Chapter 200 Obituary notice

On the day of the earthquake, Ranmo didn’t follow Gu Xiran back to the residence. As for whether he (R) had come back to find him after the earthquake, Gu Xiran didn’t know. At this moment, he (GXR) was first stunned when he (GXR) suddenly saw him (R), then happy, and lastly surprised when he (GXR) saw his (R) plain white robe.

If he remembered correctly, it was enough for servants to wear a mourning band around their waist when they mourned for Gu Xitian. It hadn’t reached to the point of dressing completely in white. Moreover, Ranmo’s expression was very anxious at this moment. It clearly said that something had happened.

While Gu Xiran was in deep thoughts, Ranmo had arrived before him and suddenly knelt to the ground. He said, “Second young master!”

Gu Xiran pulled him up. “What happened?”

However, who would’ve thought that Ranmo began to cry, “This little one came looking for second young master to announce a demise. Master…master had passed away a few days ago….”

Gu Da had passed away!

After that was said, Shu Huan and Gu Xiran were taken aback at the same time.

After calming down a bit, Gu Xiran pulled him (R) up and asked, “Get up to talk. What happened exactly?”

Ranmo stood up and cried, “Master was already ill and was then caught up with the disaster in the city. He escaped with great difficulty but on the way, he was drenched in the rain and caught a cold. As soon as he arrived in Suhe city, he was bedridden. It was useless even after seeing a few doctors. After two days, he…died….”

Gu Xiran was silent and didn’t speak for a moment.

Ranmo wiped his tears with his sleeve and said, “Old madam was too sad and became ill too…The doctor said that even if her life is saved, in the future…in the future, she can only be paralyzed in the bed and can’t stand up or move again….”

Shu Huan became speechless too for a moment after he (R) told one after another bad news. Originally, she felt disgust for Gu Da and old madam, as well as that Gu household that was rotten to the bones already. But she had separated from them already. Besides, it was no real hatred that she felt for them. When she looked back, the feeling of disgust had lessened.

People died like lights that were put out. Those grudges and hatred would disperse by shaking it in the wind, and only a long sigh was left.

Gu Xiran then asked, “How did you find here?”

“Young master Zhang came to Suhe. He visited second master’s (GD’s illegitimate brother) house and reported to old madam, saying that second young master and….” As Ranmo spoke till here, he looked at Shu Huan, forcibly smiled and continued, “Saying that you and second young mistress are here, so old madam sent me here to announce master’s passing, and said that you have to go back to take care of master’s funeral.”

Shu Huan couldn’t help but reach out and grabbed Gu Xiran’s sleeve.

Although, she had let bygones be bygones, but to let her go back to the low-spirited Gu household, she was very unwilling. Moreover, old madam only mentioned she was waiting for Gu Xiran to go back to take care of the funeral. She didn’t mention a word about her (SH). That second young mistress, it wasn’t easy for Ranmo to call her that and he only called once.

Gu Xiran naturally understood Shu Huan’s mind, grasped her hand and held it tightly.

At this moment, the prefectural magistrate had learned that Gu household’s servant had come to announce a demise. He panicked and immediately looked for Ji Danqing to go there together. They happened to hear Ranmo’s speech. He (magistrate) became very anxious. Before Gu Xiran made a statement, he was so anxious that he rubbed his hand and said, “This…why did this happen so suddenly…This really is….”

What it really was? He couldn’t say it out bluntly.

How could he handle the great mess that Jingtian City had become?! It was all up to Gu Xiran to make the decisions for him that it was settled down. If Gu Xiran went back to mourn now, who would take over this mess? He didn’t want to let him (GXR) go but his (GXR) father had passed away and his grandmother was paralyzed. If he (magistrate) encountered such a thing, he would also have to ask the emperor to let him go back to prepare the funeral!

“Magistrate,” As he made this utterance, Gu Xiran naturally couldn’t pretend to not see him. He (GXR) gave a slight salute and greeted him (magistrate).

The magistrate restrained himself as if he had constipation. He was very much entangled. He didn’t know what to say and could only nod, “My condolences! I’m sorry for your loss!”

Ranmo realized that it was the prefectural magistrate. He hurriedly came forward to greet him (magistrate), and then said to Gu Xiran, “Second young master, do you have anything else to pack? If not, come to Suhe with this little one now!”

He didn’t expect that after Gu Xiran contemplated with lowered head for a moment, he actually shook his head and said, “Let second master and Xiren take care of master’s funeral. I can’t leave here.”

When they heard this, everyone reacted differently.

Ji Danqing’s expression was gentle, Du Qiu’s expression remained unchanged because he had expected this.

Shu Huan naturally also expected his decision, but she was slightly relieved too.

The most stirred up among them were the prefectural magistrate and Ranmo; one was happy, the other worried. The look on the two was completely a strong contrast.

Ranmo sniffed and said with a long face, “Second young master, how can you not go back? At home….”

The prefectural magistrate was present, so a lot of things couldn’t be said clearly. Gu Xiran could only interrupt him (R), “It isn’t that I don’t want to go back, but I really can’t go back at the moment!”

As he spoke, he put his hands behind his back and looked far away. He said, “Look at the ravages in front of you. There are a thousand things waiting to be done! Also, look at these citizens, it’s almost winter, these people are still destitute and homeless, lacking food and clothing. Look at the prefectural magistrate, these days had made him slim down so much. Doctor Ji is also busy all day and night, trying to use the limited medicinal materials to prescribe medicine for people. How can I leave at such a time?”

As soon as his words came out and before the others could react, the prefectural magistrate got so moved that he burst into tears. He (magistrate) stepped forward, patted vigorously on his (GXR) shoulder and said twice, “Good! Good!”

However, as soon as he finished saying that, he remembered that the other party had just experienced the pain of losing his father. The magistrate was a bit embarrassed and then patted him (GXR) twice again and said, “My condolences! My condolences!”

How could one be so black-bellied? It was clear that he broke off the relationship with Gu household and he didn’t want to go back. Moreover, he didn’t want to be a filial son to Gu Da, who he (GXR) didn’t have any relationship with. He just wanted to give an honorable reason and while he was at it, he lightly bootlicked the prefectural magistrate!

Shu Huan sufficated till she got internal injuries. The corners of her mouth twitched slightly. Ji Danqing also looked at Gu Xiran unabashedly and a smile of helplessness was shown in his eyes. As for Du Qiu, he was more straightforward. He (DQ) directly rolled his eyes at him (GXR) and looked at the sky with crossed arms.

It wasn’t two or three days that they knew Gu Xiran. They knew him so well that these grandiose words could only fool the prefectural magistrate. It didn’t even work on Ranmo!

As expected, Ranmo didn’t seem surprised, nor was he moved by his (GXR) noble character and unquestionable integrity. Instead, he swallowed, repeatedly thinking, and finally said with a bitter face, “Second young master, you being like this…this little one can’t report back to old madam….”

Gu Xiran had made up his mind and didn’t hesitate. He said, “Go back and just tell the truth, old madam won’t blame you! As for master, it’s me who is unfilial and can’t pay my last respect to him. I have to trouble you to go back and give a few more kowtows and burn a few more incense sticks at the mourning hall in my stead!”

When he finished speaking, he sighed solemnly and gestured with his hand, “Go back!”

The main reason that Gu Xiran didn’t want to go back was the things that old madam had done. Ranmo was very clear about this point. He knew that it was useless to say more. Then, he looked at the prefectural magistrate who was gratified and silently nodded alongside, stroking his beard. So he (R) didn’t dare say anything more. Otherwise, the prefectural magistrate would kill him with his (magistrate) eyes!

So, he (R) could only kneel, kowtowed to Gu Xiran and said sincerely, “Second young master, my condolences. Take care.”

He hurriedly left and went back to Suhe city to report to old madam.

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