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Chapter 206 Escape

Shuishe didn’t know the inside story. When Lin shi ordered her, she thought that Gu Xiren had already discussed it with Gu Xuan. She thought that she only needed to steal the keys from Chen shi and open the side door to let them out. She didn’t expect that at such a crucial time, Gu Xuan didn’t want to leave!

  • Shi: clan

She truly got anxious. She looked around from time to time and urged anxiously, “Third young master and miss, you can’t dawdle anymore. Quickly make a decision whether you want to leave or not!”

“We will leave!” Gu Xiren said impatiently to her. Then, he turned and pulled Gu Xuan, “Leave with me!”

Gu Xuan retreated as she shook her head.

“You…,” Gu Xiren truly got angry. Originally, he wanted to drag her out forcibly, but when it came to it, he still didn’t have the heart to do it. He couldn’t force her to do anything and do things against her will. He could only suppress his dejection and pleaded, “Take it as if you are helping me and leave with me!”

Gu Xuan looked puzzled at him.

Gu Xiren spoke again, “If you don’t leave, I also won’t leave. However, then, old madam will force me to marry miss Zhang. You also know what kind of person she is. Do you want me to spend the rest of my life with such an annoying and domineering woman and be driven crazy by her?”

After he said this, Gu Xuan hesitated. These days she had been ignorant about Gu household’s affairs and she didn’t know that Gu Xiren had been forced to take a wife. She thought that Gu Xiren wanted to take her away because he couldn’t see her live in house arrest and was afraid that she would be married to someone carelessly selected by old madam. So, she didn’t want to leave. Half of the reason was because she was truly tired. The other half was because she didn’t want Gu Xiren to do something that betrayed Gu household because of her.

Just look at Gu Xun and one would know that if he (GXR) stayed at Gu household, even if he was from the illegitimate line, he would also get some inheritance after he had taken a wife and has children. He can leave the main branch and live the life he wants! It was better to go out penniless and start from the scratch!

Gu Xiren earnestly said, “It was enough that the family has a rude and unreasonable old madam. If one Zhang Hanfang was added into the family, how do you want to let me live on?”

Gu Xuan looked at him and was truly in a difficult situation. This was the only important person in her life. She also didn’t want him to be forced into her state; feeling that living was more painful than death and struggling on whilst at the death’s door.

“Third young miss, what are you still thinking about?” When Shuishe saw her being like this, she really got very anxious. “It will be too late if you don’t leave now!”

“Let’s go!” Gu Xiran once again grabbed her hand firmly and pulled her to his side.

Gu Xuan was involuntarily dragged a few steps by him.

Forget it, forget it, let’s just submit to the will of heaven.

  • Submit to the will of heaven: resign oneself to fate

Anyway, she didn’t have anything to persist and be dedicated to anymore. Anywhere she went to was the same. If Gu Xiren felt that it was good for him this way, then let’s go!

Gu Xuan bit her lips. She finally voluntarily took a step and staggered behind Gu Xiren.

Only when Shuishe saw their figures disappear into the night did she sigh of relief. She quickly closed the side door and put the lock on as usual, but when she turned around to pick up the tray, she saw a white figure standing not far away looking at her. This scare let her soul flew out of her body and she almost let the tray fell.

Fortunately, the moonlight was very bright. She saw that the figure was second young miss Gu Yun. Only now did her heart return to its place, but she was still a bit panicked. She went forward with lowered head and wanted to explain, “Second young miss, this is madam’s order…”

Gu Yun looked once faintly at her. As she turned to leave, she said, “You don’t have to explain to me. This has nothing to do with me. I didn’t see you and you also didn’t see me.”

She woke up in the middle of the night and saw that the moonlight was bright and gratifying. She sat in front of the window and looked at it for a while. She didn’t expect to see two indistinct shadows flash in a distance. She thought that they were thieves and went after them. If she had known that it was Gu Xiren escaping with Gu Xuan, she would’ve not moved at all and came out to suffer this cold wind in vain!

After Gu Yun had left, Shuishe had just recovered from the shock. After she stood for a while, she hurriedly sent the tray to the kitchen. Then, she washed her face with cold water, tidied her clothes and hurriedly went to Chen shi’s place.

As soon as she entered, she saw Lin shi’s questioning gaze. So, she nodded slightly.

Lin shi stood up and said, “I’ve eaten white fungus just now and carelessly drank two cups of tea. I have to borrow sister-in-law’s place to relief myself.”

Chen shi naturally let her do as she pleased. Shuishe used that she needed to be at her (L) service to also went into the bedroom. She took this opportunity to put the key back on the dresser with the ring that Chen shi took down.

When she came out again, Lin shi talked on without stopping and then said that she was tired and went back to rest. Poor Chen shi was still in the dark and didn’t know that this master and servant tampered at her place. She sent them out and let her own maid bring one more lantern to light the road in front of them.

When Lin shi returned to her room, she collapsed from tiredness on the chair. After being in daze for a moment, she asked Shuishe about the details of what had happened. She was a bit surprised when she heard that this was seen by Gu Yun. However, she didn’t put much thought on it and said, “Little Yun doesn’t like to meddle in other people’s business. Besides, for who did I do it? Isn’t it for her and Xihe? Presumably, she appreciated my painstaking effort. There is no harm to this.”

After she talked some more, she let Shuishe brought in water. After she had washed up, she went to bed.

Although, she lay on the bed, she couldn’t sleep for a while. It wasn’t because she felt uncomfortable sleeping alone because when Gu Da was still alive, she also stayed alone at her place. She just thought that at this moment he was still at the mourning hall and haven’t been buried yet. She felt a bit sad because they were a married couple after all. Tears fell without her realizing it. However, after the sadness, she remembered her bitter experience and silent endurance these past few years, she couldn’t help but feel resentment again. She resented Gu Da for saying three in the morning but four in the evening and having a large number of concubines. She hated Gu Da for leaving her and her children just like that and left this mess for her to clean up!

  • Saying three in the morning but four in the evening: used to describe people who are very changeable in a relationship.

Also, old madam let her resent and hate so much!

The heavens took pity on her and let her accidentally hear the conversation between old madam and Gu Xiren. She also remembered that Gu Xihe had mentioned to her that Gu Xuan’s mother wasn’t faithful. She passed this news to Gu Xiren and told him that he and Gu Xuan may not have any blood relationship to tempt him to elope with Gu Xuan. Otherwise, she didn’t know how to deal with the absurd idea of old madam to help Gu Xiren take over the business!

Lin shi resentfully turned her body over on the bed and sighed. This was truly the one who deserved to die didn’t die and the one who didn’t deserve to die had died! If Gu Da was still here and old madam had passed away instead, she would clap her hands in happiness; how would she still be so angry and frenetic as today? Even now, after she had sent Gu Xiren and Gu Xuan away, her heart was still hanging!

She was afraid that when this matter was being investigated, old madam would discover that she had a hand in it and would vent on her. However, today, she did everything without one drop of water being able to leak out. Even if old madam suspected her, she wouldn’t find any evidence, right? Then, she just had to pray to heaven, hoping that Gu Xiren would be smarter and could smoothly take Gu Xuan to far away, as far as possible. From now on, no matter whether they (GXR&GX) were rich or poor, don’t ever come back!

  • Not one drop of water can leak out: very careful without any loopholes.

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