Chapter 223 You are something!

The moment Zhang Zirong shouted this, the first ones to glare at him was Zhang couple.

Gu Baozhuan pushed his forehead with a finger and said, “When did you get the right to meddle in your little sister’s marriage?”

Master Zhang also scolded, “Unworthy thing! Your elbow truly turns the wrong way. Do you still have a conscience? You actually helped an outsider to cause harm to your little sister!”

  • Elbow turns the wrong way: favor an outsider instead of someone’s on one’s own side.

“I cause harm to her?” Zhang Zirong felt much grievances at their scolding and jumped up. “It’s obviously you who are harming her! What does she, a little girl know? When she said she wanted to marry someone, you spoil and indulge her by letting her marry him? Alright, even if she is your favorite and can choose to marry whoever she wants, but she also has to choose someone who also likes her for her to be able to have a good life after she marries!”

As he talked, he pointed at Gu Xiran and Shu Huan and said, “They are a perfect couple, but you had to scheme to separate them and forcefully pushed little sister in between. When the other party isn’t willing, you threaten to sue him?! If this isn’t causing her harm, then what is? Let’s not mention that it was the prefectural magistrate who hosted the wedding and whether you can successfully sue; even if you win, then what? Do you want him to divorce his wife again and marry Hanfang or cancel this engagement?”

Being questioned like this by him, Zhang couple was at loss about what to say. They truly didn’t know what to do.

They don’t dare to let Gu Xiran divorce Shu Huan and marry Zhang Hanfang! They were afraid that their daughter would suffer and be mistreated after marrying. Naturally, if Gu Da was still alive and old madam was healthy and could manage the family affairs, then they could have a say because they (Ghousehold) would view Zhang Hanfang in a new light after all and treat her well. However, now Gu Da had passed away and old madam looked like she also wouldn’t be able to be here much longer. Under such circumstances, wasn’t only Gu Xiran who could make decision? If he didn’t like Zhang Hanfang, no one would speak up for her.

If they wanted to cancel this engagement, then why bother cause a fuss? By then the whole world would know about this matter. Moreover, the ones who would lose face would be them. It was better to take the initiative to cancel the engagement. Even if outsiders got to know about this, they could say that they didn’t like Gu Xiran as son-in-law and that they wanted to find a better match for their daughter. Then, others wouldn’t be able to say anything bad of Zhang Hanfang.

The most important thing was that no matter how they dealt with this matter as long as they began a court case, no matter whether they win or lose, they would offend Gu household and Jingtian’s prefectural magistrate at once. They could still deal with Gu household. However, after the disaster, they would return to Jingtian City. Wasn’t it bringing bad luck to themselves if they offended Jingtian’s prefectural magistrate?

They were looking at each other in dismay and still hesitating. Gu Xiran who had returned became impatient, “Do you want or don’t want to cancel the engagement? Uncle and aunt, please give an answer quickly. I don’t have time to idle here with you!”

“Cancel! Absolutely cancel it!” It was still Zhang Zirong who spoke. He quickly grabbed Gu Xiran’s arm in fear that he would run away and said anxiously, “My parents had become muddleheaded caused by the anger you caused them. They only wanted to win in the dispute and didn’t sort out the important correlations! Be a bit more patient and let them think about it.”

Gu Xiran raised one eyebrow slightly. He looked at Zhang couple, then looked at him and said, “Alright, giving you face, I will stay for a moment more. However, if I don’t have an answer by then, don’t blame me for driving you out. In the future, we won’t be relatives any longer!”

“Gu Xiran!” The last sentence angered Zhang Zirong a bit. “You are full of evil tricks and you are very insidious! My parents are your elders after all. Can’t you be a bit more polite when you speak?”

“Can being polite solve the problem?” Gu Xiran gave him a glance. “If elders want the respect of others, they first must act like an elder. So deliberately destroying their nephew’s destiny and do such a selfish thing; that I didn’t say that they would be struck by thunder and lightning was already very kind and polite!”

“You, you, you…”

Zhang Zirong was stumped for words from anger. Zhang couple also were so angry that their eyes widened and they were also speechless.

Gu Xiran changed his tone and smiled, “Brother Zirong, look at you. You are not a three-year-old child. Why would you get so angry after a few sentences? You should have some self-control!”

“I, I, I…”

Zhang Zirong felt suffocated! It was obviously that he (GXR) went overboard, how could he blame others for not being cultivated?!

Gu Xiran laughed again, “If brother Zirong has something to say, don’t stutter!”

“Bastard!” It wasn’t easy for Zhang Zirong to be able to breath normally again. He urged, “You’ve already f****** said everything, what more did you leave me to fart about?!”

He swore. Ji Danqing who had been silent all this time shook his head and said, “Young master Zhang, be more cultured! There are children here!”

The moment Zhang Zirong turned his head, he saw the child Gu Xihe. He (GXH) didn’t like that he (ZZR) verbally insulted Gu Xiran and was hiding behind Ji Danqing while gesturing rudely at him (ZZR). He was so angry that he cursed again, “Cultured, my ass!”

Those words just fell when his forehead suffered a slap. When he turned, he saw that his father was glaring at him fumingly and scolded, “Get out of the way. Stop making exhibition of yourself and let me be disgraced!”

“I, I, I…”

F*** all your eighteen generations!

No matter how unruly Zhang Zirong was, he wouldn’t dare to insult his father. So, he could only hold the swear in. He shrank to a side and scolded to his heart’s content in his heart! These swear just emerged in his heart because he was truly furious. After he scolded, he felt that something was not right and quickly and silently prayed: I spoke harshly but without bad intent. Ancestors, don’t take it to the heart! Don’t take it to the heart!

Even if Zhang couple were discontent, but they didn’t dare to joke with their daughter’s happiness. In the end, they could only put up with it and agreed to cancel the engagement. Coincidentally, Ji Danqing was here. After they also invited the two elders Gu Xun and Lin shi here as witness, this engagement was cancelled smoothly with no more twist and turns.

As for Lin shi, she originally thought that after Zhang couple came for a visit, cause trouble and drove Shu Huan away, she would be able to regain the power of managing the household. Who would’ve thought that Zhang couple failed to live up to the expectations and had been won over by Gu Xiran with just a few words? She was so angry that her heart and liver was in pain. When signing the document of cancelling the marriage, she secretly gave her sister-in-law Gu Baozhuan many glances.

Gu Baozhuan had lost face at Gu household and just now when she was argueing with Gu Xiran, Lin shi was nowhere to be found. After she thought about it, she also hated Lin shi. Not only did she pretend not to see the glances that Lin shi casted over, after they signed the document of the marriage cancellation, she even provoked, “I haven’t been much in contact these past two years. It seemed that Xiran, this child had grown a lot of skills! Sister-in-law, you are so blessed. In the future, you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. Just live at ease and comfort!”

This remark hit Lin shi at her sore point, making her blue from anger. However, she couldn’t find any word to refute.

Dog eats dog. Gu Xiran and Shu Huan looked at a side and only felt that it was funny. They didn’t bother with them (GBZ&L). However, when Zhang couple was about to leave, he reminded, “By the way, uncle and aunt, don’t forget to let people bring back the betrothal gifts that was sent over when the marriage was arranged. It’s not that our family is greedy for that little bit of money, but it was because you will choose another match for little cousin sister. It’s not good for her reputation when it is spread out that she had received two betrothal gifts from two families!”

Breath, breath. Breath again!

How could there be someone who obviously wanted money but still talked like it was a consideration for the other side and collect a favor for free? Zhang couple was so angry that they almost fainted on spot. After they breathed for a long time did they calm down their heartbeat, swung their sleeves and left in anger.

Zhang Zirong watched this at a side and almost felt that his heart was about to jump out of his chest. When he left with them, he gave Gu Xiran a glance that said, “you are something”. However, he disapproved of this marriage that his parents arranged for his little sister. When they came to visit, he was worried about Gu Xiran. He didn’t expect that the matter would end with his parents bumping into several hard nails. When he thought about it, he felt that it was funny. Especially, the expression that his little sister would put on after she hears about this. It truly made people look forward to it. He couldn’t wait to see it!

  • Bumping into several hard nails: meet with rebuff

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