Chapter 220 Arranged properly

Old madam had been commanding the wind and the clouds for her whole life after all. Things that Gu Xiran and Shu Huan could think of, she (OM) could also think of it. At this moment, she felt better than before because the worry in her heart was gone. After resting for a while, she slowly started speaking intermittently and began arranging the things that she could think of.

She still had some secret stash of money. Originally, she wanted to split the money, the clothes and jewelries into different portions to give it to her descendants after she passes away. But now she didn’t think so anymore. She took it all out and divided them.

The main branch’s daughter-in-law Lin shi and second branch’s daughter-in-law Chen shi each got a thousand silver liang and some clothes and jewelries. Both of them had children or husband already. Moreover, the dowry that they brought when they married into the family was also not small. They had also accumulated a lot of private money during these years. Old madam was just giving it to them as a token of appreciation.

  • Shi: clan

Fang shi was the eldest daughter-in-law of Gu household and she had always been virtuous. Even if she didn’t go crazy and was willing to be widowed, Gu household would provide for her whole life. They would give her a secluded courtyard, had two maids serve her, three meals a day and clothes for all four seasons. These all were indispensable. The expenses of running the household for the whole year was very high. Besides the clothes and jewelries that old madam gave her (F), she also gave an additional two thousand silver liang of banknotes to Gu Xiran to relieve his burden a bit.

Old madam muttered, “If it wasn’t enough to cover the costs, you…have to lose some money, because of her pitiful state…help her financially a bit….”

Gu Xiran and Shu Huan both had a good opinion of Fang shi. When they had to take over Gu household, they knew that they must take care of her (F), so they didn’t object and agreed.

As for the rest of the grandchildren, since Gu Xiren and Gu Xuan had ran away, old madam would just consider them dead and didn’t care about them at all. Hence, she (OM) left Gu Yun and Gu Xun’s daughter Gu Ying each a banknote of a thousand silver liang and a few pieces of jewelries as dowry.

After the distribution of this side was done, old madam took out another five hundred silver liang. She handed it to Gu Xiran and asked him to clear the people in the house. Those that should be sold would be sold, those that should be set free would be set free. Leaving only enough servants in the house was fine. As for the concubines that Gu Da had left behind, they were sent to remarry. If they were too old to remarry, they (Gu household) would give them more money to go back to their parent’s home and do some small business as a livelihood. Zhou shi who had given birth to Gu Xiren naturally couldn’t be sent to remarry. Old madam didn’t care about her either. She (OM) just left her (Z) under the care of Lin shi and let Lin shi support her (Z).

Lin shi wasn’t satisfied with such an arrangement. Not to mention old madam still had some remaining jewelries, head ornaments and silver banknotes, which were estimated to be worth no less than ten thousands silver liang. Hence, she cried in injustice, “Why do I need to support all these people that master had left behind?”

Old madam glared at her and said, “If you hadn’t let Xiren go, she (Z) has a son…then does she need you to support her?”

Lin shi couldn’t refute this one sentence. Chen shi also looked at her puzzled. Lin shi instantly panicked and asked without thinking, “Then, then what about Xihe…?”

Old madam ignored her and asked Gu Xihe to help her gather up the things and finally said, “Jewelries and clothes can only be distributed to the women of the household…men naturally don’t have a share. Moreover, I’m not dead yet! What’s left, I still have to keep it…you go out…go out, I need to rest….”

As she said that, she let Gu Xihe help her lie down.

Lin shi stood there and contemplated for a moment. She (L) didn’t know that Shu Huan had already received five thousand silver banknotes when she (SH) was divorced. She (L) only thought that old madam didn’t give anything to Shu Huan at this moment. For this reason, she (L) guessed that although old madam recognized her (SH) but in her (OM) heart she (OM) still didn’t like Shu Huan. Hence, she (L) immediately felt balanced in her heart and daren’t say anything more. She took her share of things and left with Chen shi.

Gu Xun also said, “Have a good rest, old madam. This son will go see if the medicine is done already for you.”

When he was about to turn and go out, he heard old madam say, “Hold on.”

Gu Xun immediately stopped to listen.

Old madam said, “These years…you have suffered, I also didn’t treat you very well….”

Gu Xun hurriedly said, “What’s that, old madam? At that time, father was gone. It was all up to you to support this family alone. You treated concubine (his birth mother) and me kindly, and found a good family for me to marry. All these lead to who I am today.”

“You’re a kind and honest child…,” Old madam sighed. “I have nothing to give you now…you…don’t hold a grudge….”

Gu Xun laughed, “Back then, father had left properties behind. Old madam had already distributed it when I got married. How can I covet elder brother’s share of the family properties and compete with my nephews? Besides, I have already lived more than half of my life and I only have a daughter and no son. No one can inherit the properties that I have at the moment. If I’m destined of having no sons in this lifetime, then it can’t be avoided that I will have to hand over these properties of mine to my nephews to manage in the future.”

“No, you can’t.” After seeing he was so sincere, old madam’s faint vigilance around him disappeared. Instead, she felt remorseful and sighed, “You should take two concubines…and pray to the Bodhisattva…You’ll have a son eventually….”

Gu Xun only smiled and didn’t talk. Just at this time, Fuling brought the medicine and he took it over. He served old madam to drink scoop by scoop until she finished it, and then carefully wiped the corners of her mouth with a handkerchief.

Old madam looked at him (GX). Then she looked at Gu Xiran and Gu Xihe and said, “I will leave these two children in your care….”

Gu Xun said, “Rest assured, old madam. I will take care of them where I can.”

Old madam was at ease at this time, she closed her eyes and murmured, “The remaining things after distribution…will be for these two children. I’m not biased…each person gets half of it….I just don’t know if I will be able to see Xiran have a great-grandson for me, or if I can see Xihe…get married….”

As she said this, gradually there was no sound coming from old madam.

Gu Xihe was shocked and almost cried again. But fortunately because of the experience of last time, he carefully observed this time. He saw old madam’s chest slightly moved up and down. It was clear that she was just sleeping. He was then relieved and took a deep breath.

When Gu Xiran saw him like this, he smiled slightly, “It is okay. Presumably, there is a sleeping component in the prescription prescribed by doctor Ji. It’s time to let old madam have a good sleep. Let’s go out first.”

“You’re righ,.” Gu Xun turned around after hearing this, looked at Gu Xiran and patted his (GXR) shoulder vigorously. “Let’s go. Come with me to the mourning hall and burn incense for your father.”

Burn incense!

They should do that but they couldn’t not cry sadly in front of Gu Xun, right? Gu Xiran suddenly felt helpless and then looked at Shu Huan. Her face was also bitter. He couldn’t help but intentionally lag behind two steps and quietly asked her, “Did you bring that hot pepper water with you?”

Shu Huan didn’t answer and fumbled in her sleeve. After fumbling for a while, she finally smiled and handed a small porcelain bottle to Gu Xiran’s hand.

The four went to Gu Da’s mourning hall, cried and then burned incense. Afterwards, Gu Xiran called Ranmo to go outside to buy medicinal herbs but just as he was saying, he heard the doorman come and reported, “Master Zhang and his wife came to visit, young master Zhang also came.”

Gu Xiran was stunned for a moment and exchanged a glance with Shu Huan. There was confusion in both of their eyes.

What a coincidence!

They (GXR, SH) had just returned and Zhang household already came looking for them?

That thought just passed their mind when the two realized why. No need to ask, the one who would do this kind of thing was no other than Lin shi. She only had to cause the situation to be in a mess to fish in troubled water and gain benefit within this situation.

  • To fish in troubled water: to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain.

Shu Huan shook her head and found it funny.

Gu Xiran grasped her hand and said to that servant, “Let them in!”

It was good that they (Zhang) came, they (GXR, SH) didn’t have to go find them anymore. Today, they would simply bring an end to all these troublesome matters at once!

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