Chapter 198 Throw out

After coming to the ancient times for so long, she rarely went out because of the constraint of her identity. Naturally, she wouldn’t know many people. However, this fat-faced man left a deep impression on her. Even if she wanted to forget, she couldn’t forget. The moment she saw him, memories immediately rushed to her head.

Wasn’t this the purple lilac that she had encountered in the restaurant when she went out for the first time?!

This person was wearing a navy-blue robe at the moment, but the tightness of the robe didn’t fit him at all. The material of the clothing was ordinary. There were also holes and tears here and there. It was so dirty that it could be used as a rag. Obviously, these were not his clothes and he had found them in some garbage.

“Brat, it’s you!” The fat man was wounded on his hip. After, the initial surprise, he pushed away the servant who supported him and pulled up his sleeve. It looked like he wanted to settle the score with her.

Shu Huan was too lazy to bother with him. She pretended to not know or heard him. She turned and said, “The doctor went out to another patient and is not here!”

That time, the fat man had been rectified so badly that he lost all face. So much, that he didn’t even dare to go out much these past few months. How would he be willing to leave the matter at that now that he had encountered Shu Huan. He said with hate, “Don’t act stupid and pretend to be muddleheaded. Even if you turned into ashes, this master can still recognize you…”

He wanted to say more threats and then interrogate her about Gu Xiran’s whereabouts to settle the score with him. Unexpectedly, someone interjected him at this moment, “What if you can recognize her?”

The fat man turned and looked…

Wasn’t the person in front of him the Gu Xiran who he couldn’t arrest and who also caused his big sister to teach him a good lesson?

This was truly, when the enemies come face to face, their eyes blazed with hatred!

“You…,” The fat man had forgotten that his hip was injured. He bounced up. As a result, his leg exerted all strength and he screamed in pain. If it wasn’t because the servant caught him, he would’ve fallen onto the ground.

That servant had never seen Gu Xiran before and thought that he was the doctor. Seeing that his master was at disadvantage, he shouted, “Audacious commoner, you actually dare to offend my master! Why don’t you inquire about his identity and come over here respectfully to treat his hip injury?!”


Shu Huan couldn’t hold it anymore and laughed out loud. A smile even appeared on Gu Xiran’s face.

The fat man’s face became red. A slap went to the servant’s head. He said, “Idiot, why do you talk so much nonsense? Quickly go apprehend him for this master!”

He just finished speaking when Gu Xiran turned and made a gesture. Two bailiffs came in. When they saw this scene, they were a bit puzzled. They first stood at his (GXR) side and waited for his command.

When the fat man saw the bailiffs, he was stunned at first. Then, he rejoiced. He pointed at Shu Huan and Gu Xiran and shouted, “Quickly! Quickly apprehend these two people for this master…”

This was an undisguised offense!

Before he finished, he was apprehended first!

“You…,” That fat man was so surprised that he went blank for a moment. Then, he shouted, “Do you know who this master is? You actually dare to be so presumptuous!”

He was truly a clown!

Recalling his experience of being taking liberties at, the smile on Gu Xiran’s face disappeared and he said, “I could care less who you are. Throw him out!”

With this command, the two bailiffs immediately tossed the fat man and his servant out.

Even across the curtain, they still could hear those two people scolding in indignation.

“You don’t want to live anymore? Open your eyes and look clearly. This master is the brother-in-law of the county magistrate!”

“Right! Are you tired of living? If my master goes back and let the country magistrate issue a command, you will immediately…ah…don’t beat…don’t beat…county magistrate, safe me…ah…”

Originally, Gu Xiran only said to throw them out and didn’t say to beat them, but the two bailiffs got angry after being scolded at. They directly used their hands. As they beat them, they scolded, “From which mountain cave did you two roll out from? Still mentioning the country magistrate! Let me tell you, when the disaster happened, the county magistrate abandoned the lives of the people of the city and escaped with his family. The prefectural magistrate had long reported him. Now, the superiors had sent a decree down to catch him. You still mention the county magistrate. Even if the county ancestors came, it would be of no use!”

“Are…are you telling the truth…?”

Shu Huan curiously raised the curtain and looked outside. She saw that the fat man wailed as if he was at a funeral and questioned in disbelief.

He truly didn’t know!

During the earthquake, he fled by himself and arrived at the neighboring city. However, he was blocked from entering the city. He had eaten thin porridge for three full days. Not to mention that he wasn’t full, the hardest thing was that he had eaten till he vomited gastric acid. Afterwards, there were frequent aftershocks that made him not so scared anymore like he was in the beginning. Then, he met his old servant. The two discussed and decided to return to Jingtian City to look for that county magistrate brother-in-law of his. Who would’ve thought that he accidentally injured his hip on the way back? He was someone very afraid of death and went to look for a doctor first. That was why he came here and encountered Shu Huan and Gu Xiran.

“What benefit does it have to lie to you?” Gu Xiran said impatiently. “Quickly get out. Don’t let me see you again, otherwise, I will undress you and hang you naked on the city wall!”

The moments his words fell, the fat man’s face immediately sank. He wanted to ask more, but when he saw that the bailiffs came forward and looked like they wanted to strip him off clothes, he got scared and half-climbed, half-run to far away.

This was truly an evil person would get retribution!

Shu Huan didn’t pity him at all. Someone like him who only knew how to be like a dog threatens based on the master’s power, break the law and commit crimes, it was already going easy on him that he didn’t die during the earthquake. Being interrupted by the fat man, she forgot her task at hand. She pushed Gu Xiran and asked, “Why did you come here? Did you finish what you were doing?”

  • A dog threatens based on the master’s power: use one’s position to bully others

Gu Xiran caught her finger and played with it. He used his fingertip to play with the ring on her ring finger and sighed, “There is no end to the things I have to do. I can only take a break to come have a look at you. Fortunately, I came, otherwise that fatty will be arrogant for a while more!”

Shu Huan looked at the ring that was the same style as hers on his ring finger. Then, she looked at the rogue rabbit on his waist pendant and couldn’t help but smile.

It was such a great thing that the two of them were together. Even if it was just talking to each other when they were taking a break, they would feel happy and sweet.

However, life here wasn’t like living alone. Inevitably, people would come in to disturb. After Shang Xin finished washing the clothes, she came to look for Shu Huan. Seeing that Gu Xiran was also here, she pointed at a group of people in the distance and asked, “Second young master, I saw many people stacking wood there. Are they going to build a house?”

Gu Xiran was thick-skinned. He didn’t let go of Shu Huan’s hand, looked in the direction that Shang Xin pointed, shook his head and said, “I asked them to circle the ground to pile up things. When the earthquake happened, many people inside the city only cared about running for their lives. They didn’t have time to take the gold and silver in their homes. Therefore, I let the prefectural magistrate issue a command to not allow people to go in or out of the city at will to avoid people getting rich from this disaster and take advantage of the crisis for personal gain. I also asked him to send some people to look after these belongings and wait for the people who escaped to collect them when they come back. Otherwise, how will they survive if they have no place to stay nor money on hand?”

Shu Huan wasn’t surprised that he did this. The strange thing was that the prefectural magistrate didn’t seem like an upright official. How come he was willing to do such a good thing like not to coveting the money?

She naturally asked the doubt in her heart. Gu Xiran said laughingly, “He was not willing but at this time, how could he follow his desire to get rich? The citizens who had lost their money could only become refuges everywhere and beg. If more than half of the city went to beg, where would there be so many kind and charitable people? In the end, when there was no hope of living on, wouldn’t the citizens revolt? Even if the prefectural magistrate was very greedy, he had to keep his life first!”

Naturally, these belonging may be stolen under the cover of emergency by people. If the investigation was not thorough, people may falsely claim the belongings as their own. However, one couldn’t not eat for fear for choking and do nothing.

  • Not eat for fear of choking: avoid something because of the slight risk.

After Shu Huan heard this, she nodded silently. As the saying goes, it’s better to be a dog in peaceful time than to be a man in a chaotic period. It’s better to live in peaceful days. If a riot happens, one will become homeless and wander about in a desperate plight. Such days were something she and Gu Xiran didn’t want.

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