Chapter 222 To bully intolerably

After master Zhang’s remarks, everyone looked at Gu Xiran to see what his plans was.

Gu Xiran smiled slightly. He lowered his head and took a sip of the tea before saying, “I think there are some things that I need to make clear to uncle and aunt lest you regret it when the rice is already cooked. Then, it will be too late.”

  • Raw rice become cooked: when the matter is already done

These words seemed to be pointing at something. Gu Baozhuan guessed that he wanted to use this as excuse to cancel the marriage. Originally, she didn’t want to listen but when she was swept at by his sharp like blade eyes, somehow, her heartbeat quickened and when she was hesitating, she heard him say, “First, this nephew has the same habits as brother Zirong; be fond of flowers and staying out all night occasionally. In the future, I won’t do less of those things as taking in concubines and maids to warm the bed. In case little cousin sister can’t tolerate this habit after she had married over and go back to her maiden family to cry and complain, I ask uncle and aunt to advise her to not throw a child’s temper.”

After these words, Zhang Zirong became more stupefied. He looked blankly at him (GXR) and didn’t know what to say.

“Ridiculous,” Master Zhang violently slammed the table again. “This is not a habit. It is obviously a hedonistic son of a great family loitering around without becoming a person worthy to be respected and discussing with us about taking in concubines even before you had married. If you don’t change this bad habit, I definitely won’t let my daughter marry you!”

Shu Huan couldn’t help from laughing. She quickly lowered her head.

Gu Xiran also felt that it was funny, but he deliberately revealed an expression as if he was in a difficult state. He frowned and said, “I definitely can’t change this habit. Hence, I explained in advance about it to aunt and uncle lest we have an argument by that time again and causing the two families to have a fall out. Moreover, it is the heaven’s law and earth’s principle that men are lascivious and taking in concubines. Could it be that you only have my aunt as main wife and don’t have concubines? Or is it that in the future after brother Zirong is married, you won’t allow him to go to drinking parties with female entertainers and take in concubines?”


This word was a slap on his own mouth. Although, he didn’t have as many as Gu Da, but master Zhang also had a few. Hence, he was made completely speechless by Gu Xiran and also suffered a death glare from his wife.

The scene suddenly became cold. No one spoke for a long time.

Gu Baozhuan was suspicious. She had never heard that Gu Xiran had these habits before. Besides, he had been ill for so many years. Even if he had the will to take a concubine, he wouldn’t have the strength. Therefore, his licentious appearance was most likely pretended because he wants to cancel the marriage. They must not be fooled by him.

With this in mind, she suppressed her anger and said, “That is right. It is the heaven’s law and earth’s principle that a man can have wives and concubines. As long as you don’t only favor the concubine and do away with the wife, causing disorder in the ethics, then, this is up to you.”

  • Heaven’s law and earth’s principle: right and proper
  • Favor the concubine and do away with the wife: spoil one’s mistress and neglect one’s wife

Gu Xiran revealed an unfathomable smile and said, “Sure enough, aunt is highly principled and doesn’t bother about trifles. Then, the second thing I want to say is to ask you to tell little cousin sister about this principle when you go back. Let her know that I will never favor the concubine and do away the wife. No matter how much trouble she causes, I will not cause disorder in the ethics.”

With this remark, all three members of Zhang household were stupefied. Only Zhang Zirong pondered for a moment and then his eyes showed realization and a smile.

Gu Baozhuan frowned deeply and said, “Xiran, what do you mean by this?”

“Aunt didn’t understand?” Gu Xiran stood up, took Shu Huan’s hand and said, ”I already have a wife. Naturally, there is no reason for me to abandon my wife. If little cousin sister insists on marrying, then I can only do her injustice by letting her be a concubine or a mistress living on the outside. In the future, she can’t control if I take more concubines and also don’t think that I will favor her, the concubine and do away my wife.”

Having said that, he paused a moment and revealed an elegant and proud smile, “Like this, did aunt understand? If you don’t have any more problem, then just pick a day and send little cousin sister over.”

“You…,” Gu Baozhuan had also been slapped by her own words and was so angry that she couldn’t speak for a moment.

“Gu Xiran,” Master Zhang was very angry. “Stop playing tricks in front of me. Hasn’t that wife of yours long been divorced?”

Gu Xiran smiled faintly, “Can’t one remarry after divorcing?”

“You can,” After Gu Baozhuan calmed down, she sneered. “On the parent’s order and the matchmaking’s words, which one did you follow?”

Naturally, old madam didn’t order Gu Xiran to remarry. Otherwise, Lin shi would’ve long mentioned it. Since Lin shi didn’t mention it, it meant that he married her without consent. In name she is the wife, but in reality she is a concubine. Without the order of the parents and the words of the matchmaker, Gu household can disregard Shu Huan as their daughter-in-law. Shu Huan only has the fate of a concubine.

This question was extremely sharp. Zhang Zirong couldn’t help but look at Gu Xiran in anxiety to see how he would answer.

Gu Xiran didn’t care and smiled, “When I married, I was in Jingtian. Naturally, I don’t have the parents’ order….”

When he talked till here, Zhang couple were relieved. They revealed a complacent expression, but they didn’t expect that he suddenly changed the topic, making them stumped for word. He said, “There is a saying that one should obey the authority. At that time, I couldn’t get away and was unable to come back to inform old madam. However, before the marriage with little Huan, there was doctor Ji who acted as the matchmaker. At the time of marriage, there was the prefectural magistrate of Jingtian and his wife who acted as the hosts of the wedding. One is a famous doctor. The other is a high official. The wedding officiated by the two of them is perfectly legitimate. Besides, I already brought little Huan to meet old madam after returning. Old madam also recognized this daughter-in-law. She is naturally the wife that I married according to the rules. This is beyond doubts.”

These words were loud, clear, powerful and resonating, making people unable to find any faults with them.

After being silent for a long while, Gu Baozhuan said intensely irritated, “I don’t believe it. There is no evidence.”

Gu Xiran raised the corners of his lips slightly. He raised his voice to let someone go call Ji Danqing, Gu Xihe and Ranmo. He let Zhang couple have a free confrontation.

After clarifying the matter, Ji Danqing smiled elegantly and gentle, “That is true.”

Gu Xihe and Ranmo also vowed that they saw it with their own eyes at a side.

Gu Xiran smiled, “If uncle and aunt still don’t believe me, then should I lead you to see old madam?”

If old madam truly recognized Shu Huan like he said, then what use did it have to see her? Moreover, old madam was now in a critical condition. It was not clear whether her mind was clear or in the state of confusion. If they go over and something happens to her, then even if they had many mouths, they would be blamed.

Zhang couple glared once at him. In the end, master Zhang scolded, “Gu Xiran, you bully us too intolerably. You arranged a marriage first with us and then marry another. How can there be such a rule? Your marriage is invalid.”

“Who bullied who intolerably?” Gu Xiran also got angry. He narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “You wanted to marry your daughter. Hence, your first designed to have one’s wife divorced. Is there such a rule in the world? Also, you better remember that you are only my maternal uncle and not close elder. Whether my marriage is valid or not, it’s fine as long as old madam recognized it. There is no place for you to make a fuss about it.”

  • In ancient China, only the paternal line was considered true family. The maternal line were just relatives.

Master Zhang gasped for air from anger and said furiously, “You…you give up. My Zhang household’s daughter will absolutely not be someone’s concubine.”

“Fine. I leave the cancellation of the marriage to you to leave you some face.”

“Stop dreaming. I…I will go sue you at the feudal office.”

“Go ahead,” Since they shed all pretense of cordiality, Gu Xiran was too lazy to bother with them anymore. He flung his sleeve and proudly walked away with Shu Huan. He also ordered, “Little fourth, send the guests out.”

Gu Baozhuan got anxious when he was leaving, “Gu Xiran, come back. The matter hasn’t finished from being discussed yet. You are not allowed to leave!”

Gu Xiran paused. He didn’t turn his head and sneered, “What else is there to discuss about? I’m only waiting for you to sue me. When you come next time, remember to bring the feudal letter and a bailiff. Otherwise, I’m too busy and have no time to deal with you.”

Seeing that he and Shu Huan went further and further and their figures almost disappeared around the flowers and trees, Zhang Zirong shrugged and shouted, “Xiran, come back. We…we want to cancel the marriage!”

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