicably, right?”

Gu Xiran was angered by him that he couldn’t speak for a moment. Ji Danqing shook his head as he said, “Originally, it wouldn’t matter to search slowly. However, today this humble one had seen two patients. They had been infected by a disease…”

“What kind of disease?” Zhang Zirong had been shocked. “It isn’t the plague, right?”

Gu Xiran glared fiercely at him. He (ZZR) went blank for a moment and then immediately recalled that he couldn’t say the word “plague” casually. If it was heard by someone, it would presumably cause a big panic. Hence, he quickly covered his mouth and looked around.

Fortunately, he didn’t speak in a hard voice. No one seemed to have heard him. He couldn’t help but continue to ask, “Is it?”

Ji Danqing shook his head and said, “It looked like it, but these few days weren’t hot. That disease shouldn’t have appeared so soon. Presumably, it was because a water source somewhere was contaminated. If we can find it, it would be easy to prevent. I’m afraid that the people who had contracted the disease would infect other people because the symptoms hasn’t shown yet. Then, the situation would not be optimistic.”

Zhang Zirong was interested in this topic and quickly asked, “What kind of method can suppress this disease?”

Ji Danqing didn’t speak, turned his head and looked at a few large cauldrons that had been set up in the distance. Inside of the large cauldrons was a medicinal concoction. Everyone who had been cleared out of the city just now must line up and drink the concoction. However, during a disaster, the materials were scarce. The medicinal herbs were expensive. The prescription that was lacking in herbs may not be effective and it may not be enough for everyone to get a bowl. Then, those people who had not taken the medicine….

He turned his gaze and sighed.

Zhang Zirong stared in daze at those cauldrons. Even Shu Yue had been frightened by this. She couldn’t help but take two steps back and tried to maintain a certain distance with the people around her.

Gu Xiran got impatient, brushed his sleeve and said, “Don’t talk about this. Where is she?! I only want to find her at this moment!”

Only now did Zhang Zirong understand why he was burning with worries. He felt more embarrassed. He thought hard for a moment and said, “Why don’t I take you to her current place and wait there? There are still two maids there. She was unlikely to be as bad as to not return and abandon them without care!”

Gu Xiran truly was so angered that he didn’t have a place to vent the anger in his heart. After he stared at him hatefully for a long while, he turned his head, looked at the city gate and hesitated.

When he had made up his mind and was about to let Ji Danqing and Du Qiu stay here and he would go with Zhang Zirong to wait there, he suddenly heard Zhang Zirong shout.

“That person! Call him over!” Zhang Zirong pulled hard at Gu Xiran’s sleeve and pointed a in a distance. “I saw Shu Huan enter the city with him. Call him over to ask him!”

Shu Huan!

Originally, Shu Yue covered her nose and mouth with her sleeve and thought about whether she should leave this dangerous place quickly. In the end, the two words “Shu Huan” were like thunder and she almost jumped from being fried.

It turned out that they were looking for Shu Huan!

How…how come?!

She thought that it was only her who saw Shu Huan. No one would often go to a place like a dungeon. She had thought that Gu Xiran would find out at least in two or three days. This time was enough for Shu Huan to be tortured to death. Even if she didn’t die, she would’ve been driven crazy after experiencing such a thing. Then, the trick that she played wouldn’t come to light and no one would know why Shu Huan was taken to the dungeon because during this time, she could plant a big fault on the bailiff who took Shu Huan to the dungeon and design for him to be demoted and send away!

However, at this moment, Gu Xiran was already searching for Shu Huan and he had some clues…

Shu Yue shook her head hard and tried to clear up her messy thoughts. However, the assumption that Shu Huan would be found soon, that she didn’t die and hasn’t gone crazy made her extremely scared. There was no way to clear up her thoughts and thought of a way to clear herself of this matter!

Damn it!

All her hopes of reaching her dreams were based on the premise that she could clear herself from this matter. She had always been confident and was certain that she could clear herself from this matter. Hence, she had never thought about what to do if it was revealed or she failed by chance!

Calm down! Calm down!

She fiercely dug into her arm to try to calm herself down with pain. However, she didn’t know why she panicked even more. When she saw Gu Xiran, who had walked far away to go question the middle-aged man, she felt that his face that looked handsome in the past was now sharp like a dagger. If he knew what she had done and got angry with her, then, that anger would be as sharp as a dagger…

Shu Yue discovered that her legs trembled slightly and she seemed to not be able to stand still!

However, it was obviously that she hasn’t been discovered yet. She didn’t have to panic like this!

Right, right! Hasn’t the heaven been helping her? She was lucky to not have died during the earthquake and was lucky enough to discover Shu Huan first and got rid of her. From the moment she went to the dungeon, even the rainy weather of many days had become clear! So, she would certainly not be exposed. Nothing would happen to her for sure, for sure…

“Miss Shu….”

Suddenly, a hand seized her wrist. She was so nervous that she jumped and screamed, “Ah…”

Her voice was sharp and pierced people’s ears, attracting many people to look over in this direction. Even the busy Gu Xiran swept a glance over.

“Are you alright?” The one who seized her wrist was Ji Danqing. He was frowning at the moment.

Just now, he stood not far away from Shu Yue and discovered that her complexion was pale. There was sweat on her forehead and her legs had also been trembling. He was afraid that she also suffered from a disease, so, he reached out for her wrist to check her pulse. He didn’t expect that her reaction was so intense.

Shu Yue screamed a few times. When she regained her senses and discovered that the one talking to her was Ji Danqing and not the imaginary fierce face of a bailiff who was holding an iron chain to lock her away, she gasped for a while. After she gradually calmed down, she forced a smile and said, “I…I’m fine…”

Her smile was uglier than crying. Ji Danqing felt that something was not quite right with her, but after he checked her pulse, there was nothing wrong with her body. He loosened her wrist while still being puzzled. However, when he wanted to say something to ease the inexplicable tension of Shu Yue, there was suddenly a gust of wind and blew the faint stench on her body into his nose…

This smell…

Ji Danqing thought for a moment and his brows couldn’t help but tighten even more.

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