Chapter 214 The jade pendant

They hadn’t slept on the same bed for a long time.

From the initial rejection to gradually becoming accustomed to each other to separation, until this day, they could lie down again and talk casually, waiting for the call of Zhou Gong. Shu Huan felt very at ease. Because after closing her eyes, she didn’t need to worry about whether there were thieves at the door or not, or even if she woke up from nightmares in the middle of the night, that frightened heart could also be instantly calmed when she could hear the other person’s steady breathing next to her.

  • Zhou Gong is the god of dreams. It’s an expression to say someone is sleeping.

However, Gu Xiran didn’t think so! A warm and fragrant body was right in front of his eyes but was marked with a label of ‘only look, don’t touch’. This was simply an inhuman torture. So on this night, Shu Huan slept soundly but he couldn’t sleep for most of the night.

When Shu Huan opened her eyes the next morning, the first thing she saw was that silvery red top of the canopy. Only then did she remembered that last night was their wedding night. After recalling the question that caused Gu Xiran’s depressing mood, she couldn’t help laughing. Supporting half of her body, she pushed Gu Xiran who was sleeping next to her. “Get up, get up, didn’t you say we’re going to be on the road early in the morning and that I shouldn’t forget to call….”

Speaking halfway, she felt something hanging on her neck. She reached out to touch it and found a warm and solid jade pendant. That feel, that shape….

Shu Huan was surprised and hurriedly wanted to untie that silk thread of the jade pendant but how could she untied it when she was so impatient. She was so eager that she jumped out of the bed barefoot and looked for a mirror all over the room.

When Gu Xiran woke up in a daze, he saw her flustered appearance and disheveled hair and couldn’t help laughing and asked lazily, “What are you looking for?”

“Mirror!” As she spoke, Shu Huan found the mirror. She looked at her neck in the mirror and found that hanging on the red silk thread was indeed a jade pendant. That shape and even the color were the same as the one her mother had sought from the temple for her (SH) before she time-traveled.

She couldn’t tell whether she was ecstatic or sad. She stood there for a while, motionless without making a sound.

Gu Xiran panicked a bit when he saw her like this. He quickly turned over, sat up and asked, “Are you all right?”

As soon as he asked that, Shu Huan couldn’t help but cry out loud. She jumped into his arms and cried like overturn rivers and seas. Tears immediately wetted a large part of his clothes.

  • Overturn rivers and seas: overwhelming.

This was the first time he saw her crying so unabashedly. Gu Xiran was suddenly at a loss for what to do. He held her in his arms and didn’t know what to do.

“Hateful…you’re too despicable…,” Shu Huan cried and scolded him at the same time.

Gu Xiran smiled bitterly and touched his nose. “What’s wrong?”

Shu Huan ignored him and cried for a while. Then, she sniffed and asked, “Jade…jade pendant…did you secretly tie it around my neck while I was asleep?”

Gu Xiran let out a sigh of relief and his eyes showing mischievousness as he said, “No.”

“Ah?” Shu Huan raised her tearful eyes with great surprise. “If it wasn’t you, then did this jade pendant grow feet by itself?”

When Gu Xiran saw her face covered in tears, he couldn’t but laugh and said, “Yes, yes. Don’t know who slept like a pig last night. I turned you over and over and tied the jade pendant around your neck, you didn’t even know.”

As soon as he said this, Shu Huan’s tears which she finally managed to stop, fell down again. After crying for a while, she humphed in a mosquito voice and said, “Thank you….”

She was really grateful for this consideration. Although she knew that this jade pendant wasn’t the one her mother gave her at that time but it looked exactly the same! As she wore it, it was as if she had retained her mother’s love, retained those memories of the past. It suddenly gave her the courage to face any difficulties and obstacles in life, which meant a lot to her.

Gu Xiran smiled slightly and said, “Don’t need to thank me. It’s fine as long as you like it.”

“Mm,” Shu Huan nodded with tears all over her face, but this warm consideration made her feel very happy so she couldn’t help laughing too. This state of crying and laughing made her feel very embarrassed. So, her head went lower and she was embarrassed to look up.

Gu Xiran didn’t talk anymore. He just held her and sat quietly for a while until he felt that her mood gradually calmed down. He gently stroked that jade pendant and then said with a smile, “Alright, you should get dressed, otherwise you will catch a cold and keep sneezing and coughing ceaselessly.”

Just after he said this, Shu Huan really sneezed and instantly felt that standing on the ground with her barefoot was very cold. She hurriedly climbed onto the bed, retracted into the quilt and said, “Let me muffle for a bit.”

Gu Xiran smiled, didn’t urge her and stood up to wear shoes.

Shu Huan watched him while muffling in the quilt. She suddenly remembered something and couldn’t help but frown. She shouted, “Gu Xiran!”

“Mm?” As Gu Xiran fastened his belt, he looked back at her puzzled.

Shu Huan looked up, pointed at the jade pendant around her neck and asked, “I remember only talking to you about this jade pendant but I didn’t mention the style, color and so on, you…how did you find one exactly the same?”

So stupid! He thought she was going to ask this from the beginning but it took her so long to ask about it.

Gu Xiran coughed lightly and said with a smile, “Want to know? If you want to know, then get up quickly. I will slowly tell you on the way after we leave.”

These words of him were more effective than any urging. Shu Huan immediately stood up to dress up. It was just that yesterday was the wedding, so she could wear red. But today, she was going to Suhe City to mourn, so she could only wear plain colors with a small white flower on the temple hair. When she was done and looked refreshed, she saw Gu Xiran’s look full of admiration at her.

A woman must be pretty and filial.

She was dressed in plain white clothes, as beautiful as a branch of pear blossoms.

It wasn’t only Gu Xiran who had this kind of impression. After they had packed up and gone out, when Meijing saw Shu Huan, she (M) was also slightly stunned. She (M) covered her smile and said, “Second young mistress looks really refreshing today. But why did you cry a moment ago? Did second young master bully you early in the morning?”

Speaking of crying, Shu Huan really couldn’t hide it. Because her eyes were full of water and her eyelids were still red and swollen. One knew at a glance that she had cried. She could only pout awkwardly and asked Gu Xiran with feigning anger, “This maid has become more and more unruly recently. How should I punish her?”

“Simple!” It was the right thing to ask Gu Xiran about this kind of things. He didn’t even need to think and said, “Choose a husband for her and let her husband discipline her!”

“Second young master!” Meijing instantly had enough and ran out with shyness while she covered her face. “None of you are good people!”

Just at the same moment, Gu Xihe came with Ranmo to urge them to leave for Suhe City. The direction which Meijing ran to was the same that they came from. When Ranmo saw Meijing like this, he thought that she was scolded and ran out with shame, he couldn’t help but become anxious. He shouted, “Meijing….”

Meijing naturally ignored him. He wanted to say something but he suddenly remembered Gu Xiran and Gu Xihe were watching at the side. It wasn’t convenient to say anything. He could only swallow up his voice and watched Meijing run away.

This scene fell in the eyes of Shu Huan. It made her heart jump. She then looked up at Gu Xiran and saw that he also had a thoughtful face, so she laughed, “Mister prophet, why are you so accurate?”

Gu Xiran laughed aloud, “Since you said so, I really have to find a way to match them up or else I won’t live up to the name?”

This was really a typical example of giving a bit of sunshine, one would shine brilliantly!

Shu Huan scorned with a ‘tsk’ sound at Gu Xiran but she felt very reassured in her heart. If Ranmo and Meijing were really attracted to each other, then with this matchmaking of Gu Xiran, there would be another great couple.

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