Chapter 219 Could die in peace

With  old madam being in power for so long, when Lin shi heard old madam’s voice, her (L) body acted before her mind. The hand that was about to be put on the small box immediately shrank back. Then, humiliation fell over her. Her face slowly became red. The more she thought about it, the more ashamed she felt. At last, she took out a handkerchief and began to sob.

  • Shi: clan

Chen shi didn’t know what kind of person she (L) was and was also not clear about those things that had happened at the main branch of Gu household. It was just that they were both sisters-in-laws of each other and seeing Lin shi in such a state, she (C) felt bad for her (L). She (C) hurriedly came forward to comfort her (L) and tried to overcome this awkwardness.

Lin shi immediately grabbed Chen shi’s hand as if she was holding on her last hope and cried, “We naturally have to follow old madam’s arrangements on who will inherit the family business, but I have been married into Gu household for more than ten years and have given birth to a son and a daughter too. I have been very careful normally and I didn’t do much wrong. How did it come to this day that I have to be controlled by the younger generation? Isn’t the order of seniority in the family then mixed up…I…I feel aggrieved in my heart….”

She (L) was obviously speaking to Chen shi in the face but in fact, she was complaining to old madam and while at it resolve this awkwardness. However, it was really difficult for Chen shi to respond, so she (C) just comforted her (L), “Elder sister-in-law, don’t cry, let’s listen to what old madam has to say.”

Lin shi was unwilling but when she saw old madam breathing heavily and glaring at her, she was afraid that if she said another word, she would be told to shut up. So she just cried in a low voice and stopped talking.

Gu Xiran and Shu Huan exchanged a glance and shook their heads. They came back because of Gu Xihe, but in the eyes of Lin shi, they came to fight for property and seize power. It was really of no interest to make such a scene.

After Shu Huan put down the box which was in her hand on the table, Gu Xiran took her hand and said, “I have said what I wanted to say. We will go to master’s mourning hall to burn incense first. Call us after you have finished discussing.”

Old madam suppressed her anger and said while gasping, “Come back…we’ll do as you say.”

Lin shi’s sobs grew louder and louder.

Old madam said impatiently, “Get out if you’re going to cry again….”

These past two days, she (OM) truly got very tired of this daughter-in-law. In the past, Gu Da didn’t like his women being meddlesome. Lin shi didn’t have a say decisions, therefore Lin shi behaved rather well and was well-liked. However, Gu Da was gone now and she (OM) had fallen ill and was paralyzed, Lin shi’s ambitions grew with each passing day but it also showed her (L) foolishness. It made her (OM) bitterly disappointed. Even if Gu Xiran didn’t mention that request, she (OM) wouldn’t satisfy Lin shi’s desire to let her be in charge of the household!

Lin shi was more embarrassed after being scolded. She wanted to walk out angrily but was afraid of not getting any benefit. She could only hold back with hate and suppressed her cry.

Gu Xihe also felt embarrassed for her (L). He could only lower his head, help old madam soothen her breathing and then served tea and poured water. When old madam saw him like this, she sighed secretly in her heart. She also stopped glaring at Lin shi, only looked in Gu Xiran’s way and said, “What you have said, I…agree to it all…but you also have to promise me one thing….”

There was no legal power in oral agreements but it was also not popular in writing a testament in this kind of ancient time. Besides, Gu Xun and the others were present, he (GXR) wasn’t afraid that Lin shi would fall out and make a scene. So, after Gu Xiran thought about it for a moment, he said, “Old madam, please speak.”

“Xi…Xihe, he….”

Gu Xiran smiled, “Is old madam worried about Xihe, afraid that he won’t be able to get any inheritance, right?”

It was so direct. There was no twist around it!

Old madam looked at him complicatedly and nodded in the end.

Gu Xiran was indeed straightforward and he didn’t want to beat around the bush at all, because he didn’t want to waste time talking with old madam. Anyway, it was something that could be done with one hammer. If it worked then it worked; if it didn’t work, then forget about it. What’s with so much crap?!

He directly said, “It should be clear to old madam that the situations of business are changing rapidly. Moreover, I don’t have any experience in doing business. I’m also not familiar with those contacts and resources of the family. Furthermore, there are various channels for purchasing and distributing goods. It will take time to gradually become familiar with these. Therefore, I can’t guarantee that I will be able to get the family business going for certain, nor can I guarantee that there will be only profit and no losses, I can only….”

Lin shi once again couldn’t help but interrupt, “You can’t guarantee anything, what do we need you for then?”

Those who had done business knew that there was no exaggeration in Gu Xiran’s words.

This time, even Gu Xun was a little annoyed with her. He was eager to listen to what Gu Xiran would say next and said, “Sister-in-law doesn’t know anything about business, so speak less!”

Lin shi’s face flushed again but no one really cared about her.

Gu Xiran didn’t glance at her and continued to say, “I can only do my best. If the business fails, I will stop as soon as possible and sell the remaining business properties that need to be sold and make up for the loss. The rest of the family properties will all be for little four. I won’t take any of it. I will also find another way out for him. As long as he works hard, there’s no need to worry about him.”

Old madam nodded and said hastily, “Then…then if you make profit….”

Gu Xiran looked directly at old madam and said, “If I make profits and I can make the business bigger, if little four wants to divide the family properties and live apart in the future, I won’t be modest. We each will get half of the properties. This is what I deserve.”

“Second big brother, I don’t want to divide the family properties and live apart!” Gu Xihe shouted.

Gu Xiran looked at him and said with a smile, “If you don’t want to split up the properties and live apart, then it’s simple. Business is still shared and your spending at home is also shared. We will have dividends at the end of the year. That is your personal money. I don’t care about what you do with it. I also hope you don’t bother with what I do with mine either. However, there is one thing. Don’t think about relying on me for all your life. Now that you’re still young, go learn something. When you’re an adult, even if you don’t help in business, you must find something else to do. I won’t allow you to idle around!”

Couldn’t idle around! But he liked to idle around the most!

Gu Xihe was still pondering about it but then heard Gu Xiran shout at him, “Did you hear me?”

“I…I heard you….” Since second big brother said no, there was nothing he (GXH) could do.

Gu Xiran still didn’t let him go, “Say it in front of old madam!”

Gu Xihe’s face was bitter and said in the direction of old madam, “I promise, in the future, I will listen to second big brother. I will do whatever he says and never idle around!”

Although he (GXH) was forced to say it, he also meant it.

Old madam nodded as she listened and looked at Gu Xihe. The corners of her eyes were slightly wet.

She originally wanted her favorite grandson to be safe and sound for all his life with no lack of food and clothing, and to be able to marry and have children. She had never thought to let him get a big share of the family properties or do some business. This intention of Gu Xiran was obviously more considerate than she expected. If it was really so, even if she died instantly, she could die in peace!

“Good! This is very good!” Gu Xun also nodded and showed an smile of admiration as he looked at Gu Xiran.

Regarding these words, Lin shi couldn’t find anything wrong about them but she was still aggrieved and asked, “What about little Yun?”

“Little Yun?” Gu Xiran finally glanced over to her side, slightly curved his lips and said, “As long as madam isn’t picky and make a fuss, I will naturally find her a good family to marry and prepare her dowry. Otherwise, madam has to worry about little Yun’s affairs yourself!”

His words were impolite but what else could Lin shi say now. She could only turn her face away and muttered, “Alright, alright, old madam had made up her mind already. What else can I say?”

Old madam could finally unload this worry from her mind after so long, so she was very relaxed now. But then she (OM) heard Lin shi mutter and scolded her (L), “Shut up! Another word from you, I…those jewelries and head ornaments of mine…you and little Yun won’t get a share….”

Old madam’s jewelries and head ornaments were worth a lot of money. Lin shi opened her mouth but didn’t talk in the end and closed it tightly.

Gu Xiran and Shu Huan exchanged a glance and secretly sighed. In fact, there wasn’t only Gu Yun. There was also the half-crazy Fang shi and those concubines of Gu Da! At that time, they could only go step by step. Those that should get married would get married, those that should be expelled would be expelled, and those that needed aftercare would get aftercare. As for Gu Xihe, he would be more mature and more modest after all this, and wouldn’t let people worry about him like in the past. The only troublesome thing was Lin shi….

They (GXR, SH) thought of her (L) at the same time and looked at her (L). They both made up their minds. If she (L) cared about her dignity, was respectable, and wouldn’t make trouble, they would look after her like Bodhisattva, and showed respect from a distance. If she (L) was to make trouble, then she asked for it herself. Then, there was no need to respect her anymore!

  • To show respect from a distance: to remain at a respectful distance.

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