Chapter 216 Decreed by fate

As soon as Shu Huan asked that question, Gu Xiran became silent. Then, he smiled teasingly and said, “I was secretly in love with you, so embarrassed!”

“Only a fool will believe that! You are such a thick-skinned person!” Shu Huan didn’t believe any of that at all. “If you were secretly in love with someone, you would’ve turned it into an openly love!”

“Right,” Gu Xiran pursed his lips and said. “So, when I got back on the cruise, I wanted to look for you to get your number. I wanted to ask you out for tea and have a talk when you are free. Who would’ve thought that…?”

Shu Huan looked at him with doubts and said, “Go on.”

Gu Xiran didn’t want to mention this extremely shameful and dramatic experience. He reluctantly said, “Who would’ve thought that I just went to your side when a wave came? The cruise shook so much that people were unable to stand. It was chaotic for a long time. I didn’t even have time to go into the cabin when some bastard fell over and rammed into me, making me fell. I flipped over the railing of the ship. Only you reached out to save me, but the cruise shook too violently. You didn’t have enough strength and the deck was slippery. In the end, we both fell into the sea and was swept away by the waves…”


Shu Huan looked at him and didn’t spoke for a long time.

When she heard this, she had some impression of it, but the facts were not all like that…

Shu Huan restrained herself again and again. In the end, she restrained herself so much that her face got red. She said, “In fact…in fact, I didn’t see that you were in danger at that time. I reached my  hand out, not to save you…I was bumped by someone and couldn’t keep my balance. I wanted to grab the railing of the cruise ship to keep myself from falling. As a result, you grabbed my hand…”


Gu Xiran also looked at her and didn’t spoke for a long time.

The two stared at each other and felt embarrassed and awkward. In the end, it was Gu Xiran who laughed first, “But didn’t you try your best to pull me after your hand was caught by me?”

Shu Huan had a face of innocence and said, “It was one thing that I didn’t see you in danger. After I have seen you and had been grabbed by you, I couldn’t shake off your hand and leave you to die, right?”

“As a result, you have been implicated by me.”

Gu Xiran became silent. This was the reason why he didn’t want to talk about it. At first, he felt some guilt. Moreover, the situation was already like this and couldn’t be changed anymore. He was afraid that Shu Huan would hate him after he told her this. It didn’t matter if she hated him. He was afraid that this hate would completely destroy the peace in her heart and cause her to lose this rare chance of rebirth and not be able to live well.

He didn’t talk about this. Then, he forgot about it. He also didn’t find the right time to talk about it until this very moment. He now fully understood what kind of person Shu Huan was. He knew that even if he told her now, she would not blame the gods and accuse others. It was very likely that this matter would pass with a smile. Besides, the two married again and he shouldn’t keep secrets from her. Hence, he took the opportunity when giving her the jade pendant to tell her.

As for the jade pendant, Gu Xiran laughed, “That jade pendant of yours is very unique. I remember it after seeing it a few times. When I was ordered to go out and take care of the business by old madam, I saw a jade that was very similar to that jade pendant of yours. I bought it and let the jade craftsman make a same one.”

It turned out to be like this!

Shu Huan was stumped for words and felt like she was in a dream. Only now did she sigh, “No wonder I feel that you looked familiar. I think I may have seen you several times during that trip. It’s just that I usually don’t pay much attention to strangers. Usually, I will forget them after one look. Moreover, you weren’t this age at that time and also wasn’t dressed like this. You also didn’t have such long hair. Although, you looked the same, but the feeling is very different.”

“Yes,” Gu Xiran said helplessly. “Are you angry? Our appearance and name are exactly the same as before.”

Because it was the same, he was able to recognize Shu Huan at first glance on the night of the fire. Before that, he thought that he time-traveled by himself and thought about Shu Huan. He didn’t know how she was and whether she had died. Hence, he was very irritable. He never thought about looking in the mirror and see his present face…

Shu Huan also felt rueful. After a moment of silence, she suddenly raised her hand, knocked on his head and said, “Little Gu, little Gu, you let the heavens give you carated gold, right? If you didn’t encounter the sudden storm and time-traveled to here, this miss wouldn’t have bothered with you!”

  • Carated gold: good luck

Gu Xiran still looked at her with interest and raised an eyebrow, “Why do you say that?”

Shu Huan raised her chin and said with pride, “Because my mother said that one shouldn’t casually give her mobile number to strangers. She also said that I shouldn’t look that the person is handsome, came and chatted with you a bit, become muddleheaded and run away with him. This time, there are many bad guys who look nice and make people not put up their vigilance. It is those who looked like a murderer and who everyone guarded against and wouldn’t have a chance to commit a crime are probably good people!”

Gu Xiran laughed because of her teasing, “Mother-in-law is really wise. Unfortunately, I don’t have the chance to meet her. However, you should keep these words in mind. In the future, you can tell our daughter.”

In fact, that he would notice Shu Huan, in addition to being special and looked extremely quick-witted, there was another reason. She didn’t pay attention to him which was a real turning a blind eye to him. There was no pretense included, otherwise, even if he had noticed Shu Huan, he wouldn’t want to associate himself with a girl who put on artificial airs.

The moment Shu Huan hear him praise her mother, she was immediately full of pride. As for the latter part of his speech, she didn’t think much about it. She only proudly said, “That is right, that is right…”

Only when she finished speaking did she realize that something was not right. She said angrily, “Gu Xiran, you are taking advantage of me again! Who wants to have a daughter with you?!”

Gu Xiran blinked and said, “A son is also good. I’m not picky.”

“You, you, you…,” Shu Huan raised her hand and knocked twice lightly on his forehead again. Then, she narrowed her eyes dangerously, looked at him with bad intentions and said, “Don’t change the subject! So, you didn’t find out about my time-traveling later. You already knew from early on, hid it from me for so long and looked at how I made a fool of myself for so long, mm?”

Only the “mm” was a guttural sound and sounded very threatening.

Gu Xiran had been in the battleground for a long time and long learned the invisible realm of changing the subject. At this moment, he grabbed her hand and said with affection, “Do you really not blame me for pulling you into the sea?”

Shu Huan hadn’t realized that she had been fooled again. She was stunned for a moment and was afraid that he would keep this matter in his heart and continue to feel guilty. She quickly said, “I don’t blame you, I don’t blame you because that day the storm was so big. Even if I wasn’t pulled into the sea by you, I might had been pushed into the sea by others. It was also possible for the whole ship to sink. Hey, it was an accident. Just and accident. It was fated to happen. Don’t take it to the heart.”

He knew she would say that!

Laughter emerged from the bottom of Gu Xiran’s heart. He liked her because of this simplicity and free and at ease personality. She didn’t have profound schemes and wasn’t like you hoodwink me, I cheat you. Being with her, he can completely remove the camouflage and vigilance that he had when facing others. He can trustfully and without reservation give her his back and the most vulnerable part of his heart. And then, enjoy the sweetness of being in love and enjoy the relaxing comfort.

  • You hoodwink me and I cheat you: dog eats dog and the devil take the hindmost

It was really nice to be able to encounter her once again and be together with her. It was truly that the heaven had given him a carated gold!

Gu Xiran lowered his head and put both of her hands on his lips. He smiled slightly and said, “I  will treat you well this whole life!”

This was the sincerest confession from his heart and also his commitment of this life.

Shu Huan instantly blushed. She lowered her head and wondered in daze: So strange, why did they suddenly talk sweet words? It made people so embarrassed!

Poor child. She hasn’t realized that the female prestige that she wanted to show had been resolved in a few words without a trace by the other party…

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