Chapter 191 Embracing indifferently

Shu Huan couldn’t describe her joy at the moment.

Ever since Gu Xiran left, she still ate, still drank and still slept, aside from encountering one or two matters that gripped at the heart,she didn’t feel that she lived differently from before, but she felt that she didn’t live as satisfactory and that something was missing. However, she couldn’t point out what it was. She was often absent-minded and lived listlessly.

Later when the earthquake had happened, she wasn’t particularly anxious or worried because she didn’t know that Gu Xiran had returned to Jingtian City. She only feared that the two would be separated like this and would not encounter each other again. Therefore, she rushed back and wanted to find him. Only now, after she was held by him did she understand how deep her longing for him was….

That was a kind of joy and happiness that spread from the depths of the heart and filled her heart and body to the fullest.

Her life was complete with him at her side and there was nothing missing.

The exclamation of Shang Xin and the roars of the prisoners had been completely ignored. Shu Huan smiled slightly and put her hand on the arm that was holding her.

Feeling the temperature of his body once again and his odor, she felt that this was real. She felt good and reassuring.

However, she suddenly remembered something the next moment, jumped and tried to break open Gu Xiran’s embrace.

Gu Xiran was unwilling to let go and whispered in her ear, “I haven’t hugged enough…”

Shu Huan was extremely embarrassed. Her face reddened and she said, “Please, I’m very dirty now!”

She knew that the hygienic conditions in ancient prisons were definitely very bad. Moreover, here was a dungeon. It was wet and there was no sun here at all. Those prisoners detained here were on the death row. What’s more, it was during a disaster now. There was a shortage on people, so, people didn’t come to clean here even more. It was unspeakable dirty and filthy.

Gu Xiran was reluctant to let go and said, “I was too negligent….”

Negligent, he didn’t mind Shu Huan’s body being dirty. It was that he had forgotten to open the door of the cell.

The first thing he did was hug her across the iron fence. He truly couldn’t control himself and he also wanted to confirm that this wasn’t a dream. Later, it became that he was reluctant to let go and forgot to let go. Now that he thought about it, it was truly embarrassing. Even if neither of them were people of this era and didn’t care about “offending the public morals”, but it was really inappropriate to embrace indifferently in a place like a dungeon and in front of so many prisoners.

After Gu Xiran opened the door, Shu Huan regained her senses and let her gaze stay on his face. She couldn’t move it away. Then, she gradually frowned and she scolded inside her heart…

Gu Xiran, are you a pig (idiot)?!

After she counted on her fingers, the two were apart for less than a month. He had actually become thin like this!

In fact, his body was originally already not so strong and looked thin, but his face was still somewhat soft to look at. Now, it was so angular and showed toughness. The dark circles under his eyes obviously showed that he didn’t eat and sleep well during this time.

The more Shu Huan thought about it, the angrier she got!

Gu Xiran! Could it be that after he time-traveled into a body of a young man, all those years he lived in the past had disappeared? Such a big person didn’t know how to take care of himself and let others worry about him! However, even though she was angry and scolded, but what was the sour feeling in her heart…?

Shu Huan finally lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at him again.

It was fine if one says that she was narcissistic. She just knew that Gu Xiran had become like this must be because he was worried about her safety. The feeling in her heart became even more uncomfortable, but she felt very sweet and warm having someone to care about her so much.

When the door of the cell was opened, the prisoners became noisier. Some shook the iron fence and yelled to let him go. Some spit on Gu Xiran and cursed, making Gu Xiran fed up. His eyelids raised and he faintly threw a sentence, “If you continue to be noisy, I will cut off your tongue, chop and fried it and then feed you it. If you think that the food is not enough, I can add more. What do you think about pickled eyeballs? It would be very juicy and delicious with every bite.”

The noisy cell quieted down immediately. One could hear the noises of the mouses.

Gu Xiran looked very cultured and the words his spoke also felt like they were floating and sounded somewhat careless. But somehow, it was this kind of carelessness and this kind of threat that didn’t need fierceness to emphasize it that showed his calmness and confidence. At the same time, it gave people the sense that he would certainly fulfill his words and also made people shiver all over.

When a madman was doing crazy things, it was terrible but understandable. When a calm and rational person does crazy things, that was a real horror.

Shang Xin couldn’t take it anymore and said, “Second young master, too disgusting!

Too disgusting?

If it wasn’t because Shu Huan was standing safe and sound in front of him, it was truly uncertain about what he would do. Even now, when he regained what he lost and his mood was bright, but when he thought about how long Shu Huan had endured the insults and vulgar words from these prisoners, anger would still rose up in him because Shu Huan’s safety was not the result of them being merciful and not bearing to hurt her.

Now, taking into account that they were already on the dead row and wouldn’t have long more to live, that he just scared them a bit and let them be disgusted was already a very gentle method.

Gu Xiran smiled slightly and didn’t spoke anymore. He locked the door and held Shu Huan’s hand tightly, put his hand on her shoulder and escorted her to the outside.

Although, she had only stayed for half a day, when she walked out of the dungeon’s gate and saw the sunshine coming in from the half-opened gate, Shu Huan was jumping from happiness. She narrowed her eyes slightly and said, “In fact, I’ve seen you outside of the city gate before. Unfortunately, you didn’t hear me when I shouted. When I was being locked inside the dungeon, I was thinking about when you would come over, but I wasn’t certain at that time. I thought that perhaps I had to wait two, three days or even half a month. I was really a bit worried. I didn’t expect you to come so soon and to let me be able to see today’s sun.”

Gu Xiran was already blaming himself. He obviously knew that those people of Gu household weren’t benevolent people. He thought that he would only be gone for a few days. He didn’t take Shu Huan with him because the journey was hard and left her alone at Gu residence. As a result, it gave old madam the opportunity to divorce her. He also let her go through this earthquake alone and she was locked up inside this dungeon. Now, hearing her say this, his heart felt more pain. He couldn’t help but tighten his grip on her hand. After being silent for a moment, he asked, “Was it Shu Yue?”

He was no fool. At first, he didn’t pay attention to Shu Yue at all and also didn’t know that something had happened to Shu Huan. Naturally, he wouldn’t think that there was something wrong with Shu Yue. Later, he got too worried and was distracted. Moreover, there were too many accidents that could happen during a disaster. He didn’t expect at all that Shu Huan would be locked up in a dungeon. Thinking about it at this very moment, there was no reason for the people at his side who knew Shu Huan to do such a thing that only harmed others without any benefit. When he recalled the unusual excitement and liveliness of Shu Yue today, naturally, he would suspect her.

This question didn’t need Shu Huan to answer it. Du Qiu stood outside of the dungeon and kicked that bailiff who hung his head dispirited. He said, “This person had confessed. It was Shu Yue.”

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