Chapter 202 The taboo feelings


After listening to old madam, Gu Xiren’s drunkenness immediately disappeared. He wondered whether he had heard wrong and whether he was still dreaming.

Old madam lay there and calmly repeated, “I want you to go complete the marriage with Zhang household.”

Gu Xiren’s body swayed a bit. Then, he screamed indignantly, “Ridiculous! Ridiculous!”

He couldn’t describe the shock and the feeling of wanting to collapse from crying and laughing. He could only repeat the only word he could think of. It was truly too ridiculous!

Old madam ignored his offense and patiently said, “It’s not ridiculous. It’s that the matter is pressing.”

As soon as this came out, Gu Xiren immediately exploded. He threw the jar of wine on the ground and roared, “What right do you have?! Why do I have to pick up the mess that second big brother left after patting his ass and marry that Zhang Hanfang?! Moreover, this mess had been created by old madam. They were being a good couple, but you had to write a letter of announcing divorce to break them apart and arranged a marriage with Zhang household. As a result, you annoyed second big brother. You don’t dare to force him and now you are forcing me?!”

If it was usually, old madam would’ve given him a slap after he roared like this. However, she lay on the bed and couldn’t move now. She could only breath to try to calm her anger. After a while did she shout, “You still have the face to say that!”

Gu Xiren was dumbstruck. Then, he heard old madam said furiously, “If it wasn’t because you and little Xuan caused so much trouble and let master collapse form anger, making him unbale to deal with the affairs of the business, would I had the need to make such a move and arrange a marriage with Zhang household? Now, it’s great. You broke Gu household, caused master to die and made me paralyzed from anger. Do you think you can easily pat your hands and not care about the life or death of this family?

This question was extremely sharp. Gu Xiren couldn’t speak for a while.

Old madam gasped for a short moment and said, “Even without little Xuan’s matter, if you had married shopkeeper Tong’s daughter, there would be someone to act on my behalf and take care of the business. Would it then have come to this state where people were pushed against a wall? Tell me! Tell me yourself how it is ridiculous to let you go make up and redeem your mistake?”

Gu Xiren also got angry at the mention of shopkeeper Tong. He didn’t think before he roared, “It’s still you who is wrong! Marry whom you wanted; did you ask if I’m willing?”

“A match made by the parents’ order and on the matchmaker’s word. Where is there place for you to be willing?!”

“Since it’s like this, then, you should go find second big brother to marry Zhang Hanfang. Why care whether he is willing or not?!”

“He is no longer a member of our Gu household!” Old madam said bluntly. “I let you marry now!”

“I can’t!” Gu Xiren was forced too much and put out the protection that he disdained. “Master had just passed away. How can a joyful matter be done at this moment?!”

“Now, you know filial piety?” Old madam sneered. “There are three ways to be unfilial. The biggest one is not having a descendant. With your master’s words, it doesn’t matter if you marry within hundred days!”

Within hundred days, the soul of the deceased still wielded life and hasn’t become a ghost yet. One didn’t even have to choose an auspicious day or invite guest to prepare a for the joyful matter and no one would make bad remarks. Therefore, those daughters whose age were old and couldn’t wait for three years and those who had to marry for some reason, they would prepare the wedding within a hundred days if an elder had passed away.

This arrangement of old madam was still within the rules, but Gu Xiren was unwilling, jumped up and said, “When master passed away, he didn’t say such a thing!”

“I said he had, then he had!” At this moment, old madam had stabilized her emotions and said, “If anyone had doubts about that, then, tell him/her to come talk to me.”

“Zhang household will not agree!”

Old madam humphed, “They would not agree to cancel the marriage even more! Otherwise, they will ruin the reputation of their daughter!”

Gu Xiren had nothing to say. He only had the choice to not agree even if he had to die.

He gasped angrily for a moment, turned and walked to outside. He said, “Anyway, I won’t marry. Who wants to marry, can go marry!”

Old madam shouted, “Stop!”

Gu Xiren didn’t care and still continued to walk to outside.

Old madam almost fainted from anger and finally said two words, “Little Xuan…”

As soon as these two words were spoken, Gu Xiren immediately stopped. Inside the room was an atmosphere with the smell of gunpowder. Gu Xihe had also come back to his senses after their fierce waves of quarrels. He quickly went forward to pat old madam’s back and also shouted at the maid to bring in tea.

Old madam paused for a moment and barely raised her hand to push Gu Xihe away. She didn’t drink the tea that the maid brought over and said, “I’m fine. You all retreat!”

Just now, the atmosphere was swords drawn and bows bent. Gu Xihe was worried and also didn’t want to leave.

  • Swords drawn and bows bent: a state of mutual hostility

“Retreat!” Old madam’s face darkened. The kindness of the past had disappeared.

Gu Xihe unwillingly followed this command. When he walked past Gu Xiren, he looked at him as if he wanted to say something but hesitated. In the end, he didn’t say anything and went out.

Seeing someone lock the door, Gu Xiren strongly suppressed the uneasiness in his head and asked, “What about little Xuan?”

“Sinful relation!” Old madam was silent for a while, turned her face and sighed.

Gu Xiren flew into a rage out of humiliation as if he felt like a secret buried in the deepest part of his heart had been discovered. It happened that he couldn’t vent it out. His face got red from restraining himself. He said, “Her experience is already miserable enough. Asking old madam to please let her off!”

Old madam humphed coldly, “That depends on how you act.”

“I…” How could Gu Xiren not understand what old madam meant. He hesitated.

“It’s time for you to wake up!” Old madam stared at the him standing in front of the bed and said, “Don’t think that I can’t figure out what you are thinking! You don’t want to marry this or that one, were you really just picky? Wasn’t it all because of her! Wake up! You and her are biological siblings! You can’t be together no matter what! Such an ugly scandal can definitely not happen in Gu household! I will never allow you to be together! Even if I die, I won’t allow it!”

These words had lingered in old madam’s heart for a long time. Ever since Gu Xuan had killed people and Gu Xiren concealed it for her, she vaguely felt that something was wrong. However, this kind of thing shocked and scared her too much. She forced herself to not think about it and forced herself to take the nervousness Gu Xiren felt for Gu Xuan as a deep feeling between siblings. But the reality had to give her a heavy blow!

Gu Xuan committed suicide using a hairpin. Gu Xiren felt so painful that he almost went mad!

The way he lowered his body to carry her, his tenderness towards her and his steadfast loyalty…

Old madam was an experienced person. How could she not see what these represented? At that time, a breath almost couldn’t get out. If it wasn’t because she still had a sense of reason and suppressed desperately, she would’ve long let people beat these two animals that didn’t have an ounce of shame, to death!

She also thought whether she should take advantage that this ugly scandal hasn’t come out yet and clean up these two wrecks who didn’t go through proper human relationships and who only smeared the family’s name. In the end, after Gu Xuan had been rescued, she observed for a while and found out that this was only Gu Xiren’s wishful thinking. Gu Xuan only had feelings between siblings towards him. This eliminated her (OM) killing intent. She only issued a strict order to not let Gu Xiren go visit Gu Xuan and put Gu Xuan under complete house arrest.

Fortunately! She felt fortunate now that she left such hand! Otherwise, she truly wouldn’t know how she could control Gu Xiren, this unfilial grandson with unyielding bones throughout his body!

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