Chapter 217 Why care about who wants to cross the single-log bridge?

Rushed the whole journey without resting day and night.

Because around Jingtian City suffered a disaster, many victims fled to another city. Therefore, the checkpoints of the cities and on the roads were very strict. Fortunately, Gu Xiran had the seal of the prefectural magistrate on hand which made their journey unimpeded and without obstruction.

They entered Suhe City and got off in front of Gu residence.

Gu Xihe didn’t say anything, lifted his robe and rushed inside. When he ran into one of the guards, he grabbed him and asked, “How is it? How is old madam?”

That guard was dizzy after being bumped by him and stuttered, “Old madam…I…I’m not sure…”

He was a guard of the outer courtyard. Naturally, he didn’t know much about the inner yard. However, this sentence already explained the problem. Gu Xiran immediately shouted at Gu Xihe, “What are you panicking about? He isn’t sure means that nothing had happened. Walk well.”

Now, Gu Xihe saw this second big brother as his pillar. After being shouted at, he obeyed obediently. Because they didn’t know how old madam doing, it was naturally more important to take care of the living ones first. Therefore, no one remembered to go to Gu Da’s mourning hall to go cry and burn an incense. The group led by Ranmo went first to old madam’s place. However, it wasn’t very convenient that Du Qiu followed. Halfway, he turned and went to concubine Yun’s.

They had just arrived at old madam’s yard when a sharp-eyed maid went in to report. Lin shi came out panicked. She grabbed Gu Xihe, pulled him to her and checked him from head to toe. After seeing that he was fine, she scolded, “You, this child, have you eaten a leopard’s guts? Seeing that no one was paying attention, you sneaked out with the servant by yourself. If some unexpected misfortune had happened…”

  • Shi: clan

When she wanted to scold Ranmo, she saw that Gu Xiran stood there with his arms crossed and looked at her indifferently. Her heart immediately quickened. She forced out a smile and greeted him, “Xiran, you are back.”

Gu Xiran nodded slightly, “Madam is safe and sound.”

When Lin shi turned, she saw Shu Huan standing next to him. After the instant surprise, she gave a real laugh. It was just that inside the laughter, there was the bad intention of wanting to look at a joke. She said, “Since you came back, then go inside quickly to have a look at old madam. These past two days, her state of mind was still clear-headed.”

She didn’t have to say that. Gu Xihe had already broke free from her and rushed inside. Gu Xiran went in hand in hand with Shu Huan.

The one who raised the curtain was maid Fuling. She was also surprised when she saw Shu Huan. Fearing that old madam will get angry when she sees her, she (F) quickly stopped her (SH), “Miss Shu, please stop. Old madam presumably has important matters to tell second young master. What about this maid lead you to the hall and have tea?”

Shu Huan didn’t answer when Gu Xiran briefly swept a glance over and said, “You should be taught the rules. There is no miss Shu here. There is only second young mistress.”

Fuling’s face suddenly reddened, lowered her head and didn’t spoke anymore.

After entering the inner room, Shu Huan saw that Gu Xihe was lying on his stomach in front of old madam. She didn’t know what they were talking about. Aside from him, there were a middle-aged man and woman beside the bed. They looked about thirty to forty years old. She guessed that they were the owners of this residence. Gu Xun and his main wife Chen shi came forward to greet them.

Gu Xun rushed back after he heard that old madam was sick. He had never seen Shu Huan before, but he knew a bit about what had happened to Gu Xiran. He was able to guess who she was and nodded slightly at her. Chen shi was someone who didn’t have profound thinking and was a sincere person. The younger generation paid their respect to her and it was the first time they met, she quickly took off the almond shaped string of beads from her wrists and gave it to Shu Huan as the gift of the first meeting.

Several people were talking softly at this side. At that side, old madam was awake. After she saw that Gu Xiran had entered, she revealed joy. She tried to open her mouth and talk to him, but no sound came out. It took a long while before she was able to say, “Help…help me sit up…”

Gu Xihe quickly helped her sit up. He put the thick and soft pillow behind her waist. Ji Danqing had been begged many times to come see old madam. At this time, he also went forward to greet her. He first sat on the chair in front of the bed and reached out to check her pulse.

After old madam sat up, she gasped for a while. As soon as she lifted her eyes, through the curtain that didn’t block her gaze, she immediately saw Shu Huan. The breath that had become normal immediately suffocated her again. It made her roll her eyes. Ji Danqing saw that the situation was not well, quickly took out the silver needles to pierce her acupuncture points. She coughed up a thick sputum and gradually her breathing eased.

When Gu Xun saw this, he couldn’t help but frown. He looked at Gu Xiran and said, “Old madam can’t be angered. Xiran, don’t you think…”

“Alright,” Gu Xiran smiled slightly. He took Shu Huan’s hand and walked to outside. “Since old madam gets angry when she sees us, let’s see each other when she gets better.”

“This child…,” How could Gu Xun not know old madam’s mind? He also didn’t have the intention of snatching his big brother’s inheritance. He quickly stopped Gu Xiran and discussed in lowered voice, “Why are you so stubborn? No one asked you to drive her out. It was only to avoid a bit. Later, slowly beg old madam…”

“I can’t do it,” Gu Xiran interrupted him. He raised his voice and said, “She is my wife and there is no one she should hide from. There is no reason to avoid and hide.”

To put it plainly, he came back to see old madam and was prepared to take care of this mess of Gu household was because he gave Gu Xihe face and because of the feelings between them. In the past he (GXH) helped them a lot. There was no justification to watch him lose his father, grandmother and also someone to discipline him, and let people with bad intentions slowly swindle the inheritance, leaving him on the streets. In other words, if there was another person from the main branch of Gu household that could support the family business, he wouldn’t have returned.

Since he returned now, he would decide everything according to his rules. Even if the other party was unwilling, he would be with a clear conscience. From then on, they would separate. He would go on with his road through Yangguan and he wouldn’t care about who wanted to cross the single-log bridge.

  • Road through Yangguan: bright future
  • Single-lo bridge: difficult path

“This…,” Gu Xun hesitated. He didn’t have sons. These years he also wasn’t close to his big brother. His nephews also weren’t close with him. He didn’t know whether he should put out an attitude and prestige of an uncle to reprimand Gu Xiran or use soft words to discuss with him.

Gu Xihe also looked at this one and looked at that one. He didn’t know who he should help. His face was full of anxiety. Only Chen shi didn’t move nor speak and Lin shi couldn’t wait for them to cause a scene. She took joy in the calamity and laughed with sarcasm at a side.

At this moment, they heard old madam gave a long sigh and said, “Forget it…forget it…everyone come over…”

She had tasted the haughtiness and stubbornness of this grandson. Before the disaster at Jingtian City, she could be considered healthy. Even then, when she could scold people, she had no way to deal with Gu Xiran. At this moment, she couldn’t even speak clearly. Could she still have the hope to persuade him?

That was impossible!

She sees it clearly now and she had also lost hope. It was better for her to save her energy and talk about important matters. Besides, having haughtiness and stubbornness wasn’t something bad. It could be seen that Gu Xiran was a firm-minded person who could make his own decisions. Such a person was often decisive when it came to incidents and wouldn’t delay in a fleeting moment. Moreover, she had learned that the prefectural magistrate regarded this grandson as valuable. Then he must not be a rude and impetuous inexperienced person and must be someone who have his own merits.

As for why this sickly grandson who she had watched growing up suddenly became so able and efficient, she didn’t want to pursue it anymore. She also had no energy to pursue. She only knew that the person standing in front of her now was the person most suitable to inherit the family business. He was even more suitable than her oldest grandson Gu Xitian because Gu Xitian’s character was too soft and gullible. He couldn’t differentiate good from bad when people sweet-talked at him. Because of this, she was very much worried.

Now, even if she wanted to worry, she couldn’t worry anymore. Then, she could only let go. As long as Gu Xiran promise to take care of Gu household’s business and support this family, let alone that he wanted Shu Huan, this daughter of a poor family, even if he wanted a maid or a female beggar as main wife, she could only do as he wished.

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