Chapter 192 What kind of weirdo?

Shu Yue was about to go crazy!

She paced back and forth in her temporary accommodation. She was unnerved. It happened that Ji Danqing was sitting there and sorting the medicinal herbs collected by the bailiffs at the pharmacy. He thrown away what need to be thrown and throw those that needed to be dried in the basket to dry in the sun. He looked relaxed and peacefully.

She secretly looked out through the curtain. There was a bailiff with a sword on him patrolling outside. He turned around and happened to meet her gaze. Shu Yue suffered a fright and bit her lips nervously. She quickly turned away her gaze and started to pace back and forth again.

After a long while, she couldn’t take it anymore and said, “Doc…doctor Ji…”

“What is the matter?” Ji Danqing didn’t raise his head, but his tone was still gentle.

“It’s too stuffy in here, I want to go out to relieve boredom.”

Ji Danqing finally raised his head, looked at her and smiled slightly, “There are many ill people outside. If you go out, you may get infected with some disease. Why don’t you endure it for a moment and rest quietly inside?”

He used the tone of negotiation and his voice was so gentle that it couldn’t be any gentler, but in Shu Yue’s ears, it was a threat in disguise and a resolute rejection. She became a bit irritable and took a deep breath. She said, “Then, I want to sleep. It’s not very convenient with someone here. Please, doctor Ji, go out!”

Ji Danqing didn’t move and began to talk with her about health care, “Work during sunrise and rest during sunset. At this time, the sun hasn’t set yet. It’s too late for a nap and too early for a sleep. It’s easy to not be tired at night and causing the liver the inflame, injuring the inner organs. This humble one advices miss…”

He hadn’t finished speaking yet when Shu Yue already covered her ears and screamed, “I don’t want to listen, I don’t want to listen! This is not allowed, that is not allowed; what right do you have to treat me like a prisoner?! Do you have the right to bother with what I want to do?”

After she vented, she saw that Ji Danqing looked at her indifferently and there was pity in his eyes, she immediately had the feeling that she was being seen like a monkey. She couldn’t take it anymore, tightened her heart, raised the curtain and ran out, but she was stopped by the bailiff who kept watch outside. He said, “Miss Shu, doctor Ji said that you are ill and can’t go out. Please go back inside to rest.”

Shu Yue vented her anger on him, “I want to go…”

She originally wanted to say that she wanted to go relieve herself and use that opportunity to escape. Who would’ve thought that she only talked halfway when she saw Gu Xiran walk in while he hugged Shu Huan? His expression was deep like ice of ten thousand years. He said coldly, “What do you want to go do?”

Shu…Shu Huan didn’t die and hasn’t gone crazy. Even the clothes on her body was intact…

Shu Yue panicked so much that her legs gave way, but people like her would still think they could get lucky even if death was near at hand. Therefore, she forced out a smile that was uglier than crying, forced her legs to take two steps forward and said, “Brother…brother-in-law, you’ve returned…big sister…”

She couldn’t ask how her big sister was doing. After she paused for a moment, she said forcible, “It’s great that you are fine…”

In fact, fine her ass! She couldn’t be more eager for Shu Huan to never appear in front of her again.

Naturally, Shu Huan hated this “little sister”. She felt more disgusted at her fake expression now. She didn’t want to talk to her and only looked once at Shang Xin.

Shang Xin understood tacitly. She went forward and raised her arm.

“Pa,” could be heard. Shu Yue’s head went to the left with this slap. Then, she heard Shang Xin say, “This slap is for my miss.”

After the words fell, a slap fell again with her another hand and made Shu Yue’s head go to the right.

Shang Xin said through gritted teeth, “This slap is for myself!”

Shu Yue had been stunned by these two fierce slaps. For a moment, she stood there blankly. After a long while did she regain her senses and realize that she had been slapped!

This was an extraordinary shame and humiliation!

Although her family was poor, she had been indulged ever since she was young. No matter how domineering and shrewish Xu shi was, she loved her own daughter dearly. Hence, she had only seen Shu Huan being beaten and scolded. As for herself, not even a strand of hair had been broken by her parents. Now that she had suffered two slaps in front of people, her shrewish side came out. As for her other feelings like being afraid, panic-stricken and uneasiness, those had disappeared without trace.

  • Shi: clan

Her anger rose up and she screamed as she glared at Shang Xin, “Who do you think you are? You actually dare to slap me!”

Compared on fierceness, Shang Xin was naturally fiercer than her. She (SX) didn’t answer and gave her two more slaps with her other hand, making that pretty face of Shu Yue become swollen. Only now did she (SX) say angrily, “You are malicious and your ways are disgusting. You actually designed to have your big sister thrown into the dungeon! What about that I slapped you? It is considered lightly to slap you. My hatred hasn’t even melted!”

Only now did Shu Yue recall this matter. She paused for a moment. Then, she immediately burst into tears. As she cried, she said, “Big sister…I know that my mother doesn’t treat you well. She beat you, scolded you and didn’t give you food. It caused you to also hate me. But…but, I’m your little sister after all. How can you plant something another had done to you on me…?”

While she cried, she wanted to go pull Shu Huan. As a result, she almost made Shu Huan vomit from disgust. She (SH) quickly backed a few steps. She (SY) turned and grabbed Gu Xiran’s sleeve. She cried, “I’m innocent! Brother-in-law, I’m innocent…How can big sister ignore the relation of siblings and slander me like this…?”

Gu Xiran also felt disgust. He didn’t have time to deal with her. He first tried to pry open her hand.

She sat on the ground and cried, “These past few days, I’ve been following brother-in-law to search for big sister. When would I have the opportunity to go harm big sister? Even if I had the opportunity, I didn’t know where big sister was. Moreover, why would I want to harm her for no reason? She…”

Such shameless person was truly like a puddle of smashed up snot. If one showed mercy, it would stick to people without letting go, making people disgusted.

Gu Xiran was too lazy to even spare her a glance. He shouted, “People, come drag her away. Beat her till she doesn’t cry and scream anymore. Then, throw her in the dungeon!”

In fact, there was no need for a beating. Only with hearing this, Shu Yue already shuddered. She immediately quieted down. It was just that she still didn’t know that the bailiff who had escorted Shu Huan to the dungeon had been taken down. While she trembled from fear, she still struggled with hate and said, “With no evidence and only from a few words of my big sister, even if an official came, he could not deal with me like this. What’s more, brother-in-law, you are not an official!”

Forget it if this was said by another. It happened that she had done such a thing before and let someone lock Shu Huan up in a dungeon without evidence!

What kind of double standard was this? How shameless could one be?!

Shu Huan looked once at Gu Xiran and didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry. She said, “Today, we have really seen what a weirdo of this world is like.”

Gu Xiran humphed, “To a certain extent, she could be considered to have gotten the first place in this world. There would neither predecessors nor successors like her.”

  • To have neither predecessor nor successors: surpass all others of its kind before and since.

While they talked, some bailiffs came forward to drag Shu Yue away. Naturally, she knew that if she was dragged away, only a road to ruin awaits her. It happened that she couldn’t break free. She could only scream as if her life depends on it, “I’m not reconciled! I’m not reconciled! You all grouped together to harm me! I’m innocent! Killing people…”

Her voice travelled far away, attracting countless of people to look over. However, because Gu Xiran was present, no one dared to come closer to look at this liveliness.

Shu Huan got an idea. She pulled at Gu Xiran’s sleeve and said, “Bring her back!”

“Why?” Gu Xiran frowned slightly, lowered his head and looked at her puzzled.

Shu Huan’s gaze was on Shu Yue. She said faintly, “She keep screaming that she is unreconciled and innocent. If this was spread, those who didn’t know the situation would truly think that she is innocent. I will let her accept wholeheartedly, let her bow her head, accept her crime and could no longer shout that she is innocent!”

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