Chapter 189 Five silver liang

When the middle-aged man surnamed Lin was questioned by Gu Xiran, he didn’t yet know what had happened. But, first there was the incident of looting food, and then there was the unbridled clearing of the city, this situation scared him. He thought that Gu Xiran and the others were chasing to apprehend Shu Huan. He intended to cover the truth but then he remembered his own family’s safety and didn’t dare to conceal anything. Therefore, he hesitated and stuttered. Just after a long time, he made it clear what had happened in the morning.

“You haven’t seen them since the looting?” Gu Xiran went blank, frowned and said, “That is impossible!”

Zhang Zirong didn’t understand, so, he asked, “How is it impossible? Perhaps they were caught by mistake. Quickly, let someone go check it!”

“I was present at the time of the incident!” Gu Xiran said, “I have personally seen those people who looted the grain. She wasn’t there. Besides, if she was present, why wouldn’t she call me when she saw me?”

Zhang Zirong had always been quick and thoughtless in speech, so he disapprovingly said, “Maybe she shouted but you didn’t hear it!”

Gu Xiran looked at him angrily and didn’t want to talk to him anymore!

The scene at that time was a bit chaotic and noisy. It was indeed possible that Shu Huan shouted and he didn’t hear her, but couldn’t she have come forward to find him if he didn’t hear? Unless, she was unable to move freely at that moment! However, he had seen all those victims of the disaster who were unable to move freely, who had been tied up and caught. She wasn’t among them!

Gu Xiran sulked for a while. After thinking about it, he was still worried and ordered, “Someone, come! Bring all those who looted the grain here! In addition, those bailiffs who were present at that time, also come forward!”

Someone immediately did as ordered.

Those victims of the disaster who looted food were pardonable because of their hunger. Gu Xiran didn’t punish them severely after he caught them. However, it was also impossible to not punish them. Otherwise, this kind of thing would happen often in the future. Therefore, these people were punished to go build and strengthen the temporary accommodations. Soon, they were brought here.

Gu Xiran looked carefully again this time, but still didn’t find Shu Huan. Naturally, it was the same for Shang Xin. There was no trace of them at all.

Zhang Zirong finally had nothing to say. He shut his mouth, frowned and was in deep thoughts.

Gu Xiran was extremely disappointed. Then, he asked those bailiffs who were present at that time. He patiently described the appearance and shape of Shu Huan to them. Unfortunately, the scene was chaotic at that time. The bailiffs didn’t try to remember the people at all. They all just said that they couldn’t remember.

Things seemed to have gone into a dead-end at once. Two people who were clearly easy to find had disappeared completely!

Gu Xiran vaguely had a sinister foreboding that something had happened to Shu Huan. It suffocated him so much that his chest felt heavy and painful, but he knew that he couldn’t panic at the moment. He had to keep his head clear. So, he tried to suppress the urge to breakdown mentally. He simply asked Zhang Zirong to go back to Shu Huan’s temporary place and look for them. Then, he turned his head and looked around. His eyes gradually revealed a determined and cruel look as he spoke calmly to Du Qiu, “Search! Don’t even let go of an inch inside and outside the city. Even if you have to dig to a depth of three feet, you have to find her for me!”

This was already close to crazy persistence!

Du Qiu wanted to speak but hesitated. In the end, he said, “Good!”

Shu Yue who looked from the side, sighed from relief. The fear faded, and a smug feeling was born again.

Very good! Sure enough, the heaven was favoring her. All the clues were cut off here. Even if they dug to a depth of three feet, it could take several days to find Shu Huan! By then, she (SH) would have already gone mad or had died, and wouldn’t be able to link the matter to her (SY)!

The more she thought about it, the more thrilled she was. Her lips curved slightly.

Ji Danqing immediately noticed her oddness. He faintly glanced at her and then suspicions began to rise in his heart.

At this moment, someone from the bailiffs suddenly shouted, “Young master Gu, I remember!”

Gu Xiran immediately looked over and urged, “Speak!”

At the same time, Ji Danqing caught a glimpse of Shu Yue’s body swayed slightly. Her face showed a look of horror, but this look was fleeting, and she soon showed a mocking smile.

Ji Danqing lowered his eyes and was lost in thoughts but then he heard the bailiff who was somewhat terrified and anxiously responded, “When the people were snatching the grain… this little one…had tied up two people. In retrospect, they were somewhat similar to the people you were looking for. It was just at that moment the situation was chaotic all of a sudden. This little one didn’t dare…dare to be sure if it is really….”

After Gu Xiran heard this, he was furious. If the words of this bailiff were true, Shu Huan was tied up and couldn’t move freely at that moment. She also wasn’t among the victims of the disaster caught….

Then there was only one conclusion that could be inferred. Shu Huan was forcibly taken away by someone!

How was this a clue?! It clearly made him be more worried and rattled!

“How is that possible?” Du Qiu also frowned at the side.

Who was so free to kidnap someone during that kind of circumstance?!

Gu Xiran was about to continue to ask the bailiff in order to get some useful clues but heard Ji Danqing suddenly asked, “Is there any hidden place inside or outside the city that could lock people up?”

“The dungeon!” As soon as he thought about it, Gu Xiran shouted out the place he had ignored.

Originally, Shu Yue was elated, but after she heard this, she was instantly petrified. She then turned her face stiffly and looking dumbstruck at Ji Danqing.

Du Qiu pulled a long face and said, “The ones that are locked up in there aren’t the victims of the disaster who committed a crime, but convicts sentenced to death.”

“Really fucking damn it!” Gu Xiran rarely swore. He couldn’t care to say more, and began to run towards the city.

This was at an impasse. It was a glimmer of light that suddenly appeared in the darkness of being trapped.

  • To be at an impasse: at the end of one’s rope/ desperate.

Gu Xiran no longer wanted to waste time to think carefully about whether Shu Huan was there or not. He would know after taking a look. Furthermore, Ji Danqing had never easily expressed any opinions. At this moment, he suddenly raised this question, he must have his thoughts and reasons. It would be the fine as long as he (GXR) choose to believe him (JDQ).

If one cared, one would be in a confused state of mind. Compared with Gu Xiran’s abnormal tension and loss, Du Qiu was much more rational and sober. He rushed to the bailiff for the key of the dungeon, and then chased after Gu Xiran.

How on earth did Ji Danqing guess it?!

Shu Yue still didn’t understand why even after she couldn’t see Gu Xiran and Du Qiu no more. She also didn’t recover from her petrified state, just stood there blankly and muddle-headed. She looked dull on the surface, but it was a perilous situation in her heart. There were two voices that kept screaming and quarrelling alternately…

One voice said, “You can’t stay here anymore. It’s too dangerous to stay here! Quickly escape!”

Another voice said, “Calm down! Calm down! If you run away now, fame and power, glory and wealth and etc. will all be gone!”

“If you don’t escape, your life will be in danger!”

“Without fame and power, glory and wealth, what do you need a life for?!”

“Shu Huan, that bitch will tell the truth. It will be too late to run away then!”

“She has a dagger in her hand. Perhaps she has killed herself already. How can a dead person speak? Don’t panic and don’t escape!”


“Don’t escape!”


“Don’t escape!”

“Miss Shu!”

An external voice forcibly cut off Shu Yue’s inner struggle. She looked up blankly. Ji Danqing looked at her gently with a smile.

Shu Yue somehow suddenly had the courage again. She reached out and pulled Ji Danqing’s arm, as if she was clutching on the last straw of hope, “Doctor Ji, the injury on my body is cured by you. If you…you want anything, I can give it to you….”

Ji Danqing was stunned, then he smiled gently again and said, “Well, then pay the consultation fee. A total of five silver liang.”

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