Chapter 201 Backfire

From the point of view of outsiders, Gu Xiran’s father had died.

The news spread throughout the place in less than half a day. Therefore, although he only felt regretful and didn’t feel sad, everyone else thought he was very sad and in deep sorrow. The eyes that everyone looked at him with was full of sympathy and there was even an unclear reverence.

Gu Xiran felt great pressure at such unexpected reactions of everyone!

He liked to be a real villain and didn’t like to be a hypocrite. He blurted without thinking about it that it was for the citizens as to why he didn’t go back for the funeral. It was an excuse he used to fool the prefectural magistrate, to clear up all troubles and avoid entanglement, but he didn’t think to use this excuse to highlight his noble character and seek a false reputation. So, he faced the praises of everyone nonchalantly.

Who would’ve known that the people’s minds were truly difficult to predict? The things like that he was cold-hearted and heartless due to his nonchalance didn’t occur. Instead, people praised him for covering his grief in order not to affect others.

He was unhappy to mourn for Gu Da. Those voices that should say that he was not filial and that he went against propriety also didn’t occur. Instead, they praised him for not bothering about trifles and that he possessed uninhibited and unconstrained graceful bearing of a famous scholar. Even the prefectural magistrate followed along, saying that he (GXR) put his  whole heart on official business and was to busy to pay attention to personal affairs. He even had people prepare two sets of plain mourning clothes for him with shoes and all.

When Gu Xiran received this extremely considerate gift, he didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry!

Should he wear it or not?

However, the prefectural magistrate had said, “You and miss Shu are an old couple, but after all you haven’t rectified the status yet. There are always some things that she can’t take care of. This magistrate originally wanted to send you two maids to serve and take care of you. But now, it’s your mourning period. It isn’t right to do such a thing, so, I can only put this matter aside.”

As he talked, he sighed repeatedly. When he saw that Gu Xiran’s face was very gloomy, he only took it that Gu Xiran was also upset and regretful. He couldn’t help but pat Gu Xiran’s shoulder and comforted him, “It’s alright! Three years will soon pass. This magistrate will certainly pay attention for you and pick two beautiful maids to gift you!”

  • In ancient China, when one’s elder die, the younger generation had to mourn for three years. During those three years, they couldn’t get married or have intercourse.

After this was said, it was not just Gu Xiran who wanted to vomit blood, even Shu Huan’s face immediately paled. She cursed the prefectural magistrate in her heart!

Under such circumstances, could Gu Xiran still dare not to wear the mourning clothes? Even if he had to force himself, he needed to wear them. He quickly shoved away the offer, “No need to gift, no need to gift!”

The prefectural magistrate thought that he was just being polite and quickly said, “Need to gift, need to gift! It’s only two maids, why be so polite with this magistrate?!”

Seeing that Shu Huan almost couldn’t keep her cool anymore and was about to roar like the lioness from Hedong, Gu Xiran quickly coughed once and changed the topic, “I don’t know how the household registration that I asked prefectural magistrate to do for me is…”

  • The lioness form Hedong roars: a shrewish wife or a henpecked husband.

“Ah!” The prefectural magistrate slapped his forehead. “If you didn’t mention it, this magistrate almost forgot about it. Yesterday, the government official had reported back that the matter was done well.”

Only after hearing this did Shu Huan’s expression soften and revealed a slight smile.

Gu Xiran also took a deep breath. In his heart he hated the prefectural magistrate for not knowing to take care of proper matters and only know how to cause trouble! However, when he thought about it again, he was dejected once more. What use did it have that the household registration was set? He was now in the mourning period and couldn’t marry Shu Huan again! Three years! Three years! With the flesh and fragrance of the beauty in front of him, he could only start with love and end with virtue. Wasn’t this restraining (suffocating) him to death?!

Thinking like that, he hated Gu Da deeply again. He was angry with this old man who had sinned for his whole life. Couldn’t he die at a better moment and had to die at such a crucial time? Even with his death, he had to drag him (GXR) down with him!

Let’s not mention that at this side Gu Xiran dejectedly wrote a letter of announcing divorce and gave concubine Yun to Du Qiu. Ranmo rushed all the way to Suhe City and entered Gu Da’s illegitimate brother Gu Xun’s residence. He went straight to the inner yard and reported this to old madam.

Old madam was lying on the bed and a maid fed her medicine. When she saw that he had come, she didn’t take the medicine anymore and asked with a shivering voice, “How did it go? Did he come back?”

At this moment, her voice was vague and she didn’t spoke as clearly as in the past. From the double pain over her son’s passing, she lost a lot of weight and she looked more aged and senile. Perhaps, she wouldn’t have long to live anymore.

Ranmo didn’t dare to look at her. He only knelt on the ground and repeated Gu Xiran’s rejection with a lowered head. He also reported that Shu Huan was also on the scene in hope that old madam would be able to understand and don’t insist on breaking up their fate.

After old madam listened to that, she closed her eyes. No one knew what she was thinking. She didn’t spoke for a long while.

At this time, Gu Xihe had gotten the news that Ranmo had returned and rushed over. The moment he entered, he asked, “Where is second big brother? Did he come back…?”

Ranmo knew that they had a good sibling relationship and said with a crying face, “Second young master, he didn’t come back…”

Gu Xihe was very disappointed. He raised his foot and kicked. “Useless thing!”

Don’t think that he hated him very much, he still cared about Ranmo. In fact, he didn’t use much force. The kick wouldn’t hurt Ranmo. Ranmo cooperated and shouted in pain and fell backwards when he was kicked.

Old madam opened her eyes and said, “Don’t blame him. Your second big brother hated me and is throwing a fit by not wanting to come back!”

Her words were very thorough, but she couldn’t understand after all. Shu Huan that poor wife that they took in for just a few months and she wasn’t even those seductive women who could hook away someone’s soul; what ability did she have to let Gu Xiran abandon the Gu household that had raised him for more than a decade and even didn’t hasten back for the funeral of his biological father?!

After she said that, Gu Xihe didn’t know how to continue the conversation. He only sighed at a side.

Old madam also sighed with sorrow. What use did it have even if she couldn’t understand? Now, Shu Huan had already been divorced and the marriage between Zhang household had already been decided. Even if she regretted it, she couldn’t change this fact. She could only say to Gu Xihe, “Go, go bring little third here.”

Gu Xihe frowned and asked puzzled, “Why call third big brother here?”

Old madam closed her eyes tiredly and said, “Don’t ask. Just go call him!”

Gu Xihe went out to look for Gu Xiren. To be honest, he truly didn’t want to see this third big brother. Ever since Gu Xuan’s matter, he seemed like he had lost his soul. The whole day, he spent his life drinking at his place. Even if maids always cleaned up, but the strong smell of the alcohol couldn’t go away. Sometimes, there was even the sour smell of something rotting that would make people feel like vomiting!

If it was only this, then forget it. However, Gu Xiren didn’t speak well with people. When someone asked him something, he would narrow his eyes, raise his eyebrow and looked at that person with a smirk of contempt. Every time, people couldn’t help but feel like fisting his face and beat away this horrid expression.

As expected, when he arrived at Gu Xiren’s place and passed old madam’s message, this person immediately revealed that eccentric behavior. The moment he opened his mouth, it was to drive people away, “Get out and play wherever you want. Don’t come here to amuse yourself!”

“Who came here to amuse?!” Gu Xihe also got angry. He pulled down his face and said, “If it wasn’t because old madam called for you, do you think I will be willing to come to this yard?”

“It turned out that she still remembers such a person like me?!” The sneer on Gu Xiren’s face deepened, but he still stood up swaggering while holding his bottle of wine. He planned to go over to see what mood this old woman whose son even died, still has to nag him!

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