Chapter 221 Giving you the cold-shoulder

Suhe City, Gu residence’s reception pavilion.

It had been a long time since the maids had began to make tea but the members of Gu household haven’t appeared yet.

Master Zhang held the teacup. He repeatedly used the lid of the teacup to drive away the steam of tea. In the end, he slammed the teacup on the table and stood up furiously, “This is too much!”

Zhang Zirong had found his family. He had washed away his listlessness and anxiety of the past days and had gone back to the player of before. At this time, he slouched half-way in the chair. The left leg was crossed over the right left. From time to time, he would wobble a few times. His attitude was very leisure and he said, “I’ve long told you to not come over to court a rebuff, but you didn’t believe me!”

“Unworthy thing! You only know how to turn your elbows the wrong way!”

  • The elbows turn the wrong way: to favor an outsider instead of someone’s one one’s own side

Zhang Zirong laughed, “If it was truly like that, why would I still persuade you? And I also wouldn’t have accompanied you over to here. It would’ve been a lot more unfettered if I went out to drink and listen to music.”

“You still dare to talk about it!” Master Zhang almost wanted to throw the teacup over. “During the earthquake, the family was in such a mess. Where were you then?! You were having fun at the brothel! Did you care about the life and death of this family?”

Listening till here, Zhang Zirong’s face revealed some shame. However, he was used at colluding with his old man. Hence, although he was ashamed, his mouth didn’t recognize that and said, “Without me, weren’t you all still safe and sound? Pity me for not having died outside and spare you from the worry!”

“Listen, listen! Is this something a human should say?” Master Zhang was so angry that he began to pull up his sleeve, wanting to go forward and give this wicked child a beating.

Madam Zhang, Gu Baozhuan, quickly persuaded, “Don’t quarrel anymore, speak less. We are not at home now. Don’t let yourself become a joke.”

“A joke?” Master Zhang became angrier when he heard this. “You still know that people will see us as a joke. Since you know, why did you still arrange such an unreliable marriage for Hanfang? If it weren’t for you sister-in-law sending someone over with the message, we will still be kept in the dark. It will really be a joke then when Gu household come to cancel the engagement!”

Before Gu Baozhuan married, she was a pampered and well-bred young lady. She had probably inherited old madam’s dominance. Her temper wasn’t the mild type. After marrying these past years, she had curbed her temper a lot, but her temper would still flare up the moment she was angered. She slammed the table, making the teacup jump up. She pointed at that bald head of master Zhang and scolded, “Could it be that you didn’t make any decision on Hanfang’s marriage? At that time, I just mentioned that old madam praised our Hanfang and she said that whoever married her would be so lucky. Didn’t you urge me to go tell old madam that you would prefer to marry your daughter to Gu household, cement old ties by marriage and that our two families could look after one another in the future? Lying through your teeth in broad daylight. Now you are blaming me?!”

Master Zhang appeared fierce but was cowardly at heart. After being scolded by his wife, he withered and said in lowered voice, “Their household has many sons. Anyone would be better. Why did you have to arrange a marriage with their sickly second son?”

“Little third came from the illegitimate line. He wouldn’t be able to get a big cut of the inheritance; would you be happy then?” Gu Baozhuan’s voice raised even more. “Little fourth is still young! How old will Hanfang be when he can marry? Moreover, she cried and make a fuss about only wanting to marry Xiran…”

Before she finished speaking, she suddenly heard a light cough at the door. She quickly closed her mouth, tidied her clothes and straightened her expression. Only after that did she turn around and sure enough, she saw Gu Xiran standing at the door with slightly red eyes. He was holding the hand of a young woman with a pretty face dressed in white. By looking at the closeness of the two, one could guess the identity of this young woman.

This was surely the former wife of Gu Xiran who had been divorced!

The person Lin shi sent over to pass the message already mentioned this. At this moment, Zhang household knew that Gu Xiran brought her back, but they didn’t know that the two of them had married again. Hence, Gu Baozhuan took a deep breath and wanted to speak, but who would’ve thought that Gu Xiran was faster than her? He came in hand in hand with the young woman and only nodded at them as a greeting. He said to Zhang Zirong, “Since we parted ways at Jingtian, how had brother Zirong been?”

Zhang Zirong also thought that he was close with Gu Xiran. He didn’t stand up, cupped his hands as he was still slouched on the chair and smiled, “Fine, I couldn’t have been better! It was just that it’s a bit boring that I had been forced today to come visit by my parents.”

Gu Xiran smiled, walked to the main seat and sat down with Shu Huan. Then, he called the maids to make new tea. He ignored Zhang couple and only spoke with Zhang Zirong. However, what could one have to talk with this player? It was all about which attraction in Suhe City was fun to play at, which restaurant had excellent dishes and which girl in the brothel sang very well.

It was obviously not right to talk about these during the mourning period. When Zhang couple heard this, they also looked at each in dismay. Moreover, they had been angered by Gu Xiran not showing respect to the elders (them) and he slight and ignored them. Because they haven’t mentioned the important matter yet, they didn’t have a fall out with him and reprimand him. Therefore, the two of them held back. In the end, Gu Xiran made Zhang Zirong had the desire to talk and he (ZZR) gabbled forty to dozen. He also didn’t see the few meaningful glances that they casted at him. This couple’s face darkened and paled, paled and darkened.

Shu Huan looked at the side and felt that it was funny. She also ignored them. Until when she felt that Zhang couple was about to explode, she handed Gu Xiran the tea and interrupted them, “Don’t just care about chatting and slight your guests.”

Gu Xiran took over the tea. Only now did he look at Zhang couple, but he still didn’t get up and smiled, “I’m sorry, this nephew had always gotten along with brother Zirong. When I saw him, I’ve forgotten that uncle and aunt are also here. Don’t take offense.”

Master Zhang was very indignant and humphed once. He turned his face and said inwardly, “What get along?! It’s sharing vile habits! A pair of hedonistic sons!”

Gu Baozhuan felt that the reason they came here was more important and suppressed her anger. She took out a handkerchief and wiped the corner of her eye. She said, “Big brother was in his prime. He passed away so suddenly. It let people feel surprised and sad…”

She originally wanted to mention Gu Da’s passing to change the atmosphere and then tell Gu Xiran to hurry up and marry Zhang Hanfang within the hundred days of his passing. However, the moment Gu Xiran heard that sentence, he slapped his forehead and interrupted, “Look at me! I almost forgot about this matter! Since aunt and uncle came today, you must want to go to the mourning hall to light an incense right? Please, go ahead!”

As he talked, he called a maid to lead Zhang couple to the mourning hall of Gu Da to pay their condolences. He himself still stayed and chatted happily with Zhang Zirong. There was no consciousness at all that he as the owner of the house should stand up and accompany them.

The deceased should be respected. Zhang couple couldn’t say that they didn’t come to pay their condolences. They could only suppress their anger once again and follow the maid to the mourning hall to casually light an incense. However, Gu Da was Gu Baozhuan’s big brother after all. Some tears still rolled from her eyes. When she returned to the reception pavilion and saw that Gu Xiran and Zhang Zirong was still talking about the life of pleasure and subjects without any substance, she couldn’t take it anymore and said, “Stop, chat later. Now, listen to me first!”

After Gu Xiran heard this, he casted her a glance in surprise as if he couldn’t guess what she was going to say.

Gu Baozhuan got angrier. After she sat down, she said stiffly, “I and your uncle came today to talk about the arranged marriage of our two families. Since, you can marry within hundred days of one’s passing, we better do it now. This way, big brother’s soul can also be comforted in the heavens and Xiran, you will also have a person to help you, care for you and help you take care of the funeral. What do you think about this?”

The person Lin shi sent as a messenger said it gravely that Gu Xiran would surely not agree to this marriage. Hence, she thought that she had to waste a lot of words before she could force Gu Xiran to agree. She didn’t expect that she had just spoken this when he didn’t even think about it and said, “Alright! Such a trivial matter didn’t even need for uncle and aunt to come all this way here. It would’ve been fine if you’ve just sent someone over.”

She was stupefied!

In the room of people, everyone was stupefied except for Shu Huan. Especially, Zhang Zirong who knew Gu Xiran’s mind. He almost thought that he (GXR) was possessed. Otherwise, how could he (GXR) say something that was completely opposite of what he wanted? Hence, Zhang Zirong said, “Gu Xiran, are you seriously ill?”

After master Zhang regained his senses, he was so angry that his beard shook. He glared sternly at son. Then, he glared at Gu Xiran and said, “This is you and my daughter’s most important matter in life. It is not taking in a concubine! Just send someone over? Humph! You think that it’s a light and easy matter?!”

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