Chapter 210 Wait for me to deal with a matter

Not to mention that Gu Xiran would find it difficult, even Shu Huan who was looking at the side, found it difficult. Not to mention that Gu Xihe used to help them a lot. Just the time they had been together, the feeling they had cultivated to treat him (GXH) as their younger brother, it was difficult for them to reject his (GXH) request.

“Get up before you talk.”

Gu Xiran reached out to pull him (GXH) up when he (GXR) saw that he (GXH) was crying more and more heartbroken.

“I’m not getting up. If second big brother doesn’t agree, I won’t get up…,” Gu Xihe knelt stubbornly there. “Just promise me, go back and have a look at old madam, perhaps…perhaps old madam is gone by now already….”

Speaking till here, he was choked with sobs and was unable to speak. While he was at it, he grabbed Gu Xiran’s sleeve and wiped his tears and runny nose with it.

This brat….

Gu Xiran shook his head with a bitter smile and forcibly pulled him (GXH) up. He (GXR) didn’t answer but asked, “Wasn’t old madam just sick when Ranmo came a few days ago? Why is she suddenly at the point of being terminally ill?”

People in the ancients married early. Although old madam had many descendants, she was only in her sixties. Moreover, she had always maintained herself well and lived comfortably. Even when she was ill, her body looked rather healthy. So it was a little sudden when they said she was critically ill.

Gu Xihe cried while he told what he knew but didn’t mention his suspicion about Lin shi. Because she was his birth mother after all, but even if he didn’t say, Gu Xiran and Shu Huan both knew Lin shi’s conduct. How could they not have guessed it?

“No wonder old madam wants to see me.,” Gu Xiran said with a slightly sarcastic smile. “It turns out that even little third was forced out of the house by her.”

“Second big brother…,” Gu Xihe wasn’t a disciplined person. He wouldn’t avoid pointing out the elders’ right and wrong, but he was very close to old madam after all. When he thought of her situation at the moment, he wanted to cry. He felt a little uncomfortable in his heart too after he heard Gu Xiran say that.

Gu Xiran casted him a glance and said, “She already plotted against me to go back to work like an ox and horse. Am I not allowed to say anything about her?”

  • To work like an ox and a horse: work extremely hard

Gu Xihe was stumped for words. He also felt that old madam had sometimes gone a bit too far. For example, he was also dissatisfied on the matters of divorcing Shu Huan and arranging a marriage with Zhang household.

“Alright,” Gu Xiran was silent for a moment and then looked at Shu Huan. Seeing her nod silently, he smiled and said, “I’ll go with you and see what she has to say.”

However, it wasn’t so much as to see what old madam had to say, but rather he was giving Gu Xihe face and to satisfy this brat’s wish. Or else, he (GXR) wouldn’t have enough clothes to let him (GXH) wipe his snot with.

“Really?” Gu Xihe was pleasantly surprised. He immediately wiped his tears and wanted to drag him (GXR) away.

“Wait,” Gu Xiran lightly shook him off and said. “If you want me to go back, you have to wait until I deal with a matter first.”

Gu Xihe was stunned and asked, “Is it about business?”

Gu Xiran smiled meaningfully. He didn’t answer, took Shu Huan’s hand and left.

When Shu Huan heard Gu Xihe beg like that, she knew that he (GXR) couldn’t avoid it this time and had to go back to Gu residence. Now that Gu household had fallen apart and old madam was seriously ill too, presumably no big trouble would happen. Moreover, she believed that Gu Xiran would take care of everything, so she didn’t worry about it anymore and acquiesced in his decision.

When the three returned to their lodge, they saw Ranmo show a sigh of relief and welcomed them. He said with a smile, “I was thinking that fourth young master couldn’t find second young master and was about to go after him.”

Gu Xihe was anxious and urged repeatedly, “Get the carriage ready. Quickly, go get the carriage ready.”

“What’s the rush?” Gu Xiran stopped him and said, “Didn’t I say that I still have a matter to deal with?”

Gu Xihe gloomily said, “What is it? You won’t even say it.”

Gu Xiran smiled, still ignored him and said to Ranmo, “Take him away, go anywhere, and don’t let him appear in front of me before dark.

After Ranmo heard this, he looked at Gu Xihe and smiled bitterly, “Second young master, aren’t you making it difficult on me?”

Fortunately, Gu Xihe knew that it wasn’t easy that he could get Gu Xiran to agree to go back. He was also afraid that if he urged more, Gu Xiran might become angry and go back on his words. Therefore, he didn’t wait for Ranmo, he just stomped on his feet, swung his sleeve and left.

At this side, Gu Xiran said to Shu Huan that he would go to doctor Ji and asked her to go back first and wait for him.

Shu Huan never asked much about his work affairs, so she went back to her place and looked for Zhen Shun to ask him to prepare meals for two more people in the evening. And also find a way to make more rations for a journey. Maybe when Gu Xiran was done with work, they could take it with them whenever they have to leave.

After ordering these, she went back to pack her things. Although there was nothing much to bring, two sets of clothes on the road were needed. After she had just packed, she saw Ji Danqing lift the curtain to come in. He coughed before he spoke.

“Doctor Ji,” Shu Huan was surprised. “Didn’t Gu Xiran go to look for you?”

“He…,” Ji Danqing smiled unnaturally. “That’s why I came here.”

This remark was a bit awkward. Before he could continue, Shu Huan was already confused. So, she just had Ji Danqing sit on a chair. Then, she opened the curtain and shouted at Meijing to bring tea. She then guessed, “He asked doctor Ji to go to Suhe City with him?”

Ji Danqing coughed again, shook his head and said, “He didn’t mention that.”

Shu Huan wondered, “Then what else is there?”

“This…,” Ji Danqing frowned as if he was thinking about how to tell her that.

Usually, when Shu Huan saw him, he was a calm and composed person. Even in the encounter of very difficult things, he had never shown such an expression of wanting to speak but hesitate. She couldn’t help but become anxious. “What is it, doctor Ji? When did you become so hesitant?”

Ji Danqing smiled bitterly and said, “This humble one has never done such a thing in my life, so I naturally don’t know where to begin.”

Something he had never done in his life.

It wouldn’t be like having a baby, would it?

As Shu Huan thought about it, she found it funny. But she became more and more confused so she simply didn’t urge him and sat down too. “Then I will sit here and wait for you to think about how to tell me.”

Ji Danqing shook his head repeatedly. Embarrassment was on his face. After a while, he finally opened his mouth, “In fact, it’s nothing. It’s just that second young master asked this humble one to come to ask one thing, you….”

But in the middle of the conversation, he couldn’t help but stop when Meijing came in with the tea. He took the teacup, lowered his head to blow it. Through the steaming vapor, he continued, “He asked if you want to marry him.”

“Pu…,” Shu Huan was also drinking tea. When she heard this, she spurted out the tea that had just circled inside her mouth. It caused her to choke and cough for a long time too. After a while, she still didn’t get her breath back.

Meijing was about to lift the curtain to go out. When she heard this, her eyes immediately brightened and she showed a happy face. She rushed back to pat  Shu Huan’s back and said with a smile. “Congratulations, miss. This is a big event. You two should have done this marriage a long time ago. If it’s dragged on, not to mention that we are anxious, even you will be held up.”

After holding the words in for so long, Ji Danqing finally said it. He really took on a difficult matter. He felt relaxed and his whole body felt light. When he heard Meijing said that, he stood up and returned to his former gentle appearance and said with a smile, “This humble agrees too. Anyway, you two have already done a wedding once, so the eight characters of birth don’t need to be checked. They are a match already. This humble one is going to report back to second young master so that he doesn’t have to wait in anxiety.”

  • Eight characters of birth: the year, month, day and hour of one’s birth. Used for astrological purposes.

As he spoke, he cupped his hands and went out.

Meijing said happily too, “I will go tell Liangchen and the others this good news.”

After Shu Huan finished coughing and gasping and could speak again, she only saw a light movement of the curtain in the room. The two of them had long been gone.


Shu Huan couldn’t help but feel dejected. She stood up and angrily said, “I haven’t say I agree yet.”

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