Chapter 226 Ten fingers intertwined

There was a small and exquisite swing in the yard.

After Shu Huan drank the tonic and a candied fruit was in her mouth, she went over to sit on it. She looked up at the clear moon in the sky and sighed contentedly, “The moonlight is so great.”

She naturally looked many times at the moonlight during those days where she lived outside of Jingtian City. However, when the body was full of scars, no matter how beautiful the moonlight was, when it was reflected on the skin, it revealed a sense of desolation and barrenness. Unlike here, where everywhere were fragrant flowers and plants. Together with the insects on the inside and outside of the wall, it was quiet and peaceful.

Gu Xiran followed her, smiled and pushed the swing twice.

The two intertwined their fingers. There was seemingly no sound, but it appeared to have sounds.

After being silent for a long time, Shu Huan turned to look at him and said, “If we stay here, what about the prefectural magistrate?”

Gu Xiran chuckled, “Don’t worry. I have already arranged everything. It is the same whether I’m there or not. If old madam is better after a few days and she is not in a critical state anymore, Du Qiu and Ji Danqing can go over to help. As for the future, we will have to return to Jingtian City after all. The network there can’t be lost. I’m also not an employee of the feudal office. When I go back, I will continue do my business. If the prefectural magistrate encountered some difficult issues and come ask me for help, I will help him. If he didn’t encounter difficulties, naturally, he also won’t bother with what I’m doing.

Speaking of which, he and the prefectural magistrate had a mutual beneficial relationship. He couldn’t not be backed by a government power when doing business. Otherwise, he would get enough headache with only the local gangsters not to mention if his rival in business played tricks and borrowed other people’s power to suppress him. Hence, he couldn’t break the relationship he has with the prefectural magistrate. Moreover, during the disaster relief of Jingtian City, aside from being busy, he had also met a lot people. In the future, it was extremely convenient to find someone for no matter what he does. Hence, he didn’t consider going to other places to start over.

“Good,” Since he had plans, Shu Huan stopped worrying about it. She nodded and laughed, “It was not easy to get used to Jingtian City. If we go another place, I will have to get used to it again.”

As the two talked, the moon in the sky had climbed higher. Liangchen estimated that Shu Huan had already finished the tonic and quietly came over to get the bowl. Who had thought that she had just came to the door when she saw just a warm scene?

Gu Xiran and Shu Huan were leaning against each other; their position very intimate.

At that time, the moonlight poured down like mercury and a faint flowing clearness was plated on the two of them. From afar, Gu Xiran’s figure became more and more tall and straight. He looked clear like the moon and the side profile of Shu Huan also showed a lustrous luster under the moonlight as if she had been carved out of the moon. The outline of her face was perfect and gentle to look at.

Talented man and beautiful woman; a match made from heaven. Such idioms were presumably used to describe the both of them.

  • Talented man and beautiful woman: ideal couple

Seeing how Gu Xiran gradually lowered his face, Liangchen’s face reddened and she didn’t dare to look at them anymore. She quickly walked away on her tiptoes, called Meijing and kept watch for them (GXR&SH) from far away lest some people unknowingly came over and destroy their beautiful alone time.

In the breeze and the cold moonlight, the two whispered to each other. Their eyes couldn’t see no one else. Naturally, they didn’t know that Liangchen had come by.

Gu Xiran’s face came closer. Shu Huan saw his eyes that were clear like the moon. A tiny figure reflected in the middle of his bright pupil. It was naturally herself. She couldn’t help but get somewhat nervous. She reached out and held the rope of the swing. Just as she was about to say something to ease her nervousness and the amorous atmosphere, her chin had been grasped by him and she was kissed.

There was a faint fragrance of agarwood on his body. It was a familiar and good fragrance.

There was a faint hint of candied sweetness on her lips and it tasted like a drink.

They were in the yard after all. Gu Xiran loved her so much that he couldn’t help himself from kissing her and just wanted to get a taste. Who would’ve thought that after he touched her lips, he couldn’t separate himself anymore? The hand that had grasped her chin moved unconsciously to the back of her head and the other hand wrapped around her waist. The embrace made their bodies closer and the kiss sped up.

“Gu…Gu Xiran…,” Shu Huan had always called him by his full name. The two words seemed to be magical because when she called them, she would feel infinite joy. Now that she was gasping for air because of his kisses, her emotions were stirred and when she called him, it was like a mutter. Every word escaped from her throat. It sounded clear but was in fact vague. Her hands also couldn’t help but reach out and held his neck tightly.

“I’m here…,” Gu Xiran’s desire was summoned even more by her calling. His voice also seemed to come from his throat and brought a charm and enticement with it.

Lips against lips and their breathing disturbed each other’s heart.

Quickened heartbeat, gasping, tangling and unable to break away from each other…

He half-shed her clothes and his hot palm was on her skin.

She sat on the swing with her hands hooked around his neck like a silk wrapped around him.

In their eyes there was only each other and nothing else.

It wasn’t until when a cold breeze blew over that Shu Huan’s blank mind became a bit clearer only to discover that the posture of the two of them had already reached the point where their desire was on the verge of being triggered.

“Gu…Gu Xiran…,” She was truly a bit panicked. She had never thought that just a kiss would let her disregard everything and lose her sensibility and reasoning.

“Mm,” Gu Xiran’s voice was very hoarse. His body and emotions were as tight as it could be. To say that he wasn’t nervous was a lie. However, his nervousness was not the same as Shu Huan’s. He was afraid that if he didn’t master the action well, he would hurt her.

At this time, the both of them were burning. It was not and easy thing to keep their minds clear. Shu Huan looked up at him and saw that his eyes were slightly blurred, but those eyes shone more under the moonlight and was just like the stars in the sky. No matter where they lit up, they would let people burn with enthusiasm.

“We…,” She was afraid that she would lose herself in his eyes. She quickly lowered her eyes and looked at his messy clothes. However, she had only spoke one word when she felt his lips warmly cover her eyes. He stopped for a moment and gradually went lower and his lips were covering her lips again. Before she was kissed wantonly by him again, she heard him mutter, “I know what you want to say…I won’t let you say it…”

Won’t let you say it…

However, what did she want to say?

Shu Huan lost her mind once again by his words. After she was lost in her thoughts for a long time, she faintly remembered that she wanted to say, “Don’t…”

Don’t what?

Before she had recalled what it was, her thoughts had been confused by him again. Her heartbeat could only follow his heartbeat, respond to his kiss and sigh softly as his hands ignited flames on her body.

“Don’t be afraid…”

After a long time, Gu Xiran bit her earlobe and whispered in her ears.

Shu Huan opened her lips slightly and closed her eyes.

At this moment, she didn’t know whether she was afraid or not. If she said that she was afraid, but she still had a faint expectation that was difficult to restrain. If she said that she wasn’t afraid, then why did the body that was leaning against him tremble?

She bit her lips gently. She couldn’t care about so much and also couldn’t think about so much. Even if she was scared, she willingly followed him into the sea of desire.

He reached out his hand, she grasped it tightly.

Their hands clasped together and their fingers intertwined to never be separated again in this life.

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