Chapter 218 Do your best and listen to the mandate of heaven

The moment old madam relented, the others also didn’t have anything more to say. Only Lin shi was extremely disappointed, but what could she say? She could only glare fiercely at Gu Xihe and blamed him for bringing Gu Xiran back.

  • Shi: clan

Gu Xihe was also very dejected in the face of his mother’s incomprehension. He dodged her glare and pretended to not have seen it.

The room was quiet for a while, waiting for Ji Danqing to finish checking the pulse.

After a long time, when Ji Danqing stood up calmly, Gu Xihe hurriedly asked, “Doctor Ji, how is it?”

Ji Danqing shook his head slightly. Gu Xihe panicked and almost burst into tears on spot.

“Fourth young master, keep calm and don’t be impatient.”

Gu Xihe stabilized himself and asked, “Then, can old madam be saved?”

Ji Danqing still shook his head and said, “This humble one could only say, I will do my utmost best and leave the rest to the heavens.”

Gu Xihe became irritable and said, “What’s the difference between this and not being able to be save her?”

“Little fourth!” Gu Xiran shouted at him. He used his eyes to gesture at Ji Danqing to follow him (GXR). After they took some distance from the others, he asked in a low voice, “How confident are you?”

Ji Danqing thought for a moment and raised three fingers.

Gu Xiran was silent for a moment and nodded.

“It’s better to say everything that needed to be talked about as soon as possible. If she could relax her mind, then, I will be twenty percent more confident.” As Ji Danqing talked, he cupped his hands at the others and said, “This humble one will first go to the kitchen to prepare the medicine for old madam.”

The moment he left, Gu Xun couldn’t hold it in anymore and sighed. He walked to the bed and asked gently, “Old madam, what do you want to eat? This son will let people go make it.”

Old madam closed her eyes and was barely able to shake her head.

Seeing this sad scene, Gu Xihe couldn’t hold back anymore. He threw himself on old madam and cried loudly. As he cried, he said, “Old madam, everything will be fine. After doctor Ji had made the medication, it will be fine if you take it…”

Old madam’s fingers trembled. It seemed like she wanted to raise her hand to caress Gu Xihe’s head, but she was helplessly paralyzed and couldn’t move. She could only mumble intermittently and persuaded him, “Don’t…don’t cry…wipe your tears…listen to doctor Ji, he will do his utmost effort and leave the rest to the heavens…”

Gu Xihe nodded desperately, but the tears couldn’t be wiped away. The moment, he wiped them away, they would burst out again.

Old madam’s tone showed more tenderness, “This old woman is already at such an age…even if…I can’t be cured and leave like this, there…there is nothing to feel pity about. You can’t be…too sad…”

As she talked, she tried her best to raise her head to look at Gu Xiran and said, “Xiran, come…come here…I have something to say to you…”

Gu Xiran really didn’t have much feelings for old madam, but he could understand the feelings of being born, grow old, get sick and die. And, when he saw Gu Xihe cried so miserably, he also felt a bit sorrowful. He took a few steps forward.

Old madam murmured again., “The…the box next to the pillow…the key…is under the pillow.”

Gu Xihe hurriedly wiped his tears and went to get it for her. That was a red sandalwood box inlaid with white jewels. The box was locked. After opening it with the key, inside of it were all the paperwork and correspondence of Gu household’s business, as well as the deeds of properties, various shops and some banknotes. In addition, there was another small stack of paper with the exclusive formula of Gu household’s fragrance.

The moment, Lin shi saw this box, her eyes straightened. She truly wanted to rob that for herself, but it happened that Gu Xihe turned it over to Gu Xiran. With so many eyes watching, she also couldn’t say anything, not to mention stealing it. She became angrier.

Old madam insisted again, “In…in the future…”

Gu Xiran took over the box. Hearing that she had to take many breaths in one sentence and it was extremely strenuous for her to speak, he was afraid that midway through the conversation, she would pass away because of not being able to breath. Hence, he interrupted her and said, “Old madam, save some energy and listen to me. If you feel that I’m telling the right thing, then nod. If you disagree, then shake your head!”

Old madam felt relieved and nodded slightly.

Gu Xiran looked at the box in his hands and shook his head. He handed it to Shu Huan. Then, he looked at Gu Xihe and said, “Old madam let little fourth call me back because you want me to take care of Gu household’s business and watch over little fourth till he grows up?”

Old madam’s eyes brightened slightly and nodded.

“Since it is like this, I will make myself clear first!” Gu Xiran said with his head high. “First, cancel the marriage alliance with Zhang household immediately. Secondly, everything should go according to my arrangements. Others can’t criticize or give order and tell me what to do or not to do. This also includes, old madam and madam. Don’t use your identity of an elder to suppress me. Of course, if I take the initiative to ask for your opinion, then, that is another case…”

As soon as he said this, Lin shi couldn’t help but shout, “Xiran, you went overboard. How come old madam can’t order you around? You are being disrespectful to the elders!”

Gu Xiran casted a glance at her and ignored her. He continued, “Thirdly, I take care and work hard on the business outside. I don’t want to return home and also have to manage the fire in the back courtyard. From now on, little Huan will be in charge of the household. Whatever, she says can be done, then it can be done. Whatever she says can’t be done, then it can’t be done! Similarly, unless she asks for advice, others are not allowed to criticize or give orders!”

If the two previous points of Gu Xiran made Lin shi unhappy, she only wanted to use that as a pretext to make a fuss and sow dissension to get old madam to get angry. Now, listening till here, she truly was unable to restrain her anger and exploded immediately, “Let your wife take care of the household! Gu Xiran, do you still have me, your legitimate mother, in your eyes!”

“I have!” Gu Xiran grinned. “If I didn’t have you in my eyes, why would I speak so much?”

He talked so much was because he had to prevent this madam from thinking herself clever and cause trouble or make a fuss!

Stupidity was actually not terrible. The most terrible was that one was obviously stupid but and still doesn’t know it themselves. If he didn’t make himself clear as soon as possible and prevent this from happening, he might as well wash his hands from this matter lest he do an arduous job but still won’t be thanked for it.

This was said ambiguously. Lin shi didn’t react yet and was still a bit in daze.

When Gu Xun listened till here, he also felt that this nephew was too arrogant, high and mighty. He was very young and didn’t experienced much things. Did he think that it was easy to run a business? Also, that wife of his came from a poor family background and didn’t have much knowledge. Without the elders there to give pointers, how could she take care of such a big household? He felt that it was inappropriate and interjected, “Xiran, you are wrong on this! The elders had eaten more salt than you have eaten rice. You should still listen to their opinions! Take back what you just said and consider more!

  • Eaten more salt than you have eaten rice: have more experience

Shu Huan felt that it was funny: if one eats too much salt, it will take one’s life!

After Lin shi got Gu Xun’s help, she was immediately filled with confidence and said, “Right! Someone like little Huan had only gnawed on bread for a few years and have no knowledge at all. If she encounters a bigger scene, her limbs will lose strength and she won’t be able to utter a word. How could she manage the household?”

This was truly the common saying: looking down on human from a dog’s eyes!

  • Looking down on human from a dog’s eyes: judge other people based on one’s own small mind or lowly view. Because dogs are usually much shorter than human, their eyes default view is at a much lower level than human eyes.

Shu Huan raised the corners of her lip slightly and put the box in her hand in front of Lin shi. She said, “We also know that we are short-sighted and don’t have much experience, and truly shouldn’t take the care of business and household on ourselves. It would be a small matter if people say that we seized the family business and are disrespectful to the elders. If we take the wrong step and ruined this family, then it would be too great of a sin. It’s better for madam to take this box and keep it well for old madam.”

Lin shi didn’t expect that they would truly return the box that was already in their position. After she went blank for a moment, she couldn’t stop herself from getting excited. She thought that if she didn’t seize this opportunity, there won’t be another chance like this. Now matter what, take it over first! Therefore, she didn’t see Gu Xihe giving her meaningful glances at all. She tightened her heart, thickened her face and wanted to go take over the box.

Who would’ve thought that her hand didn’t touch the box yet when she heard old madam yell from anger, “You dare?!”

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