Chapter 207 The discovery of the incident

Lin shi thought that this incident would be discovered the next day!

  • Shi: clan

In fact, as soon as she fell asleep, Gu Xuan’s place was in a mess. The old maid who kept watch over Gu Xuan had woken up at night and wanted to see if Gu Xuan was sleeping well and if she wanted to drink something. She didn’t expect to find an empty bed under the moonlight. When she touched the quilt, it was ice cold. She immediately panicked.

The whole Gu residence became lively. Even old madam had been awakened. After she heard the report of the old maid, the first thing she said was, “Call little third here!”

Zisu got the courage and answered, “Third young master…third young master’s maid just came. He…he had also disappeared…”

Old madam fainted from anger. This scared the maids that they immediately sent someone to report to Chen shi and opened the door in chaos to look for a doctor. It was until the sky was already a bit light that they were able to save old madam and were able to awaken her. She opened her eyes and saw the large group of people standing in front of her bed. She sighed and closed her eyes again.

Lin shi had a guilty conscience and didn’t dare to speak.

Chen shi sighed from relief and said, “Thank goodness, old madam has good fortune. We were too worried and got a scare.”

Only now did Lin shi force a smile and said, “Old madam, rest well. The doctor said that you shouldn’t tax your mind anymore!”

Old madam turned a deaf ear to their speeches. She only lay there motionlessly with her eyes closed.

The room was very quiet. There was no sound at all.

Gu Xihe wanted to go to old madam’s side and act willfully as usual, but he didn’t dare after seeing this scene. In fact, he had also suffered a fright and was really worried. Tears flowed in his eyes. Only now did they fell.

At such a moment, no one dared to mention Gu Xiren and Gu Xuan. Everyone stood very scared and on edge. After a moment, Gu Yun turned around and went out. She said, “Why are there so many people staying here? Scatter and let old madam have a good rest.”

Others weren’t as casual as here. After she was gone, they stood there for a while before they decided to retreat.

No one expected old madam to suddenly speak. With closed eyes, she asked, “Did you go search?”

Lin shi said nervously, “The whole residence had been searched. They were nowhere to be found…”

Old madam roared angrily, “Who let you search inside the residence? What about outside? Did you search outside?”

Lin shi didn’t dare to answer and just looked at Chen shi.

Chen shi also answered embarrassingly, “I’ve let people check the doors. Everywhere was locked. There was also nothing missing from little third and little Xuan’s rooms…We…thought that they were still inside the residence. We didn’t think about searching for them outside. Afterwards…”

Her words were reasonable. Gu Xiren and Gu Xuan wouldn’t have grown wings and flew away. Also, Lin shi who knew the inside story wouldn’t remind her. She naturally wouldn’t think about searching outside.

How would old madam who had lived for a long time, not know these? It was like a mirror in her heart. Hence, she also didn’t blame her (C) anymore. She only looked at the bright sky outside the window and sighed, “Send more people to search in and out of the city. Pick ones who aren’t blabbermouths and don’t make this matter public.”

Although, she said that, the two people had escaped for more than half a day already and they couldn’t display it ostentatiously. The hope of finding them was very slim. Even if they found them, they could take preventive measures for a while, but wouldn’t able to prevent for a lifetime. They also couldn’t let Gu Xuan stay in the household anymore. Without this to threaten Gu Xiren, how would he take care of Gu household’s business with all his heart? It was already a fortunate thing if he didn’t ruin the business for revenge.

It could be seen that there was no difference between whether these two people were found or not.

With this in mind, an unspeakable sorrow grew in old madam’s heart. She didn’t understand how in such a big Gu household with many offspring, she couldn’t find one who was filial and capable. Those who died, died. Those who left, left. Gu Xihe, the only remaining one seemed like a good choice, but after all, he was too young and couldn’t take over the family business. This old body of her also couldn’t support for much longer and wait for Gu Xihe to grow up…

Seeing that old madam went silent again, Chen shi went out to do as ordered. Lin shi felt even more uncomfortable staying here. She couldn’t help but ask probingly, “Does old madam wants to eat something. I’ll send people to go make it.”

She very much wanted to take this opportunity of making food to escape.

“I’m already so angry, what can I eat?” Old madam sneered. “Everyone, retreat. You stay!”

“This…,” Hearing this unfriendly tone, she (OM) probably wanted to ask her something. Lin shi panicked immediately. She forced a smile and said, “The doctor said that you shouldn’t tax your body. If there is nothing important, it’s better for you to sleep. If you have any command, you can ask later…”

The words haven’t fell yet when old madam interrupted her., “Why are you so long-winded? Do as I say!”

Lin shi didn’t dare to speak no more. She could only stand there restlessly.

After everyone had left, old madam used much energy to turn her head and looked once at her. she said, “In the past, I only thought you were mediocre and incompetent. Now, it seemed like you are more stupid than I thought!”

One sentence scolded Lin shi to speechlessness. Her face went pale and blue. After a while, she was able to speak again, “This daughter-in-law…doesn’t know what I did wrong to make old madam so angry…”

“You don’t know?” Old madam sneered. “If you don’t know, then, how did little third and little Xuan escape?”

Lin shi refused to admit and argued strongly, “This daughter-in-law also felt that it was weird. Second madam kept close watch of the doors. Last night when I went to visit her, she just came back from inspecting the doors. There was no negligence. How did little third and little Xuan go out.”

This speech was naturally to clean herself from this matter. She stated clearly that she was with second madam and didn’t have the opportunity to let Gu Xiren and Gu Xuan out, but to old madam’s ears, it sounded like 300 silver teals not hidden here.

  • 300 silver teals not hidden: to reveal what one intends to hide

Old madam said sarcastically, “It’s such a coincidence. Usually, you don’t often go to second daughter-in-law’s place. It’s such a rare occasion for you to go once and little third and little Xuan escaped!”

Only now did Lin shi realize the principle of talking and doing less. Besides, she truly didn’t have confidence that she could hide her scheme from old madam. So, she hung her head and didn’t spoke anymore. She thought that even if she (OM) suspected her, she (OM) didn’t have definitive evidence anyway.

Old madam didn’t need definitive evidence. She only scolded her, “Are you really so impatient?! Is it that you hoped that after getting little third to leave, I will die earlier and give up my position as the head of the household to let you take my place?”

These words were harsh. Lin shi felt much aggrieved. She couldn’t help but take out her handkerchief to wipe her tears, “Old madam, how could this daughter-in-law bear these words…?”

“You already did such a thing. What do you have that you can’t bear?” Old madam continued to scold. “If you had some brains, you should’ve thought that Xihe is still young. The family affairs could only be relied on little third. Moreover, I have already planned it well. Xihe would definitely not suffer any disadvantage. Now that you set little third free, who would manage the business? Could it be that I have to count on you?”

After Lin shi heard that, she was recalcitrant and thought that that year when old master had passed away, didn’t old madam take care of the business as a widow? Why could old madam do it and she couldn’t? This was truly looking down on her! Hence, she argued, “This daughter-in-law truly doesn’t know about Xiren’s matter. As for the affairs of the business, if there is truly no one to take care of them, this daughter-in-law can learn from old madam. Even if this daughter-in-law can’t make the decision, but this daughter-in-law can still run errands and pass messages for old madam.”

This speech was too stupid. Even if she was very subtle, but she was still caught red-handed for wanting to be the head of the household like how old madam had scolded her, causing old madam to gasp in anger. In the end, she (OM) cursed, “F*** you! Today, I will make myself clear. Even if I die now, with your brain that is not bigger than a needle and a rice grain, you won’t be able to manage the household and won’t be able to take care of the business!”

Ever since she had married into Gu household to now, old madam had always left her some face. She (OM) had never scolded her with cuts and bruises all over. Now, Lin shi couldn’t even cry. She only covered her face with the handkerchief and was ashamed to death.

  • Cuts and bruises all over: totally refuted

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