Chapter 193 The most incurable poison

After Gu Xiran heard that, he smiled

slightly. Shu Huan should deal with this and vent her anger. He was too enraged and stole the opportunity from her. It couldn’t be better now that she had her own plan. He immediately ordered for the bailiff to drag Shu Yue back here. Then, he stood at a side with his arms crossed and said nothing.

Shu Yue thought that there was a turning point because she had been dragged back. She cried miserably and didn’t know how to reflect. She said to Gu Xiran, “Brother-in-law, I’m really innocent. Don’t listen to the nonsense of my big sister…”

Shang Xin couldn’t take it anymore and rebuked, “Is this something a human should say? Let’s not mention what you did, these words were already very shitty! Second young master and my miss are husband and wife. You let second young master not believe her and believe you, who do you think you are?”

Shu Yue rolled her eyes and said, “What husband and wife? She had long been divorced by Gu household and you still say they are husband and wife?!”

If she had talked about something else, Gu Xiran would take it as watching at a clown jump around. Who would’ve thought that she would talk about the matter he hated the most which was divorcing his wife? She was truly hopelessly stupid!

He immediately said coldly, “Since it was like that, why do you still call me brother-in-law? I don’t know such a sister-in-law like you!”

On eloquence, even ten Shu Yue’s together wouldn’t win over Gu Xiran!

Shu Yue was stumped for words by him. She couldn’t think in a short moment about what to say to turn the situation back in her favor. She could only lower her head and muttered, “Anyway, I won’t be reconciled without any evidence!”

Shu Huan didn’t think about calling that bailiff to confront such a person because even if she called that bailiff, this person can still lie through her teeth and say that that bailiff is Gu Xiran’s underling and would naturally speak as he was instructed.

“You want evidence? Then, I will let you see what evidence is!” Shu Huan only smiled slightly and said to Shang Xin, “Search her!”

Shang Xin didn’t say anything, went forward and searched her.

Shu Yue was still struggling.

Shu Huan said, “I left you face by letting a maid search you. If you don’t want face, it’s no problem. I can let the bailiffs search you!”

After Shu Yue heard this, she knew she couldn’t win. Hence, she didn’t struggle anymore.

Shang Xin searched her and found the silver hairpin and bracelet she kept inside her clothes.

Shu Huan took them and asked, “You said you don’t know where I was and haven’t seen me. Then, why did the silver hairpins and bracelets that I let the shop make a few days ago be on you?”

Shu Yue had made up her mind to not admit anything even if she had to die. She wiped her tears, raised her head and said, “Even if big sister wants to harm me, you shouldn’t frame me with my belongings. Even if the family is very poor, I can still afford silver hairpins and bracelets. These are clearly those that my mother let made for me. When had they become yours? Could it be that your name is engraved on these silver hairpin and bracelet?”

There was naturally no name. She had long checked it. That was why she put them on her.

Shu Huan didn’t get angry and only asked smilingly, “Since they are your belongings, then I will ask you, what are inside of this bracelet and hairpin?”

Shu Yue went blank. She had weighted that bracelet and hairpin. From the weight, she could estimate that there should be nothing hidden inside. She thought that Shu Huan wanted to trick her and said, “Hairpin and bracelet are for wearing. What could there be inside?!”

“Are you sure?” Shu Huan smiled strangely.

When Shu Yue saw her (SH) expression, she become a bit unconfident. However, to let her guess what was inside, she truly couldn’t guess it. She could only grit her teeth and said, “Of course!”

“Such a pity,” Shu Huan shook her head. “You guessed wrong! Inside of here are hidden five thousand silver liang and the deeds of two shops!”

Naturally, also the slave contract that she got from Xu shi, but she didn’t mention this.

  • Shi: clan

Five thousand silver liang!

Shu Yue was stunned, “Nonsense, how can you have so much money?! I don’t believe you!”

The interface of the silver hairpin and bracelet was very delicate and decorated with pattern. Even if you look closely, you may not be able to find the ingenuity to open it. However, Shu Huan knew about it. One didn’t know why, but after she twisted and turned it once, that hairpin split into two pieces. Then, she used her nail to poke that banknote out. The same happened with the silver bracelet. Inside of it was also a paper rolled in a thin strip.

After Shu Huan took out the papers, she shook it in front of Shu Yue and said, “Who is the one speaking nonsense? You better explain why my silver hairpin and bracelet is on you!”

Although, Shu Yue was not very literate, but she had seen banknotes twice. Seeing the various kinds of complicated symbols on the paper in front of her, she knew that that was a banknote. She didn’t know why her heart loosened up and her legs went soft. She knelt in a sorry state on the ground.

She couldn’t describe the many feelings she was feeling now.

Firstly, was because she was stumped for words by Shu Huan’s questioning. Knowing that she was near death’s end, she felt all kinds of fears and fright. Secondly, it was because she was shocked. She didn’t know that there was such a mystery to the silver bracelet and hairpin. She deeply regretted that she was too complacent of herself and didn’t check them carefully. If she had found the banknote hidden in the silver hairpin and bracelet, with five thousand silver liang, why would she stay here to bear and endure hardships and fawn upon Gu Xiran? She would’ve long been gone with that banknote and go to a bustling city that had not been affected by the catastrophe, eat delicious food, drink hard liquor and enjoy riches!

  • Eat delicious food and drink hard liquor: live well

Is there medicine of regret in this word?


Even if there was, such a person like Shu Yue wouldn’t regret what she had done. She would only regret why she didn’t find the banknote sooner! She was beside herself not because she was remorseful, but because she was annoyed that she didn’t have luck!

Shu Huan looked once at her and let someone bring that bailiff. The moment the bailiff saw the silver hairpin and bracelet, he immediately told them what Shu Yue told him at that time.

This time, there was human testimony and material evidence. Even if Shu Yue was very shameless, it didn’t have any meaning anymore even if she refused to acknowledge. The few people present looked at her very disdainfully. They didn’t expect that there was such a vicious person on this world. For no apparent reason, she harmed her big sister like this. Also, her ways were despicable, making people look down upon her even more.

Shang Xin said angrily, “Miss, how do you think we should punish her?”

Punish? To someone like Shu Yue, the word “punish” was too light. The right word should be “convict”!

Shu Huan asked for advice from another bailiff, “How is one convicted for plotting against one’s own big sister?”

That bailiff has never seen someone like Shu Yue who was poisonous as a snake. He truly wanted to say the lingering death, but the facts were not so serious. Especially when the conspire against someone was unsuccessful. He could only say, “Forty beatings, imprison and then send to exile.”

  • The lingering death: the death of a thousand cuts

Shu Huan narrowed her eyes and said, “Twenty beatings, lock her up in the dungeon for a year before letting her out!”

Gu Xiran looked at her, smiled slightly, but didn’t say anything.

Shu Yue who had already fallen to the ground with messy hair and dirty face, after she heard this, she cried, “I won’t go! I won’t go to the dungeon! You can’t lock me up in that place!”

Shu Huan smiled coldly and said, “Even I have been there, why can’t you?!”

“I’m your biological little sister! How can you treat me so viciously?!” Shu Yue cried as she cursed. However, no matter how she cursed, Shu Huan was unmoved. She crawled over and begged, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was wrong! I know that I am wrong. I beg you to not lock me up in that kind of place. I will die! I will certainly die!”

“Don’t worry, you won’t die!” Shu Huan turned her face to not look at her (SY). “I’m not as contemptible as you. I will give you a separate cell!”

As soon as she finished, Gu Xiran casted a meaningful glance at those bailiffs. Immediately, people went forward to drag Shu Yue away. On the way, she screamed and cried, but her mouth was soon blocked and she couldn’t make any sounds anymore.

After Shu Yue had been dragged away, the surroundings quieted down again.

Shang Xin bit her lips for a long time. Finally, she couldn’t hold it anymore and complained, “Miss, you punished her too lightly!”

“She wouldn’t be able to take forty beatings and would die,” Shu Huan smiled faintly. “Letting someone like her die immediately was going too easy on her!”

“Then, why don’t you lock her up longer?” Shang Xin was still dissatisfied. “Just one year, it will pass in a blink of the eye!”

This time Gu Xiran laughed, “You have stayed in the dungeon. It was very uncomfortable, right?”

Shang Xin nodded puzzled and said, “It is because it is uncomfortable that you have to lock her up longer. Moreover, you gave her a separate cell.”

“Locking someone as pampered and spoiled like her for too long, she would go crazy!” Shu Huan didn’t hide her intention and said, “In fact, madmen live very happily. They don’t know pain and don’t have sorrow. They would spent their life in confusion. Why should I let her be happy like that?!”

Let her have longing and desire, but can’t get them!

That kind of endless and painful longing that gnawed at her heart day and night was the most incurable poison in this world!

Shu Huan didn’t feel any psychological burden at all by using such a vicious way to deal with people like Shu Yue. She only felt the refreshment after having vented her anger!

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